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Georgetown Vs. Chinese Team


8/18/2011 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The benches cleared ... the fists flew ... chairs were thrown -- all during what was SUPPOSED to be a friendly basketball game between Georgetown University and a professional Chinese team a few hours ago.  

According to reports, tensions were running high at Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Beijing during the game between GU and the Bayi Rockets of the Chinese Basketball Association.

But things hit a fever pitch during the 4th quarter, when members of both teams got extra-physical during a scramble for a loose ball ... and suddenly, it was full-on pandemonium.

A rep for Georgetown told CBS Sports no one was injured in the fight.

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"Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting..."

1169 days ago


If you commenters would take your time to read other news sites you would have found out that the Chinese team has a habit of brawling during games. They have been fined thousands of dollars for fights like this over the past few years. Georgetown did not start this fight and if the coach had any sense, he'd pull his team out of the rest of the games they are due to play in China on this "goodwill tour."

1169 days ago


About time future flashrobbers got the beat down they got coming. GT is known for dirty play and has nearly all exclusively ghetto rats recruited. Notice the white guys from GT didnt even have their warm up jackets off---they're tokens, and dont play dirty. Nice to see future and current thugs having their lunch handed to them...the video doesnt show the pre brawl flagrant fowls and trash talking GT players were doing. Chinese and others dont play this brand of ball and when its brought to them by Americas "finest" well the beatdown will come. Blacks have a tude in this country and sports now---untouchable, unbeatable, here to break rules. They cut and ran. The score was tied too---so so much for sending a quality team of bb players there. They could accomplish neither of their missions goals; to win the game, or represent their Country well.

A disgrace but similiar to much of the Black culture's behaviour in public now. Been to Philadelphia lately? Young kids think its cool now to beat the innocent---its sport now. Thank you China for sticking to these bums. Next time get All stars with white and other non black backgrounds to represent their Country. Even the good Blacks dont say a word about whats going on anymore. Obama and Holders silence on the flashrobbing and thuggery across the Country speaks volumes.

1169 days ago


**** the Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!

1169 days ago


It's clear from the video that the GTown player accidently tripped over the chinese player going after a loose ball. What happened to him after that wasn't clear until the camera panned to him being attacked so badly that he took a nose dive to the floor. GTowm immediately ran for the locker room as they should.

The Chinese built that huge stadium to impress the rest of the world but it won't be long before it fails if this is the kind of treatment they give visiting guests. Where's the security? F* those racist savages and their fans. We don't need 'em.

1169 days ago


The Chinese player probably told the American that the Chinese team owned the Americans' jerseys

and shoes

and socks

and the ball

and anything else they brought

1169 days ago


now china is going to call the debt,and here comes MF'ing

1169 days ago


Charges should be brought against the Chinese players, you can clearly see from the video that the Chinese players started it and were attacking the Georgetown players with chairs!

1169 days ago


@DEZ Nuts, you mentioned "grown ups" chinese pro team started with college kids. let me correct you on that, outside of US every pro team in the world have as young as 16 year olds as a pro. that's why these European players are coming here with plenty of experience. it was a heated and physical game from the start and its just sad to see get there and end that way!

1169 days ago


It's the modern day street-scholarship program now in place. Offer them a 4 year program to play ball, right out of prison, and this is what ya get.

1169 days ago


Actually, Coach Thompson plays a very deliberate style that requires a great deal of cutting, screening, and thinking. His players are not "thugs" at all.

1169 days ago


I seen a bunch of ******s throwing cheap shots and running

1169 days ago


We need to stop buying Chinese imports!!!!!! They
have all the American money now they are starting to
disrespect us, what gives.

1169 days ago

Al Tatham    

hahahahaha athat chinese dude was beating that ******s ass hahahahah

1169 days ago


One I am call out all you racist sobs. I read what went on. The Chinese refs were pretty much rigging the game and letting the Chinese team get away with murder.

1169 days ago
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