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Hollywood Club Attack

Victim Drunk & Belligerent,

Attacker's Charges Reduced

8/18/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HUGE twist in the case involving a brutal knockout punch in front of a Hollywood nightclub in May -- the victim was so drunk and belligerent ... the charges against the puncher were just drastically reduced.

Eduardo Lopez will not be prosecuted for felony battery ... so said the judge at the end of his preliminary hearing this AM.  Hizzoner just knocked the charge down to a misdemeanor.

Turns out ... the victim, Erick Kernel-Sanchez, had an astronomical blood alcohol level -- .29, more than 4 times the legal limit.  Get this ... a .30 can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

In addition, authorities testified the victim was under the influence of marijuana and was extremely belligerent ... so belligerent, he tried to fight the paramedics and nurses when he arrived at the hospital.

The TMZ fight video was Exhibit A in court, but despite the brutal knockout -- which left Erick with a subdural hematoma and skull fractures -- the judge determined Erick was partly to blame.

Eduardo's bail has been reduced from $500,000 to $30,000.

 Watch below for the unbelievable attack footage.


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it shouldnt matter...the guy was walk dont beat the crap outta now this gives leeway to anyone drunk to get their azzes beat.....sorry no one should violate anyone...dont care what the sit is.....the dude would have kicked that homos ass if he werent drunk.....takes a weenie of a man to fight someone drunk and at a disadvantage!

1127 days ago


pwned. thelubricator approves of this clip. Somebody got knocked the hell out.

1127 days ago



1127 days ago

Kevin Jee    

Why people always want to challenge police or security service when they are drunk? To me, they just get what they deserve... I've been drunk many times, I never try to experience that...

1127 days ago


More than four times what legal limit? Isn't the legal limit .08? That would make it more than *three* times the legal limit.

1127 days ago


The judge is right, it's a scientific fact that people who smoke pot will fly off in a fits of rage, engage in random destruction of property, rape, jump off of 100 story buildings in an attempt to fly, have blackout episodes that typically last an average of 15 years. These studies also posit that the aforementioned are most likely to be the case when a judge is looking for an excuse to let a celebrity off the hook for a felony battery charge-that's been videoed.

1127 days ago

Mama K    

Drunk, under the influence of narcotics or not, the attacker deserves to rot in jail. If he is security, he is PAID to defuse situations just as this, not be the ******* who gives into a little taunting. Let his butt sit in jail. I betcha he'll get "suckerpunched" there too.

1127 days ago


The guy should still get charged with the max. The bouncer isn't the the cops. That bouncer felt macho and saw a chance to act macho. False tough guy.

1127 days ago


Judge Hizzoner is an A-Hole. The BAC of a victim has no bearing on the attack initiated my Neanderthal Lopez. What? Did the victim's BAC seep into Lopez.

Complete crap. You SUCK Hizzoner, hope you get your a** beat real soon!!!!!!

1127 days ago


Good decision. If you've been around people that drunk they can get violent on the drop of a dime, then calm , then crying, very unstable at that point. The weed wouldn't have done nothing, if anything, it brought him down a couple of pegs.

1127 days ago


If the guy would have died,then what. Where did he get all the alcohol, should the bar have stopped selling alcohol to him since he was so drunk, what are the legal rights since he was on there property?

1127 days ago

Travis J Smith    

not to be a nag but " hizzoner " did you mean his honor ?

1127 days ago


This should remain a felony. There was no excuse for attacking that guy, other than someone's ego being hurt by a drunk man.

1127 days ago


This again, goes to show how lost your system is, and how out of touch judges are.

The video speaks for itself.

They kick him out rather easily/peacefully. No big commotion.

He stumbles back, drunk at least partially on THEIR BOOZE and says "Why don't you ****in' clowns go back to work..."

And that justifies this brutal assault by an 18 dollar-per-hour egomaniacal idiot brute thug, IN THE EYES OF THE COURT???

BOUNCER (after assault): "I ain't no clown!"

Yes, you are a clown. A violent, useless thug clown, who had NO JUSTIFICATION in a civilized society, to do what you did. You are not in Mexico City, amigo.

Does being intoxicated remove the AMERICAN RIGHT to free speech?

I continue to weep for my US brethren.

Big Poppa

P.S. Bouncers suck, AGAIN!!!!

1127 days ago


ahaha 0.29 astronomical? causes death? maybe for a 12 year old drinking for the first time for regular drinkers and alchoholics we are usually at 0.5+

1127 days ago
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