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Hollywood Club Attack

Victim Drunk & Belligerent,

Attacker's Charges Reduced

8/18/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HUGE twist in the case involving a brutal knockout punch in front of a Hollywood nightclub in May -- the victim was so drunk and belligerent ... the charges against the puncher were just drastically reduced.

Eduardo Lopez will not be prosecuted for felony battery ... so said the judge at the end of his preliminary hearing this AM.  Hizzoner just knocked the charge down to a misdemeanor.

Turns out ... the victim, Erick Kernel-Sanchez, had an astronomical blood alcohol level -- .29, more than 4 times the legal limit.  Get this ... a .30 can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

In addition, authorities testified the victim was under the influence of marijuana and was extremely belligerent ... so belligerent, he tried to fight the paramedics and nurses when he arrived at the hospital.

The TMZ fight video was Exhibit A in court, but despite the brutal knockout -- which left Erick with a subdural hematoma and skull fractures -- the judge determined Erick was partly to blame.

Eduardo's bail has been reduced from $500,000 to $30,000.

 Watch below for the unbelievable attack footage.


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Poppa, I respect your thoughts, and I think we can agree the most of us have the same desires as to how our society should be. Nobody WANTS violence, you'd be stupid to admit that. There are optimists (you), pessimists (me), and those differing opinions offer differing solutions. I believe that loud mouthed, belligerent, disrespectful drunks have to be dealt with. You could speak with them, ask them to change their behavior and explain to them the errors of their thoughtlessness, hoping that they reach enlightenment and become better citizens (unlikely). OR, fellow citizens, such as Eduardo, are more than willing to teach lifes lessons in a much more direct and forceful manner, which in my opinion, have a much higher success rate. Our subject will have choices to make once his recovery is complete. He will either decide that the physical price for his indescretions were too high, and tailor his actions. OR, he will continue to do the same and risk the violent reactions of his fellow citizens. these are choices that all of us have to make.

1165 days ago



In truth, someone in a weakened state who is attacked by a much stronger enemy will feel victimized. These things are human nature and apply to all forms of violent aggression.

Victims who feel they have been unfairly targeted and attacked mercilessly by a much stronger enemy will fight back any way they can. Even when the odds are stacked firmly against them.

So perhaps you can start to see the very real impact of a pessimistic mentality on violence; the impact of a mentality that says punish first, use your weapons, your strength first, and worry about the impact later.

The resentment, distrust and even hatred caused by such wanton, reckless and unnecessary violence against forces that are NO REAL THREAT in the first place can cause long lasting and detrimental effects to the forwarding of our culture towards an enlightened state where peace and prosperity are possible and indeed attainable.

It is a matter of recognizing that our opinions are formed often carelessly and with disregard for the fact that our individual stances on issues are an integral part of the human pie.

You affect our collective opinion, Dizz. :)

Big Poppa

1165 days ago


Are they famous or something? I have no idea who they are...

1165 days ago


He still should have been charged. The guy was not even moving when he wa*****. If you can't take the ramblings of a drunk your in the wrong business.

Charge Him, Jail Him

1165 days ago


Who got paid off on this one. So what if he was really drunk. He did not deserve that. Why the hell did the judge reduce the bond that much?

1165 days ago


totally disagree with you, fffffff... being drunk doesn't give you a license to be a punk. Consequences need to be learned.

1165 days ago


Looks about right to me. The drunk got guy got "beer muscles" and tempted fate. And now, this video will be on the internet forever. Embarrassing.

1165 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

that's funny....he's laying in my piss...

1165 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i don't know what world ya'll live in if that was 'unbelievable attack footage'...i see people get attacked or verbally assaulted everyday, over nothing, and no judge or court or lawyer would waste their time on such petty irrelevent cases. what gives? is he someone special? i wonder...

1165 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

fact is: he is ALREADY ACTING!! like he has a special position in society, that he can go out of his way to act like an ass like that. because he knows that whatever the consequences, it's his win, because he has some advantage that i don't know about that he can use as total leverage. so he has a golden ticket to be utterly disrespectful and annoy, molest and harass others WHO ARE CLOCKED IN DURING THEIR PAID OCCUPATION!! AT WORK! and the judge seriously still allows him that totally preferenced leverage over 'normal citizens'. now that is what you call plain and simple corruption.

1165 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

Ahhh - I said at the time that the drunk a-hole got what he deserved - and I never even knew he was THAT drunk! 4 x Legal Limit??!! WoW! Anyway, hooray for the judge in doing what's right. Hope that subdural hematoma straightened his drunk a** out!

1165 days ago


This is called career advancement in Hollyweird.

1165 days ago


Well, that excuses the biggest sucker punch in the history of mankind! Certainly this justifies the cowards response...not. Let me ask this, if the guy was so drunk then why the sucker punch? Oh that's right, dude forgot to get his balls out of his girlfriends purse before the attack.

1165 days ago


Tazer - spot on. Astronomical? Not really.

1165 days ago


what a crappy system, so what if the guy is drunk and high? does that justify and full force punch? so i*****uy is drunk and high and i punched him causing a subdural hematoma is acceptable? basically thats the message being sent here. even if the guy is drunk, the other guy shouldnt have punched him because he is not drunk making him more cognizant of his actions. he should have charged with assualt or something.

1165 days ago
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