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Casey Anthony's Lawyer

Bring on the Investigation!

8/18/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
's attorney, Jose Baez, isn't concerned ONE BIT that the Florida State Bar has decided to investigate him over ethics concerns -- telling TMZ, he's used to being put through the wringer.

Jose tells us, he's "looking forward to the bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints."

Jose adds, "It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular cause."

As we previously reported -- Jose is being investigated for allegedly hiding information from the court ... after a clerical error gave Casey an unintentional break in her probation.



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Y O U A R E A P U K E B A E Z. I know you and your white trash baby killing slut are reading all these comments because you are both fame whores.

1140 days ago


He is an ass, any man that can lie to save a baby killer deserves what ever he gets. The state of Florida needs to stop paying for her crimes, let her do her probation and let the rest of the world mourn Caylee her mother never will. Her world is based on lies and so is Baez, she holds her head up and so does he and they both know she is guilty. I will never forget that beautiful little girl and her smile and I will never support any book deal, tv deal or anything else that pays her a dime. If any one deserves to spend eternity in hell she does and I am sur her lawyers will follow her there too. God Bless Caylee

1140 days ago

Denise Menard    

If this case was so unpopular, then why is Beaz hiding his client? Beaz I hope that the state of Florida go after you not just because of the deal that you did with your Client's porbation, but for withheld information. You didn't release the information that your client knew that her child was dead until your opening statement, nor did you have any doctor to examine your client to see if your client was rape. All you did was mislead the jury, but seeing there no evidence to back up your story and the jury must place their verdict on the evidence in which was giving to them, how did you win your case? It wasn't so hard to figure it out. Once the leader of the jury came on the air to announce that no ones from the jury would explain their verdict unless they were being paid. This statement would have only been made in high profile case to profit off of a child death. You see you didn't win, what you did was give the jury the chance to make money off a wrong verdict. It's ok for a jury to be offer money, but in this case they were demanding it. why would a jury demand money unkess they planning on giving a wrong verdict. Look at all the evidence lay out, and what did you have? Nothing, for no one heard George yelling, no one saw George walking into the woods carrying a dead child, no doctor to prove Casey was rape, and nobody saw George getting the dead child out of the pool. So what evidence did the jury use to win your case? None, because you had no evidence. In the Oj trial, the glove didn't fit, but it fit the cop. Oj didn't have a mark on him, but the cop being left handed arm was hurt in the sane spot that Oj should have been hurt, the shoe was too small, but it fit the cop. The cop claim that he was chasing Oj right into his house, yet oj came out using the front door. Where was the cop at this time, why didn't he call for back up, and how did the blood end up on Oj sock? This is proof of evidence seeing that the cop had no reason of being there, seeing the cop was dating Oj ex-wife and all of this evidence came from the cop himself. The only thing that place Oj at the scene of the crime was the cop.

1140 days ago


20 Times ?? Dosent say much about his lawyering. He only won the Casey Anthony case from lack of evidence. He was the bumbling fool he apparently always is...well, at least 20 times :P

1140 days ago


Mercy I love your poem, you said it all. It really touched my heart. I think you should pulish this. It was really a great, poem. I am not even a poem person. But you sure tugged on my heart strings. I sure hope Casey reads that too. Thank you for that poem

1140 days ago


I agree Jose Baez is no better than Casey. I don't know how a man could defend a baby killer, As an attorney knowing she was dead all along, that was wrong, Casey there is nothing nice to say about her. I think the both of them should be drugged, mouth wrapped with duct tape put a smile face on it, and throw them in his and her garbage bags and let to rot. And if she is so innocent why is she hiding????
I wish her to her what she did to poor Cayle.

1140 days ago


I can't understand why Americans aren't more angry with the prosecutors. I'm sure the woman is guilty, but wasn't this guy just doing a job that someone had to do?

I Read the trial notes, and it was the prosecution who were totally incompetent - you should blame them for this woman walking free.

1140 days ago


I would have thought the investigation into his ethic's would have began the moment he opened his mouth at the trial. Since when is it ethical for a lawyer to throw out a bunch of lies and then during the course of the trial offer no evidence that his claims were valid. That's unethical.
I hope this 21st complaint is the one that sticks. Considering he admitted it in open court, it shouldn't be a very long investigation, it should be a easy ruling to sanction him and his "practice" of law.

1140 days ago

steeler fan    

I guess when you have been investigated as many as this jerk has,it just becomes a normal part of your life. He's the reason people tell lawyer jokes.

1140 days ago


JB is nothng but slim, a lying slim, lame idiot, protecting a murderer for his on selfish reasons$$$ hope this doesn't come back to haunt him & his own family!! Karma...will get him!

1140 days ago


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Now I see a CONSPIRACY going on here

there is not conspiracy or spanish don't turn the story upside down. the public is not blind we saw the trial,the faces,te motions, we saw everything.
we saw the hugs,the looks. he hides evidence if we has to call conspiracy is what mr baez did with this fake trial full of lies,drama and sex.

1140 days ago


Actually it was the Stupid Jurors that didn't understand the Law, instructions of Judge Perry either ..and honestly I can't even comprehend how they could be that dumb..Casey should have been charged with our anger should be directed to them .the Prosecution put all the evidencsce right in front of them..and the Defense put out a bunch of horse chit and they fell for it .now how stupid .they didn't know lie's from truth's..Juror #3 was so dumb she came out in public and proved how stupid she is..the Forman came out on Greta wouldn't show his face and rattled on like an idiot..

1140 days ago


If there is any kharma left on this miserable planet this a hole loses his license...and then get***** by an ice cream truck and paralysed so he cant speak and craps in a bag...

1140 days ago


Caseys car has finally been destroyed. George Anthony took it to a salvage yard and had it crushed. No parts were taken off it so they could be sold later.


1140 days ago


baez will lose with the bar, has a shady past, and
casey should die the in which she killed her daughter
caylee....probation is nothing for her she stole her
friends money as she always did and is a s***bag who must
pay for the juries mistake...the jury will pay by the
manner in which her neighbors treat them they were asleep
at the switch and did not understand what ashton proved
beyond a reasonable doublt they were 12 idiots asleep...

1140 days ago
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