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Kim K Wedding Security

Tighter Than

Bruce Jenner's Face

8/19/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wedding crashers BEWARE -- Kim Kardashian's party planning team is taking drastic measures to keep uninvited guests OUT ... with security treating the event "as if it was the White House."

Sources connected to the wedding tell TMZ ... party crashers are being treated as a serious threat ... and not only will security constantly patrol the grounds at the Montecito estate ... but we're told they'll also get support from the sky ... in the form of roaming choppers.

We're told the majority of the wedding festivities will take place either indoors or under tents to thwart the paparazzi  -- because the Kardashians don't want the footage to leak out before their special airs on TV.



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This crap-fest of a family is brought to you by the soul-less creep Ryan Seacrest, and his special talent for extracting money from the lame and dim-witted members of the public.

1125 days ago


I love Bruce Jenner! Who can forget that handsome face on the Wheaties box? He is a legend. How dare you make fun of him?

1124 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

That is such an un-necessary jab at Bruce Jenner. If your gonna jab aim for Momager. tsk tsk

1124 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

FYI Haters - they all make millions........SOMEONE is buying what they are selling. SOMEONE is watching what they are portraying. A LOT OF SOMEONES. Suck it up buttercups - if you don't like it move on to the next story.

1124 days ago


Who cares?

1124 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAH! LMFAO! L A M E, is what this family is. I wouldnt go if I were PAID to.

1124 days ago


I can't believe that I will have to share my anniversary with her.

1124 days ago


Hope she trips and falls down as she's walking down the aisle.

1124 days ago


I hope Kim and Kris have a great wedding. May they live happy ever after and stay wed a long time no by hollywood time. Congrats

1124 days ago

karen darvin    

time has got to be almost up..look,pari******on and that group went away,so she's next please?Everyone,,don'*****ch her show,although dam it, i will be tempted to see the dress and flowers etc.actually,i'll just see the pics after.I'm curious about her taste in these things.blahhh they have me.Must stop looking...

1124 days ago


I don't see the connection between these two at all. Seems its all about the show and not the love. I have not seen one inch of love. This marriage won't last. As soon as that spot light is gone so will be the marriage. Just saying....

1124 days ago

TMZ, you can't use the word TIGHT and KIM K in the same headline.

1124 days ago


What a way to waste 20M! This family is so self-absorbed that I wonder if they ever think of anything but dollar signs. People are starving around the world and they think they are US royalty, what a joke! This family is not normal, they are the JOKE, bizarre to say the least.

The only one I have seen with an ounce of brains is Bruce, maybe because he is not a "real" Kardashian just married into the brood. He did try to teach the younger set of siblings about the real world by taking to them to a shelter to see what the less fortunate in this world suffer on a daily basis. After stealing his credit card I must say, they looked so out of place like they might catch a germ.

The one I blame the most for this fiasco of a family is the head Kardashian/Jenner/Kardashian-maybe again, Kris. Who whores out her family to make millions of dollars?!?! The only one I have seen stand up to her is Kourtney who won't get married just because its offensive to Kris to have a daughter who is unwed and thinking of having a second child with her bf. This whole family is offensive to the average family. Keep strong Kourtney your child and those yet to come from you or your sisters/brother will be used to make Kris more money.

I see so many people struggling in this time of recession that it makes me so angry to see these "celebs" just blowing money on a wedding that probably won't last as long as the preparations for the wedding. With all their millions I sure hope they can remember not everyone sells their sex tapes to get a head in this world. Until Kim did that who even knew who this family was. Their dad, Robert was famous for being OJ's lawyer but at least that Kardashian actually gained his reputation the honest way, hard work.

WAKE UP AMERICA! We,as a nation need to take back our lives from the likes of this "K Klan". Don't let the morality of the Hollywood set be your guide. Remember that those who hold themselves so high in the clouds only have farther to fall when their fame comes to and end.

Here is a toast to the happy couple, "May you find that your love is true, and your eyes are open to see the actual world around you."

1124 days ago


Only retards care about this wedding. Fat looking aliens anyway.

1124 days ago


This wedding is sooo fake! Think about it...ratings were needed so Khloe got married to someone not very popular that could use some money. Now ratings are still poor so Kim had to find someone that was willing to do it too. I bet that is the real reason why Reggie left! He didn't like Kris Jenner (madam) telling him what to do. Good for you Reggie Bush! Hopefully someone does leak photos or info because you that they want to rake in the money they think they'll get from doing this! Come on TMZ get on it see how good your people are!!!!! Another thing is you don't hear anything really from Kris H.'s family or friends Think about it!!

1124 days ago
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