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Living in Waterworld Hell!

8/18/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman has a big problem with one of her kids -- the Doughboy.

Octo got a ticket from the City of La Habra for having a Doughboy, above-ground pool in her backyard, without a proper permit.  The City fined her $100, with a deadline for either removing the pool or getting the permit.

But Octo refuses to budge, because she believes some vindictive neighbors have unfairly singled her out for something that is pretty common in her neighborhood.  So now the fine has swelled to $600.

But all this fuss over the pool ignores the bigger problem -- What's Octo doing with a pool in her backyard when she has 14 kids she can barely control?


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So why should Octoslut be treated any different that anyone else in that city? She converted a garage without a permit (which wasn't legal) and now a pool without a permit. I hope the city goes after her. (After she pays her last speeding ticket. Wonder if she'll pay that too.).

1165 days ago


Just for reference...That cheap ass pool is not a Doughboy, but an Intex pool. Get your facts right TMZ.

1165 days ago


Oh come on... Nadya said it is important that all her children learn how to swim by age 2 and vow to teach her octuplets at that age. Before the octuplets were born, Nadya three older children Elijah, Amerah and JJ all learned how to swim since they were 2 yrs old. Nadya used to take them for swimming lessons all the time at the center and now they can swim in 9 feet. In fact, this is a well known fact on Radar Online

Nadya has 8 two yrs old's and it's very expensive to have all them learn to swim at the center. So she decided it would be cheaper to just buy a pool and teach the kid's to swim herself, which she has been doing.

I think it's unfair for the city or anybody to pick on Nadya as I'm sure there are others in the neigbhood who have pools in their backyards. She's paying her water bill, she's practice safety guide lines and it's not an in ground pool. Some people are just so jealous and resentful of Nadya Suleman that they just look for anything to pick on her about. I hope she fight this in court and win this as well. Shame on haters!!!

1165 days ago

Kris in NYC    

Whaa Whaa Whaaa... Octo is always the victim... She needs to get over herself... If the pool is common in the neighborhood, its probably because THEY GOT PERMITS!!! Just get the stupid permit, lose the fines, and keep the pool!!

1165 days ago


Shell out the $60......0 bucks and get the stupid permit. Quit your whining. Didn't she Judy brag that she made more each month from foreign interviews than most people make in a year? Than $60......0 should be a drop in the bucket.

Stop thinking your special, Octoho. While you are at it, don't forget to pay your June speeding ticket, too.

1165 days ago


How hard is it to get a permit, if one is needed? Does she think she's special, that she's the only one that doesn't need one? Sheesh...

1165 days ago


Too bad no one seen the video she made with Inside Edition where it showed her dunking and nearly drowning the octupets. They were terrified so I think IE didn't show it. WHERE IS CPS?? WHY ARE THEY WAITING UNTIL ONE OF THESE KIDS DIE TO DO ANYTHING??

1165 days ago


She should have Casey Anthony over to babysit. They can kick back, have some girltalk, have a few and watch the kiddies swim.

1165 days ago


Hate her, but that is bullcrap that you need to pay someone else for the right to have a snap up pool on YOUR property.. Jesus!

1165 days ago


Does the pool have a pump and filter, with electricity, etc? If so, then yes, it would and should require a permit. If it's a blow up kiddie pool, then it shouldn't.

1165 days ago


whoever wrote on the front page about octomom your dumb why would here having a pool have to do with the kids enjoy a pool.seriously we all don't like her but has nothing to do with the kids having a good time.

1165 days ago


Uh, for once I agree with the TMZ writer. The BIGGEST problems is 'supposedly' one adult and 14 kids. Only 3 or 4 probably know how to swim, THATS THE PROBLEM. She has ZERO control in the house and to let about 10 kids who don't know how to swim NEAR a pool is neglect.

1165 days ago


I don't think a person should need a permit for that type of poo, but if the law says she needs a permit, she should get one. Heck, I think the speed limit houe be 100, but the say says otherwise, so I get a ticket if caught breaking it.

1165 days ago


This woman is such a menace. Why isn't she in the nuthouse and why aren't those poor innocent little kids in foster homes?

1164 days ago


You know what, what's wrong with you people? Don't the kids deserve to go swimming like ALL other kids in the world? Look, the woman admitted she made a mistake w/having more kids, now she is paying the piper so let her be. I give her credit for doing as much as she can with the kids and she seems to be a pretty smart 'cookie'. (at least she sounded smart on Dr.Drew's show). The only thing I don't see is a fence around the pool. I don't understand why she is in trouble with the city anyway about the pool and a permit. I've never heard about having to get a permit w/a pool like that one.

1164 days ago
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