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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Taylor Armstrong Beaten

Camille Grammer Threatened

8/19/2011 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
secretly revealed to cast members she was beaten so badly by Russell Armstrong she had to undergo surgery -- and when he found out she spilled the beans, he sent Camille Grammer a chilling, threatening email ... this according to multiple sources connected with the show.

We're told ... in late June, as "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was shooting season 2 ... Taylor was severely beaten.  Sources say Russell hit her in the face so hard he cracked bones in her cheeks.  Sources say there are pictures of the injuries and they are "horrific."

Taylor -- who was hospitalized as a result of the beating -- tried to keep it a secret, but she had a big problem ... she couldn't show her face for weeks, and she feared she'd be fired for appearing to be uncooperative and flaky.

Sources say Taylor confided in Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards ... both of whom urged Taylor to tell Bravo what really happened. 

We're told Taylor went home and told Russell about her conversation with the two women and the outrage they had shown when they heard what happened.  Russell reacted by sending Camille a "very threatening" email.  One source who read it said, "It was the rantings of a lunatic."

As for Taylor, her injuries were so bad ... shooting was delayed for several weeks.

Russell Armstrong Death


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Do women really think having face injections makes them look good? It reminds me of Jack Nickelson in Batman. Why can't we just be comfortable with who we are instead of trying to please other people. What they don't realize is nobody really cares and if someone does they don't matter anyhow!

1159 days ago


Did the doctor report it like they are LEGALLY and ETHICALLY obligated to? If so, show me the police report. As for the threatening email, she lived in the house and had access to his phone, so she could've sent it. I find her story hard to believe b/c why would she go tell a man who beats her that she told people her beats her. Wouldn't that just make him angry enough to beat her again?

1159 days ago


The skanks of beverly whores need to stop saying these things about a dead guy that can only be silent. Where are the pictures, where is the email, where is the police report, the doctor report. These woman are disgusting, Bravo is disgusting and every one should let the advertiser of the program that you won't buy there products any more.

1159 days ago


No wonder she's so ugly!

1159 days ago


Come on....we all know this is Bravo's attempt to save their stupid show. Real nice attacking a man who can't defend himself.

1159 days ago

Laren Ann    

"We're told ... just before the shooting for season 2 of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" began ... Taylor was severely beaten."

So that's why her face looks like that!!!! Funny she was beaten so badly, but no one saw her face afterward when she had her face broken? Funny this all comes out AFTER he's dead and not around to defend himself.

1159 days ago


Russell's family was going to sue Bravo, and now Andy Cohen and his goons come up with this rebuttal before they pay off the family? the velvet mafia is definitely the scourge of hollywood.

1159 days ago


Did you guys actually watch the show? Russell was a complete ****. A horrible, controlling person. This isn't the least bit surprising.

1159 days ago

mopar madness    

What kind of friends say tell a network that thrives on misery? **** that,tell the cops!!!

1159 days ago


probably should have raised this point when he was alive. Its easy to make accusations when the guy cant respond.

1159 days ago


A little PR for Bravo????

1159 days ago


She is disgusting...anything for attention. The poor man isn't here to defend himself. Starting to see why he'd want to commit suicide, having to live with this disgusting excuse for a human being in his life.

1159 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Again this story/drama gets worse by the day. Well first thing; no one should be beaten regardless! What about the kids? Someday his young daughter is going to know/access all this informaiton; that's the sad part how is this effecting the kids?

1159 days ago


In both her cheeks -- but nowhere else? B.S., that was plastic surgery. And if she did lie that he hit her no wonder he was so distressed.

1159 days ago


For those who are saying he can't respond because he is dead, well he choose it that way. He took the cowards way out and leaves behind 3 kids, a mountain of debt and no assets.

And for those saying it was Bravos fault, lets look at the facts (I know may be confusing for some of you)

Order of Protection taken out by ex-wife, he attacked her while pregnant with their son. He was charged and pled guilty to battery charges.
A second RO was taken out after Russell was seen hitting his then 6 year old son.
Order of Protection taken out by ex-gf.
2005 Bankruptcy, less than 50,000 in assets.

Yes, I can see how the show and Bravo caused all his problems, years before there was even a housewife's franchise.

Damn, I need to find that magical time machine Bravo has that they can ruin his life nearly 10 years ago.

If anyone has ever been in an abusive relationship or known someone who has, it was very easy to see that at best he was controlling and mean and now we now he was the worst, abusive and violent.

Bravo didn't need to make him look like the villain, he did that all on his own!

1159 days ago
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