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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Taylor Armstrong Beaten

Camille Grammer Threatened

8/19/2011 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
secretly revealed to cast members she was beaten so badly by Russell Armstrong she had to undergo surgery -- and when he found out she spilled the beans, he sent Camille Grammer a chilling, threatening email ... this according to multiple sources connected with the show.

We're told ... in late June, as "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was shooting season 2 ... Taylor was severely beaten.  Sources say Russell hit her in the face so hard he cracked bones in her cheeks.  Sources say there are pictures of the injuries and they are "horrific."

Taylor -- who was hospitalized as a result of the beating -- tried to keep it a secret, but she had a big problem ... she couldn't show her face for weeks, and she feared she'd be fired for appearing to be uncooperative and flaky.

Sources say Taylor confided in Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards ... both of whom urged Taylor to tell Bravo what really happened. 

We're told Taylor went home and told Russell about her conversation with the two women and the outrage they had shown when they heard what happened.  Russell reacted by sending Camille a "very threatening" email.  One source who read it said, "It was the rantings of a lunatic."

As for Taylor, her injuries were so bad ... shooting was delayed for several weeks.

Russell Armstrong Death


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Different Rules Apply    

Hearsay, hearsay... she is probably using this story to cover up plastic surgery to her face - look at that face - it's all plastic. He is not here to defend himself - I wouldn't believe a word that comes out about him now.

1159 days ago

disgusted in KY    

What a coincidence! The Bravo brass and the RH meet at the Maloof mansion to decide what to do with the series and then this story breaks! Is there NO low to which these unmoraled people will not sink. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! Don't believe any of this crap. This is just OVER THE TOP wrong of Bravo to leak this so they can air their show. If she had been hospitalized it would be ALL OVER the news! Bravo thinks we're all just stupid. Show Bravo you're not. Block the channel on your TV - I am.

1159 days ago


a person should not demean the recently dead, the man has no chance to redeem himself or deny the charges . . . my respect for these women is in the negative field, not that they had much to start with. funny how men are so easily enamored by these nasty whores . . .

1159 days ago


The man is dead and can't defend himself, I think it is horrible that anyone is speaking out about this's totally unfair to his children, they are the ones who will suffer. She was an adult and was capable of leaving, if she chose to stay that was her right and to whine now is pathetic. She blew through his cash and now wants everyone to feel sorry for her...not going to happen.

1159 days ago


most people, especially women who get beat up by their spouse are usually not in a place/head space,where they think it a great idea doing a housewives show to flaunt how much better their lives are to the world. i get maybe this was a way to stop abuse by doing a lot of faking about life on tv... but come on, anyone who beats their wife to the point of hospitalization on a here and there basis, isn't someone who gives that much control over to his wife to be on a show. yes it brings in help for their failing finances, but rarely the abuser hands over control like that. leave the man alone! they are creating BS for ratings.
how disgusting, his kids and family don't need this. Its all so sad that it came to this point, but maybe he is the luckiest of them all to have escaped all this mess. those ladies are messed!

1159 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

yeah right! 95% of that woman's face is fake... plastic surgery fake! I am willing to bet that she was so desperate to get the surgery, that she made up some ridiculous story about being beaten, so that she could heal and not have to worry about getting fired!

1159 days ago


I was looking at the above picture. Taylor looks freakish. Not Human. But, did nayone else here notice that Camille lookds just like a GLOWORM.....these were popular dolls in the you guys remember them?

1159 days ago


It's easy to make claims when the guy's killed himself.

1159 days ago


Bravo should learn their lesson with this tragedy and remove all the housewives shows immediately. They are all so lame and orchestrated and these women and their families are destroying one another. Let's put a stop to all the ****. These people are "nobodies's" thinking they are "somebodies's", and it make me sick to my stomach watching them parade around like they are a celebrity.You would have to mentally unstable to do any show like this as these monsters are.

1159 days ago


Everyone has a breaking point, and she pushed him to his.

IF he really did beat her then it was no doubt over her taking a millionaire and draining him straight to the poor house, then leaving him once the money was gone.

And it's funny that she just now came out with this now that she's looking like the villian in all of this, and just days after her having an injury on her face she said was NOT caused by her ex.

I call bullcrap on this story.

1159 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

moonshake: 3 minutes ago
It's easy to make claims when the guy's killed himself.
not only that, she'll milk it for everything it's worth... and camille's only in on it because she consistently blows her gravy train by publicly insulting him... it's a 50/50 split cash grab for those two.

"ohhhhh, poor me! my husband's dead, but he beat me" next she'll put out a statement and a fake suicide letter saying that he offed himself over regret for being abusive

i do NOT pity this bitch... as a matter of fact all of these "housewives" stars are all on the same fame-whore train, ALL fake, ALL money hungry, ALL kinds of nasty!

1159 days ago


No offense - it's either watch them take everything you have because they know they can or kill youself out of frustration...NEVER EVER get married in this country if you are a man....yo have NO RIGHTS WHAT SO EVER....

1159 days ago


So... your ex just killed himself & now you're bad-mouthing him all over Hollywod just to further your pathetic quest for fame?
Sickening. I don't believe it. Let me SEE the photos & hospital report.

1159 days ago


I too would probably kill myself if I were involved with a plastic surgery riddled, fame seeking woman who was so desperate and frantic for her 15 minutes of fame that she would spread her (and other's) lives out for the world to see on a stupid reality tv show. AND making the guy miserable just so she can live WAY beyond her means to impress others. I'm real sick of these vapid people who are so desperate that they will do / say anything for attention. If people who watch reality shows would qui*****ching them and demand the studios give us better . . these fame seekers would all go away.

1159 days ago


I believe this story. Dude was super creepy! No woman deserves getting beaten. Anyone who takes up for him is just as slimy. I knew his death wasn't much of a loss.

1159 days ago
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