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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Taylor Armstrong Beaten

Camille Grammer Threatened

8/19/2011 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
secretly revealed to cast members she was beaten so badly by Russell Armstrong she had to undergo surgery -- and when he found out she spilled the beans, he sent Camille Grammer a chilling, threatening email ... this according to multiple sources connected with the show.

We're told ... in late June, as "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was shooting season 2 ... Taylor was severely beaten.  Sources say Russell hit her in the face so hard he cracked bones in her cheeks.  Sources say there are pictures of the injuries and they are "horrific."

Taylor -- who was hospitalized as a result of the beating -- tried to keep it a secret, but she had a big problem ... she couldn't show her face for weeks, and she feared she'd be fired for appearing to be uncooperative and flaky.

Sources say Taylor confided in Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards ... both of whom urged Taylor to tell Bravo what really happened. 

We're told Taylor went home and told Russell about her conversation with the two women and the outrage they had shown when they heard what happened.  Russell reacted by sending Camille a "very threatening" email.  One source who read it said, "It was the rantings of a lunatic."

As for Taylor, her injuries were so bad ... shooting was delayed for several weeks.

Russell Armstrong Death


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Women joining in on the "she deserved to get beat" talk are f*cking mental cases.

1072 days ago


And yet we're supposed to feel bad that this d-bag killed himself? Good riddance. The world is better off without monsters like him.

1072 days ago


So the sympathy card has been drawn?

He killed himself so leave him alone. Why write this article at all when he can´t comment, let him rest in peace! I´ve seen the real housewives with my own eyes so I know how he was treated and that´s vicious in my opinion.

1072 days ago


It is obvious to me by reading a lot of the comments that people are totally unaware about the dynamics of domestic violence. It is at every socio-economic level. A woman who has been beaten has the right to speak out and defend herself. That simple......Based on many of the comments am I to reason that "an abused woman should just keep her mouth shut & keep it in the family"? Speaking out not only helps the abused one to heal it educates the public and gets the message out there. You don't have to live in the Middle East to wear a "burqa" and be in an unhealthy, dangerous relationship. There are plenty of woman in the States that wear "emotional burqas" and who beaten down over time both physically and emotionally. This woman has a long road ahead of her to recovery. Perhaps because this is a high profile case more information will be out least for awhile. But it appears to me that in general the "public" still doesn't "get it" and much work is yet to be done on this very serious, damaging and destructive family issue.

1072 days ago


Amazing the body hasn't even cooled and this bitch is spinning a story about the dead father of her daughter. To steal a quote from Bill Cosby's Fat Albert "She is like school on Saturday....NO CLASS!!" As much as I watch these shows for the trainwrecks that these women truly are and the bad example they set for their own kids as well as others, when is enough enough? Where is the line drawn? They had to have a meeting to determine whether or not they would film the funeral?? Are you kidding me?? As a society we have to put a stop to this. Hollywood certainly won't. I'm absolutely disgusted with all of this. Having said all of this, I'm sure that Big Bass looking chick will have no trouble finding a deeper pocket this time to wrap those lips around. I'm sure we will be the first to hear all about it on TMZ. Something is seriously wrong with our world!

1072 days ago

Snow White    

The douche bag killed himself. Good riddance. The abuse isn't a pr spin on his selfish suicide. It was well do***ented before the separation. Good for Taylor for finally getting free of a cowardly, small d*cked man. Her daughter is better off not being exposed to this kind of violence.

1072 days ago


Enough with the "gold-digger" comments. Men have used their financial resources to ensnare women since the beginning of time. Take a look around folks and you will see tons of pretty women married to fugly men with loads of money. If men are allowed to use their bank accounts to get women, and keep lovers on the side, women should be allowed to enjoy the money the man uses to get them.

Secondly, to say that Taylor spent all his money is just ridiculous. I find it hard to believe this skinny, frail woman, held him down and stole the money from his wallet. And considering what a bully he apparently was, it's doubtful to me that he wasn't in on the spending as well.

Third, it's obvious she was on the show and getting paid. She was WORKING TO SUPPORT THE FAMILY TOO!

Lastly, it appears that this man had severe emotional problems, as well as financial. And it could be that his suicide had more to do with his being "outed" as a homosexual/bi-sexual and just couldn't handle the shame that he believed would come along with that.

Oh, and Taylor admitted to the physical abuse prior to his death, so lay off the comments about her using that to garner publicity or sympathy for HIS DECISION TO TAKE HIS LIFE. It could be that his life just became so unmanagable, in his eyes, that he just couldn't face anyone anymore. He was broke, he was physically abusive to his current wife, past wife and past fiance, and he was on the verge of being outed for his sexuality. That's a lot to digest, and maybe he didn't know how to cope with what he had become.

Just my .02.....

1072 days ago


He may have commited suiced, but as far as I'm concerned the plasticky woman and the stupid TV show caused his death.

1072 days ago


we all know there is more to the story and no matter how horrible you think she is, if this is true, she did not deserve it. It may shed some light as to why he did what he did in hanging himself. He likely knew more would come out and didn't know a way to escape. If true, there will be proof in terms of doctor records, emails, etc

1072 days ago


It's really appalling to see so much hatred for someone that people claim she deserved being beaten and abused. Comments such as she deserved it or she's lying, etc. are one of the reason so many women don't report abuse or rape.

1072 days ago


We will be hearing alot more about this abusive freak in weeks to come. They found gay porn in his computer. He had $$ scams going on. He wasn't an angel.

1072 days ago


Keep talkin skank...hopefully, your 15 minutes are almost over. Its easy to blame a dead man for anything. If he beat you so bad, you would have been all over the news, chasing sympathy! I think you destroyed his weak mind and now you are finishing him off by destroying his reputation. If I was your husband I'd have slapped you around too - especially for that face. THeres so much plastic there, I would be careful around any open flame. My dog is more attractive,Ho. And one cares so shut your lying scheming pie hole. You couldnt keep a man unless he was chained up in your basement. Burn down LA and all these fake B*tches.

1072 days ago


TMZ...shame on you for printing this on Russell, how can he defend himself. I had a blowout fracture of my face, and no one did it to me. I fell and hit my face on a raised concrete slab, and it happened because I had too much to drink. Just saying'

1072 days ago


The geeky men on here saying she deserved to get hit cuz she was a gold digger are just upset because they don't have the money to bribe a pretty young thing to marry their sorry asses.

1072 days ago


"Dead men tell no tales" A corpse cannot corroborate her accusation.

1072 days ago
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