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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Taylor Armstrong Beaten

Camille Grammer Threatened

8/19/2011 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
secretly revealed to cast members she was beaten so badly by Russell Armstrong she had to undergo surgery -- and when he found out she spilled the beans, he sent Camille Grammer a chilling, threatening email ... this according to multiple sources connected with the show.

We're told ... in late June, as "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was shooting season 2 ... Taylor was severely beaten.  Sources say Russell hit her in the face so hard he cracked bones in her cheeks.  Sources say there are pictures of the injuries and they are "horrific."

Taylor -- who was hospitalized as a result of the beating -- tried to keep it a secret, but she had a big problem ... she couldn't show her face for weeks, and she feared she'd be fired for appearing to be uncooperative and flaky.

Sources say Taylor confided in Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards ... both of whom urged Taylor to tell Bravo what really happened. 

We're told Taylor went home and told Russell about her conversation with the two women and the outrage they had shown when they heard what happened.  Russell reacted by sending Camille a "very threatening" email.  One source who read it said, "It was the rantings of a lunatic."

As for Taylor, her injuries were so bad ... shooting was delayed for several weeks.

Russell Armstrong Death


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Taylor is busy hitting the "dislike" button

1108 days ago


Poor skank.
Poor, poor skank.

1108 days ago


She has not released a statement so this is all heresay and rumor. As far as all the comments, I would bet they get the highest ratings ever. People love trainwrecks. It's sad because T.V. is supposed to be entertaining. Watching people's lives unravel is tragic, should not be part of the storyline. As much as I'm sure they would love to include it for ratings, that would just be a new all time low.

1108 days ago


Bravo and Taylor are spinning this one.
Why on earth was this woman on a reality show IF she was being abused. Odd.

1108 days ago


Some girls, not many, deserve it. We've all met a few, but the majority are in denial. I asked my friend who's a D.A. how he determines when to file charges of spousal battery. He told me that after interviewing the lady, if he also feels like slapping her, then he won't file charges against her husband.

1108 days ago


Why is the like/dislike function inconsistent?

1108 days ago


Maybe Camille couldnt take enough time off the toilet to report the "crime"? Man, I wouldnt do those skanks with my worst enemy's ****.

1108 days ago


These are all LIES...they reported last nite, on some
rag program..that because of these injuries..she had
to have PLASTIC SURGERY....HELLO...isn't that all this
bimbo lives for? She is just trying to make herself the
VICTIM, and make Russell the BAD GUY...Too little, too
late Taylor. And BETTER throw this sick
twisted beotch OFF the show because if you keep her
on it, you will lose many many viewers. What's next going to blame Russell for your DUCK BEAK?
Going to say he kicked you so hard in the mouth, you had
no CHOICE but to get collegen injected in those fugly lips?
You deserve everything you get Taylor....its called KARMA.
RIP deserved so much better than that skank.

1108 days ago


smells fishy

1108 days ago


If you piss off a man enough he'll be physical with you.
If you piss off a woman enough, she'll make you life miserable you'll wish you were dead.

1108 days ago


This story is unfair, how is a dead man to defend these accusations?
This woman should keep her mouth shut, the man is dead, what more does she want?

1108 days ago


The comments below are sick and ignorant! As per statements from former wives and girlfriends, Russell had a pattern of physical violence with women and his sons prior long before meeting Taylor. It did not matter if Russell was with Taylor or some other Jane Doe. The outcome would have been the same due to his need to control and his inability to manage his anger. The sad part is that his kids are better off without him in their lives. Otherwise, his sons would likely grow up to be wife beaters and his daughter will grow up to be a women finding herself in abusive relationships like her mother.

1108 days ago


It just kills me to see comments saying "they LOOK like a happy couple"...."he looks like a good guy", etc.
This is the SAME thing all the time....does ANYONE think someone is gonna take a picture of them with their hands around each others throats?? OR a video of them beating the crap outta each other???
Sorry, but THIS is part of the reason the jury didn't convict Casey Anthony!! They said in the pictures Caylee didn't "look" abused....Caylee "looked" well cared for...Caylee "looked" happy and "looked" like she loved her mommy". That baby "looked" that way ONLY because her CeCe and JoJo took care of her while CASEY "neglected" her and went out partying. Mental abuse is abuse...plain and simple. Neglect is abuse....even though the child was taken care of, CASEY neglected her. AND, when she "HAD" to take care of Caylee, Casey dragged her around to everywhere SHE wanted to go....not to a park to play on the swings, but to her boyfriends place...or a friends house...or shopping for CASEY, not Caylee.

Pictures and video's sometimes DON'T say a thousand words!!!

1108 days ago

Josh T.    

He beat her breasts? I don't get it.

1108 days ago


To bad he didn't beat the snot out of Camille. I agree Taylor is very much responsible for his death. She knew he was in dire straits financially and what does she do? Throw a $50,000 party for a 5 yr. old. I can't stand these whiney c**nts.

1108 days ago
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