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Bill Clinton

I'm a Full-Blown Vegan Now!

8/18/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bill Clinton dives headfirst into veganism -- but Bubba beware ... we explain why eating just "the vegetables" isn't enough sometimes. Plus, why the investigation into Casey Anthony's lawyer is "insane" ... according to Harvey and Jason.

And ... we got Octomom on the horn to talk about her swimming pool war with the city -- and can she ever talk ... and talk, and talk, and... 


(4:30) Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez is being investigated ... for a reason Harvey and Jason think is "insane ."
(6:50) Charles throws a hissy fit.
(18:40) Charles admits ... his opinion has been swayed.
(21:00) Brace yourselves -- Octomom is on the phone to explain the drama surrounding her swimming pool situation.
(22:00) *Sigh*
(24:30) Ryan attempts to talk to Octomom. Fail.
(27:10) Finally, an end to the longest 6 minutes in TMZ Live history.
(32:15) Multiple updates on Russell Armstrong's suicide.
(36:30) Bill Clinton is vegan now? THE Bill Clinton? Yep. So chew on this: The pros and cons of 86'ing meat from your diet.
(39:00) Jonny's diet is "straight meat."
(45:10) Video of a GNARLY basketball brawl.


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On the Basketbrawl game...How do you say steroids in Chinese?

1161 days ago


I did not have sexual relations with that sandwich....

1161 days ago


Opposing counsel should known to pick up on the mistake and have had the judge write a Corrected Order. The Judge amends the decision and then that's that. I don't see why the judge just didn't issue an amended order.

1161 days ago


Octo claims those 2 and a half year olds can swim. Not in the recent Inside Edition clips. She doesn't get it that the pool is a safety hazard.Total blockhead.She needs to watch those lips-calling neighbor perps/pedos.

1161 days ago


I'm a Physician but this subject of vegan babies is absolutely ridiculous! There are plenty of baby's that can't have breast milk or cows milk in hospitals due to milk allergies. Kids are given soy milk in every hospital in America and its very common in the OB-Gyn Dept. Simply put, every newborn who has milk allergies and are non-breast fed are technically vegan via soy milk diet.

1161 days ago


I'm a Physician but this subject of vegan baby's is absolutely ridiculous! There are plenty of baby's that can't have breast milk or cows milk in hospitals due to milk allergies. Kids are given soy milk in every hospital in America and its very common in the OB-Gyn Dept. Simply put, every newborn who has milk allergies and are non-breast fed is technically a vegan infant via soy milk.

1161 days ago


Wow, Nadia took 6 minutes from my life I will never have again. I was sure the sun set during this rant. She's crazy bat **** but all this pressure doesn't help her. Still, I would tap that and leave quickly.

1161 days ago


Wow, Charles is becoming progressively more and more annoyed with Harvey. Put them in a boxing ring!

1161 days ago


You must be a sucker to be Vegan. Not all cows are poorly treated, like Harvey said "Not all of it" just a small number of greedy farmer offenders. Meat is too important to eat and we need to be selective about the meat we eat. Being a Vegan is a suckers game-force some child to be a Vegan? Check your head!

1161 days ago


Harvey continues to be a vegan because he probably never ate @ Fogo de Chao or Arnie Morton's! IJS

1161 days ago


If Russell Armstrong is from Texas he should be put to rest there, LA was where he tried to succeed and measure up to some unrealistic standards, it was'nt home it was a facade.

1161 days ago


@TMZ Live

For what it's worth OCTOMOM was the most interesting part of the show -

However it was a turn-off to see Charles giggling/shaking his head - and Harvey acting bored, annoyed and restless during her tirade.

She's having a big problem - and to me it's an interesting problem - i.e. a neighborhood that's hassling her.

Neighbors looking over her fence, ogling all of them, taking pictures, etc. - sending pics in to various agencies.

Howard Stern would not have been bored, restless or amused by her problem - he would find it all fascinating - as did and do I.

It can be a total nightmare when your neighbors line up against you - and Nadya, for one, needs bigger fences.

Neighbors CAN be jerks - not saying that Nadya's perfect or that living around her is easy -

But being ganged-up-on is not fun, either.

Nor being harassed behind agencies and investigators.

It also would have been nice to see her pretty face - but that's beyond TMZ's control if she doesn't have a webcam.

Maybe you can send her one and get updates on all of this.

You might see this as aggravation - but I saw and see it as a huge opportunity and look into her life/her kid's lives.


1161 days ago


I'm veganish - a vegan who easts fish occasionally. My diet consists of veggies, fruits, grains and beans. I take vitamin supplements like B complex, omegas, D, E, maca and vega protein supplement. Of course there can be unhealthy vegans but there are a lot of unhealthy meat eaters who don't get proper nutrition! Veganism is rapidly growing because it is the healthiest, most responsible way to live! The case that Mr Personality mentioned - they were fruitatrians and of course you can't get proper nutrition from a fruit based diet. Don't knock what you don't understand. And sorry that veganism pisses you off - I don't know your name - ignorant people piss me off!

1161 days ago


I used to be vegan, but I kept getting really sick because supplements just were not enough. I do buy wild caught and organic/free range animal products because factory farming is disgusting. Veganism feels great in the beginning... until you finally deplete your reserves. It works for some however, not for all.

1160 days ago

D.S. Bowles    

I have spent the last year studying veganism and the issue of nutrition and the effect of taking on a plant based diet. Bill Clinton met with a very famous Vegan, Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn. His work behind veganism is very interesting. In all post diet studies of heart attack victims on Esseltyn's vegan diet the patients have had remarkable results in their cholesterol, lipids etc. As a professional corporate chef and now vegan chef for a progressive company in the LA area, I have found that although difficult for most people, just cutting down and being aware of the amount of milk, cheese and animal fats we consume can make a big difference in your everyday life. There is a great deal of "distrust" in those converting to a vegan diet. It is just not the norm. I would recommend that people read, "The China Study" and Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn's book, "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease."

1160 days ago
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