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Gerard Depardieu


I Offered to 'Clean Up the Mess'

8/19/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Depardieu is finally explaining why he peed on the floor of an Air France plane this week ... blaming the whole thing on prostate issues ... but insisting he "offered to clean up the mess."

Gerard's traveling companion on the flight, Edouard Baer, has released a statement on Depardieu's behalf, saying, "[Gerard] has prostate problems and it was very worrying and humiliating for him."

Baer claims he gave Gerard a bottle to pee in while the two were on the plane ... but the bottle quickly overflowed ...and when the flight attendant refused to let the actor use the lavatory because the crew was preparing for take-off, Gerard decided to finish on the floor.

The rep insists Gerard is "upset" about the situation -- adding, "He was also stone-cold sober at the time. This is not the way he usually behaves."

Depardieu was removed from the flight -- but was placed on another plane and eventually traveled without pissing off anyone else.


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He's just...french! Don't be....surprised.

1170 days ago

Hamptons dude    

This is just another example of how the French behave.

1170 days ago


there is a big difference between drunk urination in a public place: and an aging man with a prostate issue who has been humiliated by his situation.

I think it's time you leave this story alone TMZ, unless you have proof the old guy was drunk and obstinant.

1170 days ago


Whatever happened to flying the FRIENDLY SKIES!?!?

seems there have been too many of these poop or pee issues on planes and the industry has a problem that needs to be fixed

1170 days ago


Aren't those barf bags in those seat pockets designed to hold liquids?

1170 days ago


Does he need his mommy to remind him to go pee before they get on the plane?

1170 days ago


Poor man. I understand why there are rules but there has to be something that can be done if a passenger has to suddenly use the bathroom just before takeoff. This was a humiliating experience for this man and it's all over the news, can you imagine? I have never been a fan of his but prostate problems affect millions of men and it is not their fault.

1170 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

if you don't have prostate issues or things like IC you have NO idea how embarrassing it is. I fully believe the story that he tried to go but they wouldn't let him so he went in a container but it overflowed.

I feel HORRIBLE for how this is being reported etc. the poor buy is so embarrassed by all this. I would be too. why not check into his health before making assumptions that he was drunk and disorderly etc.

1170 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

oh and for all of you saying he should go at regular intervals during the day, pee before he gets on the plane, etc.? due to the prostate issue or someone that has IC (intercystial cystitis) there are times you get absolutely no warning whatsoever and before you can even stand up to go to the restroom you've already gone. it doesn't matter if you've had anything to drink recently etc.

Both are horrible conditions and extremely embarrassing. edumacate yourselves first before you judge.

1170 days ago


As someone with bladder problems, I can totally understand how this can happen. I'm sure I would have peed in the seat if I was told that I couldn't use the bathroom. I understand why the flight attendants didn't allow him to go, but when you have bladder problems and you have to go, it will go. I don't think he meant to disrespect anyone, I'm sure he is pretty embarrassed that not only the people on the plane witnessed that, but now millions of people know this. Good luck to him and may his health issues recover soon.

1170 days ago

moe l.    

Typical french a-hole.

1170 days ago

Lady Juilette    

This man is just plain sick. I don't know why he thinks he can act. He's a joke.

1170 days ago


Depardieu is a very fine actor. One of the best France has seen. So he peed in the aisle, urinary condition...He is only human after all.

1170 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What a decrepit old reprobate.

1170 days ago


That was a p*ss poor excuse.

1170 days ago
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