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Taylor Armstrong

Russell's Parents and I Agree

On Funeral Arrangements

8/19/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
and Russell Armstrong's parents are in agreement -- Russell will be cremated in Los Angeles and the funeral will be held in L.A. as well ... TMZ has learned.

Taylor's family law attorney, Troy Christiansen, tells TMZ, Taylor is "outraged" at attorney Ron Richards, who has said Taylor and her lawyer lied when they said they had looped Russell's family in on the funeral arrangements. 

Richards claimed that Taylor excluded Russell's family from any decisions.

As we reported, there was a conflict over whether Russell's body would stay in L.A. or be taken to Texas, but Christiansen says it's all been resolved and everyone is in agreement.

Christiansen said there was never an issue about cremation -- Russell expressly said he wanted to be cremated and not buried.  And since Taylor was Russell's wife at the time of his death, she's the one making the funeral arrangements, but Christiansen says Russell's family is fine with it.


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Bravo made this guy look like a cold fish. Turns out, he was anything but. Bravo should foot the bill for sure. And Im a huge Housewives fan. But they really ganged up on this guy.

1163 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

If this guy was as bad as they say why would she care where or if he is buried at all.I think that anybody beats a woman LIKE HE BEAT HER or anybody for that matter will rot in HELL!

1162 days ago


She wanted nothing to do with this guy and was divorcing him. And now she wants to plan his funeral?

I smell a book or TV deal coming...

1162 days ago


This poor excuse for a human being, should at the very least, step back and allow his family to make all the arrangements. NO agreement, she should have no input on his funeral arrangements. She gave those rights away when she filed for divorce and then continued to annihilate him in the press. She basically killed him. Why does she care about his funeral? She didn't care about his life? Money whore! She should be hanging her head and not coming out of her house right now. She should be so ashamed that she allowed fame or the prospect of it become more important than her husband's name/reputation. What is Bravo giving her some extra $$ if she can get the funeral to be in L.A.. She's disgusting and I will never watch that show ever again. Bitch!

1162 days ago


Taylor and Russel did the show because they needed the money...end of story. She wanted to brag and show off her $$$$ and fancy 60k Birthday parties and now she has paid the ultimate price. I feel bad for Russells family, however I do not blame Bravo they all know what there getting into when they sign the dotted line. All the money in the world can't buy happiness or looks.

1162 days ago

There's a problem here    

Wow man. She looks like someone moved in for the jizz shot on her face in this picture.

1162 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Never watched the show, however in less than a weeks time, she's shown exactly who she is! No "reality" show need because "this" is reality folks! She's the co-king of spiteful bietches along with Oxskankity!

1162 days ago


Trash this show and all the other housewives' shows.

1162 days ago


I would not wont there life all the money in the world could not make me do the things these Housewifes do they live in a Goldfish bowl which makes there probles knowed to everyone who cares I feel they should do a way with this show because of the death not a healthy show to watch its all phoney and cheap what happen to positive things happening to people and helping the poor hungry children in this world with all there money instead og 60,000 birthday party for there child!! So bad I think!!!

1162 days ago


He should be cremated and she not have any business about his funeral they were separated! and she was bashing him big time ,(he was a abuser,)in her words.....why she is now taking care of his funeral arraingements? you don't care when someone abuse you! his body should be taken to Texas... where his family lives ,she said in Los Angeles? why ? for sure after his dead and she not having money ,she will never visit him at the cemetery ......remember she is a gold digger !His family has more to do with him ,that her ,period! she is doing all this for PUBLICITY! MONEY HUNGRY!

1162 days ago

Dana Edwards    

These people are all adults who signed up and knew what they were getting themselves into from the begining. Russell was abusive before the show started and nobody can predict a suicide. Bravo can't be responsable for someone with a hidden mental health issue.

1162 days ago


Really tired of this woman getting demonized. She's not a bitch or whore for wanting a divorce. Geez, are we in Afghanistan or one is to blame for the suicide except Russell.

1162 days ago


he must have been so afraid of her ugly face he couldn't take it anymore. She drove him to the grave wanting things she couldn't afford. it's called living within your means not keeping up with the joneses. my heart goes out to russell's family. this woman is a lunatic with all that horrible plastic surgery gone wrong!

1162 days ago


This is the best thing that's happened to fish lips in awhile...Russel's suicide means ALL eyes are on her.
She must be in heaven.

1162 days ago



1162 days ago
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