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Ted Williams

I've Been Financially Raped

8/19/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams has filed a lawsuit that will make you cry.

Williams -- the homeless guy who became famous for his voice of thunder -- claims when he hit it big earlier this year, he couldn't handle the pressure and was plagued with "significant drug and alcohol abuse" and was "totally incapable of understanding what was happening to him or handling [his] own affairs."

Williams got hooked up with Zev Suissa, Randy Thomas and Joe Cipriano -- also known as the defendants.  According to the lawsuit, the trio took Williams for a ride, knowing he was suffering from severe substance abuse.

The suit claims Suissa, Thomas and Cipriano got Williams to sign a "one-sided, onerous, burdensome, non-negotiated and blatantly unfair" deal that gives them a huge chunk of any money Williams makes. 

Williams now wants a judge to void the contract.

Short story ... sounds like he signed his life away.


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Must See Video (directly calls out Ted Williams):

Michael C. Ruppert calls upon the world's artistic and musical leaders to take part in the global generational revolution taking place right now. He pulls no punches as is apparent in the title, "SAY MY F-ING NAME" ...

1159 days ago


I swear, when I first glanced at the headline, I thought it read, "Ted Williams--I've finally been raped." LMAO!!

1158 days ago


On one hand he's a drug addicted homeless guy, so he's going to try and get whatever he can,even if he doesn't deserve it. On the other hand, he's an American, so he's going to try to get whatever he can, even if he doesn't deserve it... thats what Americans do!!! Sue, sue, sue. You all, or should I say y'all seem to think your owed something.

1158 days ago


Uh, yeah. I remember when he was handing out money to his homeless friends and many of us warned that he was making rash and poor decisions that showed he had no idea how to handle all this.

And we were roundly chastised no faith or optimism. I had to explain, that NO, I hoped he would do well, but I just saw the writing on the wall.

Hope he manages to scrape together some kind of life.

1158 days ago


hope he's regretting his decision to leave the rehab facility that Dr Phil had set up for him - at least that would have given him a chance!
sadly his "strike while the iron is hot" philosophy had him hooking up with unreputable people who weren't concerned about putting his sobriety first
anyone reputable would have recognized that unless and until he successfully completed rehab (and was livng in recovery) that his future earnings -and therefor, in return, theirs- would end up disappearing once his habits short order sadly

1158 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Oh boo hoo.. cry us a river.. and take some responsibility.

1158 days ago

Big Bry    

I wonder if Joe and Randy will now be out "Dumpster Diving" to find the next person to "help"?

1158 days ago


Sorry but the pitty party is over for you. Stop drinking and get your crap together your not a baby your a grown man.

1158 days ago


We have another example how Dr. Phil was suppose to help this man-- did more than one show on him --DR PHIL was all about his ratings AGAIN -- I think this man has talent -- another Dr Phil success story !!! ?? I think not. Won*****ch the show EVER!!!

1158 days ago

Hidden Vagabond    

He is screwed on this case because even landlords and cond developers do these tricks to do sort of the same for the rest of North America and elsewhere.
Unless he is a top notch attorney, most figure there is no way to figure out the normal legal system and the USA can't even unscramble the IRA as another example of just too much for overegoed americanism and figureing they are number one while the nation itself is lot bummed right now at the moment. At least it isn't another credit crunch fiasco again.
Didn't the show give any financial help before he left and double checked his contracts for him just in case.
Astounded by this.

1158 days ago


y would someone do that to a homeless man. That judge should void that contract, and Ted should hire a lawyer for any contract.I feel bad for those ppl, God Bless Ted may those cruel idiots root in hell for what they did to him

1158 days ago


We all knew this would happen, Meredith Viera warned you. I saw her worry for Ted during the interviews she did with him. I guess the old saying "You live what you've learned" didn't apply to him.

1158 days ago


If I recall, his daughter was fighting with him because she was trying to help him manage his money.... but nooooooo, he was Mr. It's All Mine... and now that he's back to square one, I think he thinks the public is going to come to bail him out. Typical hobo mentality

1158 days ago


sounds like another classic american success story.

1158 days ago

chaz lane    

BS!! He was 'plagued' before he 'hit it big'...

1158 days ago
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