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Ted Williams

I've Been Financially Raped

8/19/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams has filed a lawsuit that will make you cry.

Williams -- the homeless guy who became famous for his voice of thunder -- claims when he hit it big earlier this year, he couldn't handle the pressure and was plagued with "significant drug and alcohol abuse" and was "totally incapable of understanding what was happening to him or handling [his] own affairs."

Williams got hooked up with Zev Suissa, Randy Thomas and Joe Cipriano -- also known as the defendants.  According to the lawsuit, the trio took Williams for a ride, knowing he was suffering from severe substance abuse.

The suit claims Suissa, Thomas and Cipriano got Williams to sign a "one-sided, onerous, burdensome, non-negotiated and blatantly unfair" deal that gives them a huge chunk of any money Williams makes. 

Williams now wants a judge to void the contract.

Short story ... sounds like he signed his life away.


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1127 days ago


That's f*cked up

1126 days ago


Of course those quick buck artists took advantage of him. He had a short shelf life, they cashed in and dumped him like a hot potato. Drugs, alcohol, mental illness and homelessness it all goes hand and hand and is heart breaking. If this guy does not want sobriety this is what he gets.

1125 days ago


This has to be a lawyer talking him into it. The biggest thing these gentleman I am sure offered MR. Williams was to go into the best rehab program available. This man chooses the streets over sobriety. He most likely can not stop, has mental illness , and will die in the streets. Money will only hasten his demise. I remember he had a few children maybe he should have given them the money he earned. That way they will not have a total negative view of him. I hope this poor guy gets some help with sobrity and drugs before it is to late.

1125 days ago


Do any of you think that his Manager Al Battle is Getto and don't know what he is doing? Maybe Mr Williams needs to look at suing Al Battle too!! Why would Mr Williams want to help a DumbASS like him anyway?

1112 days ago


So, what part did he not understand? The part where he woke up in a real bed which was in a real house or apartment? Or the part where he was told that in order to get the money (that would be handed to conniving mean people), he would have to get out of that bed and actually go to a place called "the job?" Just say homeless people who will not understand.

1100 days ago

Brad Baker    

"Lifes tough,it's tougher if you're stupid" - John Wayne

1092 days ago


Why would anyone have to shed a tear for this guy, he threw everything he made or had the chance of making in the toilet for his drugs.
Obviously his drugs were more important than life itself, when he's found living out on the streets he gets attention because his voice but he gets the royal treatment because he's black.
I don't remember seeing where Obama reached out to any of the thousands of homeless white people, and now that we're on the subject I don't see Obama reaching out to the thousands of unjustly persecuted white people that were targeted by the overzealous cops that had an ax to grind.
Mr. Williams has received extra special treatment above and beyond those that are out there still trying to work to get off the streets, those that aren't looking to shove their hand down your pockets to beg for what you have because we haven't given up on life even when life has given up on us. We don't receive our handouts, because we aren't begging on the street corner for your hard-earned money, we get ignored while we ask for the less intrusive hand up.
Since the majority of us aren't black it isn't something that concerns the President, we obviously belong on the streets because long ago and far away our relatives must have owned a slave or two, so it's time we felt the concrete every time we lay down to sleep.
We should bet cracked upside the head because the police got a bug up their ass and decide to take it out on whitey because Obama won't side with us against the oppressive law monger.
Ted Williams was born with his golden voice but used his need to beg for money to buy drugs as his way off the streets. One hundred dollars says he doesn't make it!!! Black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. only had to reach out and cry racism and just that one word changed the meaning of what happened that day. Why; because they had made a mistake in life and tried to live it down, no they had made a mistake in life and tried to go about correcting it by underhanded reverse discrimination and finding a man with enough power, and knows how to misuse it to better their life’s, ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK, not because what they did was right, ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK!!
For those of us still living on the streets that spend out days trying to find work, trying to get things done by approaching them on the correct side of the law, we don’t have a friend in the White House because to him we are still the wrong color and his brothers and sisters have much more of a struggle to overcome before he’ll publicly be seen helping a white man trying to get back on his feet, even if he chooses to get there by working and not begging! And he chooses to get there by standing up against the law when he knows he’s done nothing wrong!!
The hope for a white president that will treat everybody fairly is just as unobtainable as a black president since both as just as prejudice against other races, too bad!!

988 days ago


I have the lid of the garbage can open now someone pick him up and throw him in.... He is just wasting every ones time and space.... Loser.....

916 days ago
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