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West Memphis 3 Case

Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines

Arrive at Court for Support

8/19/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All three members of the West Memphis 3 arrived at the Craighead County Courthouse in Arkansas moments ago ... where at least TWO of the men are expected to be granted their release from prison.

Two huge celebrities have also arrived at the courthouse to support the men ... Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.

The WM3 -- comprised of Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin -- were found guilty of killing 3 boy scouts in 1993. Misskelley and Baldwin were sentenced to life in prison. Echols was sentenced to death.

The case became a cause célèbre over the years after new evidence surfaced ... raising serious doubts as to whether the WM3 actually killed the three young boys.

The WM3 had maintained their innocence for years ... but according to local reports, two of the men are expected to "admit guilt" during today's hearing in exchange for their freedom.

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No Avatar


Enough with these so called celebs...who can't do a thing about it anyway.

1163 days ago


What business is it of Natalie (porker)Maines and Eddie (hypocrite)Vedder. Huge celebrities TMZ? Maybe 20 years ago. Those two are nobodies now. Eddie used to say men who dated supermodels were shallow and he would never stoop so low as to date one. Guess who he had a baby with?

1163 days ago


I wonder how many more are sitting in our prison systems wasting their lives because they were the scapegoat of a system that demands justice. Or maybe there is a twist to this story and they really did do it.

1163 days ago


From the New York Times: "The deal being discussed would not technically result in a full exoneration; some of the convictions would stand, though the men would not admit guilt." Can Harvey Levin read? So now we have Associated Press, CNN, Reuters and The New York Times all reporting the same thing, but TMZ thinks that a TV Station in Memphis and a disgruntled step-parent/former suspect are better sources?

1163 days ago


Shame on you who make this more about celebrities then the people suffering for a crime they didnt committ. The people who are "famous" are simply standing up for what the beleive in, they too have rights to do that. As far as I am concerned I applaud the celebrities that take time to focus on real issues at hand and give some support for fellow human beings life.

1163 days ago


so the ****ie chicks think its ok to kill a few boy scouts as long as you keep saying we didnt do it much

1163 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Did not know Mark Zuckerberg wore glasses and was part of the WM3.

1163 days ago

Queen of the World    

P.S. - Natalie Maines is NOT a celebrity.
P.P.S. - and definitely not a huge celebrity. Well, except for her ass. And her head.

1163 days ago


I'm so glad that Natalie and Eddie are there to support these three innocent guys. I only wish Henry Rollins and Johnny Depp could be there too. I really don't think they are doing it for attention, they are doing it because of the cause they believe in. Anyone who has been following the case knows these guys didn't do it, and the evidence points to the one kids step dad. Hopefully after they are freed, they will go after the correct person. Even when/if they are let free, they can't just let the case go, they need to keep looking for the REAL murderer.

1163 days ago


Why should ANY of these 3 guys admit guilt of these horrible killings when they had nothing to do with it? Who should admit guilt is the real killer/s and the people who railroaded the WM3 and kept covering it up, especially that dirty JUDGE! I hope the WM3 get money for having their lives ruined and the people in power positions that kept them in prison for political the price dearly or get their own jail time.

1163 days ago


Just because two will admit guilt doesn't mean they are guilty When you are locked up you will do anything for freedom

1163 days ago

Erica Floyd    

It's about time they are getting out! Wasted them poor boys life just because they wore black. Lord the world is a dirty place...

1163 days ago


I wonder how the families of the 3 boyscouts murdered feel. I can't understand why celebrities or anyone for that matter would defend murders....Something is obviously in the water out in Hollywood, surrounding*t the whole leftist California for that matter..

1163 days ago


I am confused? If they are going to admit guilt of the killings then why in the hell are they being released?

1163 days ago


i really hope they don't plead guilt just to get out. I mean freedom for them would be fantastic but they should not have to admit to anything knowing they did not have anything to do with it!

1163 days ago
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