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WM3 Heads to DMV

We Want to DRIVE!!!

8/19/2011 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after the West Memphis 3 were released from prison -- two of the men went straight to the DMV to get their very first driver's licenses. As if they haven't suffered enough ...

Sources close to the guys tell TMZ ... Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin went right from court to a nearby Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles ... while Jessie Misskelley went home to spend some time with his family.

The guys should feel pretty comfortable at the DMV ... they're used to waiting around a long time for no reason.


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Anyone who thinks these men (then boys) tortured and killed those children, NEVER followed the trial or read any of the do***ents/evidence associated with "The Memphis Three" Celebrities didn't get them out of jail. Actors/Musicians/Writers/Directors supported and funded them, and brought their story to the forefront where it belongs. There are millions of people out there who have never heard about this case and that is a shame. After they get their ID's or Licenses, they need to sit down with every reporter they can, make a bunch of money and get the hell out of Arkansas. The cops need to get off their butts and find the REAL Adult killer who murdered those three young children. Of course if they didn't care 18 yrs ago, they probably still don't care.

1158 days ago


Did TMZ seriously just edit the word D-O-*****-E-N-T-S ??? LMAO!!!

1158 days ago


Actually the news here in Arkansas/Memphis said they went there to get ID. They now are in Memphis. Damien first request was for fresh fruit and vegetables.

1158 days ago

what a beautiful day     

how about the boys that they murdered would of love to drive and enjoy life too.
sorry, life for a life. they should still be behind bars.

1158 days ago


These guys are innocent!! Most of you people sound as ignorant as the back woods people that wrongly convicted them in the first place. DNA of one of the boys stepfather along with the stepfathers buddy was found in the ties that bound these poor little boys...Learn the case, then make an educated comment!

1158 days ago


I'm so glad they finally got released. These guys were totally railroaded. I wish them the best of luck.

1158 days ago


First of all people, they were known as "The West Memphis 3" and the killings took place in West Memphis Arkansas, not Tennessee. If you don't even know that, than how much could you really know about the rest of the case?

They weren't given a fair trial, and this would have been the best chance for them to finally get out. After 18 years in prison, you'd be ready to get out too.

I'm just glad to see these men finally be let out of jail, even though it is a shame that the state is screwing them over so badly. I wish them the best of luck.

1158 days ago

St Murphy    

oh and idk about arkansas but in my state you need to apply for a learners permit first NOT A LICENSE since any they might have had expired LONG ago..real accurate reporting!

1158 days ago


Okay, then. Seems like dressing in black and listening to metal were the ONLY things getting these dudes convicted.

1158 days ago


They went and got state issue picture id's so they can board an airplane and leave that area. It's that simple. These guys have been through enou. Get your facts right.

1158 days ago


I love reading all the 'MURDERER!' comments. Are you all too ignorant to understand THERE WAS NO DNA LINKING THESE 3 TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME!? These poor guys were zeroed in because of a bunch of uneducated hicks wanted quick justice in a pathetic witch hunt. Just shut up and go research the case before you put your $.02 in.

1158 days ago


I really hope they're planning on getting the hell away from Arkansas in case they get imprisoned again for a crime they didn't commit. Best of luck to Damien and Lorrie!

1158 days ago


These three did *NOT* admit guilt at all. They accepted an Alford Plea, which allows them to maintain their innocence, not admit any guilt whatsoever, but rather acknowledge that the prosecution likely had enough evidence for them to be found guilty. And if you listened to the press conference or read any of the news accounts you would see that they were forced to accept the Alford Plea if they wanted to be released. That was part of the agreement for their release. Now, lets get real here you honestly believe the state would, after already having secured convictions allowed these men to walk free if they honestly thought they would be able to reconvict. NO WAY! They knew, after the Supreme Court granted these three men a new trial based on new DNA evidence, that there was no way they were going to convict them again. The coerced confession that they got from Jessie Misskelley was not even used in the first trial because of the glaring and numerous inconsistencies between his confession and the actual crime/crime scene. I truly believe these men are innocent and I am so happy to see them walk free today.

1158 days ago


I hope someone can teach them the best way to text and drive responsibly.

1157 days ago

Kellie Knight    

Who claims they are GUILTY? Murders! Rot in hell M3 and Eddie V.

1157 days ago
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