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WM3 Heads to DMV

We Want to DRIVE!!!

8/19/2011 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after the West Memphis 3 were released from prison -- two of the men went straight to the DMV to get their very first driver's licenses. As if they haven't suffered enough ...

Sources close to the guys tell TMZ ... Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin went right from court to a nearby Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles ... while Jessie Misskelley went home to spend some time with his family.

The guys should feel pretty comfortable at the DMV ... they're used to waiting around a long time for no reason.


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I didn't know about this story so I looked into it, and I'm watching the do***entary the Lost boys.The only one I feel sorry for is Jessie, he looks like he doesn't understand what is going on.The other 2 are guilty as hell, what the hell is this plea all about? you re sentenced to death, sentence should be applied or overturned in life without parole. I feel for those poor children, what happened was horrific, rest in peace.

1097 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I hope they find a way to sue, since it's obvious they were highly pressured into a confession of guilt to avoid another trial where they would have won and became millionaires!

1097 days ago


I have lived in arkansas since 1977 and it sickens me that they were innocent victims to a modern day witch hunt in '93. move out of this state and live your lives. get the help you need to adjust to everything that is being thrown at you. All of you stick together and don't ever stop the fight to clear your names. it broke my hear*****ching all of you and your release. you are free! but there is still a killer on the lose. don't ever give up your fight. bless all you and your families, the victims families, your legal team, everyone who has stood beside you. don't listen to the haters. they are as ignorant as the state who put behind bars.i will continue to keep up with so i will know what i can continue to do to help you. but please, please,please be very careful with your freedom. love all you.

1097 days ago

WM3 Fan     

Sammy.... Read the evidence in the case and you would not be so quick to judge these guys. There was NO evidence linking them to the crime. Only panic and prejudice and the cohesion of a mentally challenged kid. That's it. If you want to point fingers at anyone in the murder of these beautiful young boys then you should be pointing to families and relatives of the victims.. there is way more evidence supporting that these boys were killed by relatives and friends of the family. Learn up before you judge.

1097 days ago


Its about freakin time...I'm from Ark and its the common consensus that these guys are innocent. I hope they know how much support they have and aren't afraid to walk they DESERVE..if you want to b!tch about a child killer look up Casey Anthony.

1097 days ago


The story of these guys is incredible. Thank God for DNA and its ability to not only prove involvement in crimes, but it can also clear the innocent. These men never should have gone to prison, and I hope the crooked cops & prosecutors who put them there suffer for what they did. Karma's a real bi.tch.

1097 days ago


If you were ever innocent why in the world would you plead guilty and admit to murdering 3 boys..If they are 'innocent', they should have kept saying they were innocent and plead not guilty... 18 years was not enough..What is wrong with the freaking justice system?? First Casey Anthony, now the Memphis 3..Now people are going to think OJ was innocent. The 3 boys that these people murdered cannot come back. I hope that The Boys are resting in peace, they did not get justice..Justice would be for the Memphis 3 to spend 3 life sentences in prison...They will screw up and end up back in prison, just like OJ did... Now other murders are going to think that they can plead guilty of murder, get time served and set free..

1097 days ago


do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent do***ent....sorry but the editing of this word was too funny. And for anybody who's asking why they pleaded guilty if they're innocent: Let's see you spend some time in jail for a crime you DIDN'T commit and watch how quickly you'll wanna get the hell out of that prison.

1096 days ago


DUH!!!! They have been in prison since they were kids....18 yrs. they would have no form of identification. so of course they would go to buy ID cards? why make a big deal out of nothing??

1096 days ago


They headed to the DMV for one get an official state ID card so they can fly! Can't get on an airplane without ID and can't fly to NY or LA for major network interviews without one! I worked for the Louisiana DMV and the same thing happened when Wilbert Rideau was released from Angola. Had to get ID to go to NYC!

1096 days ago


These guys have lost so much..... and never sold each other out...not even for a day. Tells you alot about how innocent they really are and have been. Godspeed guys...take it slow and welcome back.

1096 days ago

tyrell chi-city    

I'm not so sure Misskelly was "retarded". He defintiely wasn't smart, but before he took his IQ test his lawyer flat out told him the worse he does on the test the better for his case. He also confessed to the crimes at other times while udner no duress whatsoever from police. I agree the case against them was not strong enough to convict and they should not have been charged, but I'm not sure why celebs like Depp and Vedder feel comfortable enough to hang out with these three when they very well could be the killers.

1096 days ago

Bill Leslie    

"no reason"!!! - really! They pled guilty to murdering those 3 young boys. B@stards are getting away with murder.

1096 days ago

Vicarious one    

look at the evidence in this case, go beyound the hype and you will see there is no way these 3 killed those kids. The spot Were the bodies were found, was probably not the main crime scene were the murders took place, it was a dumping ground. How did they get the victims from point A, place of initial contact to point B, place were crime was commited, and then to point C, the dumping ground. And how did they do this without leaving a trail of evidence. There was never any evidence found what so ever, to prove they had any criminal contact with the victims. They were simply goofy, strange looking kids who became the victims of a modern day witchhunt. It is shocking that you can be wrongfully accused, and put in prison for life with no evidence against you. It is even more shocking that they can know you are innocent years after the fact when you are rotting in prison, but still will not release you until you sign a paper erroneously admitting guilt so you can not sue them.

1095 days ago


i never believed they did it..the stepdad of 1 of the boys had his teeth pulled after evidence showed teeth bite marks on the bodies after the three were convicted but it never came out til later..evidence was tampered with.. also what happened to the mother of boy stepdad was married to?? i think she found out the REAL truth and he did her in.. stepdad did it..these boys were convicted for being misfits and being different..i was surprised at the job the police did and that the jury found them guilty to begin with~~~~glad they are free

1095 days ago
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