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Kim Kardashian

1st Glimpse on Her Wedding Day

8/20/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian made a brief appearance outside her hotel this afternoon -- talking to sister Kourtney as she gets ready to walk down the aisle.

It's nice they were able to share an intimate moment before things get crazy.



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Watching this show is as entertaining as a va***m cleaner commercial. I've never seen such a waste of entertainment time as this plastic mother and daughters prancing around talking about nothing.

1138 days ago

julianne rose    

thats great she got married but i think it shouldn't be the be all end all. kim is getting alittle tiring. Overexposure isn't a good thing give us alittle break.

1138 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Cameras. Of course.

1137 days ago



1137 days ago


Just another Pari******on...famous for what? Useless people with money.

1137 days ago


The best thing to do is to stop talking about her, stop giving her time on news channels on entertainment channels. Just to stop talking about her and she'll go away. She has no value to anyone but to herself. She has no value to anyone..Only to herself. Stop watching the shows, stop with her. Stop broadcasting her all over Gods creation. She is no one to every man.

1137 days ago


THe only way to stop this lunacy is to stop broadcasting her or any of the clan anymore. Stop watching the show, stop giving them air time. She has no value to you or me. She has value to herself. She is nothing to every man. This needs to end. So please there should be a petition to stop this continual bombing of our airwaves with this clan. No more, please. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there they are. Enough. Stop feeding this TMZ, stop feeding this Entertainment Tonight. Just Stop

1137 days ago


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1137 days ago


Bet Paris is seething! Haha.......two whores that hate each other. I thought Paris and Lindsey were BFF's. Then Lindsey goes to the wedding. What a little turncoat. They are all such dirtbags! Yuk. One is more disgusting then the other!

1137 days ago


I feel sorry for Kris Humphries, his family didn't teach him to beware of Cathouse women. He's such an innocent, gullible mouse. Now he's being strung and dangled as a marrionette in the main show at the BunnyRanch. Pray for the kid!

1137 days ago

cheryl morales    

best of luck kim & kris. Hope you have many years of happiness. Just remember never go to bed mad at each, alway talk things out and you will have a happy marriage. I just had my 27th anniversary on august 18th. and that is something that my husband and i never do is go to bed mad at each other, we always talk to each other.It always works. Good luck and many years.

1137 days ago


Move on, read some real news people. The history books will say jack sheeit about this beeyatch..

1137 days ago


I think you all are wonderful,the love,the drama,its very real. But the USA is in the worst finicial state ever. Americans who where considered low to middle class are loosing everything,even with college educations behind them. to spend that amount of money right now makes the real people who watch you sick. as we eat mac and cheese and hope we can find enough money to buy school clothes for our kids at khols. call me a hater. im not,I am a huge is not about money. There are so many things of course to splurge on......but the over the top **** a slap to people who are loosing everything. you lost alot of fans who not just thought you are beautiful but also thought you had some common sense. now you just seem self centered, selfish. I have seen you give once, to a dog that i believe you had put down.volunteer, more charities and not just local or just for you to be seen. you earn your money but so do everyone else. we love your sisters they remain real and scott. scott is true real funny kind and makes it on his own good or bad. everyone fights cant blame him. leave scott alone. your name and money could create jobs. build something be a female Trump. bussiness that benefits more than your clothes line. make a bigger mark in life. earn the respect.earn the good deeds.

1137 days ago

rick flicka    

is it just me or do the sisters look like HAMMERED **** in that pic?

1137 days ago


Laughing my ASS off at these classic comments - bet Kim wishes she could!!!

1134 days ago
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