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Kim Kardashian

1st Glimpse on Her Wedding Day

8/20/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian made a brief appearance outside her hotel this afternoon -- talking to sister Kourtney as she gets ready to walk down the aisle.

It's nice they were able to share an intimate moment before things get crazy.



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is this the end of the reality show i hope so who cares they are so unclassy and no talent money hos

1123 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

100% fake. All of it. Very irritating how society has fallen. This is so fake, I feel like my implants are real. And I don't even have implants. :)

1123 days ago


I'm sorry what do they do again...oh yes...Mummy distributed a sex tape and then set up contracts with any brand for endorsements. Yet another fine example for our teenagers. How the media can make you famous with zero talent and no contribution to anything worth while. The sell every element of their life, depth of character - 0 - this guy she is marrying is only 26, he has a lot to learn unfortunately in front of the world.

1123 days ago


Sounds like there are a bunch of haters on here geez.... this show and the girls are fn hilarious :)

1123 days ago


funny, after years of taking on full blown knegroes, filthy kim settles for "negrolite­"

1123 days ago


enough with this no talent family, kardashian's are whats wrong with america - idolizing a family that has absolutely no talent, makes porno's (Kim vs RJ) pretty classy & what talents does this family have? Scott is white trash, Mr. K must be rolling over - seeing what a farse this family has become - especially the phony mom - now aparently letting the two young ones tag along in this farse. Bruce run away, you won 7 golds & this crap you put up with regarding these phonies that just marry athletes - Bruce you & The Donald have the same hair - Your Fired!

1123 days ago


Any bets on how long this marriage will last? Hope the guy has lot's of money and a pre nup!

1123 days ago


A Hollywood Trash Fest. Only dirt bags, drug addicts, liars and thieves welcome. Lindsey & Dina Lohan..omg..disgusting!!!
The Kardashians are such pigs. Bruce Jenner is the only one with an ounce of class. The rest can go jump their fat asses in a river! See you at your divorce Kim!

1123 days ago


It is sad that even on her wedding day she is pimping this sacred committment for money. It is sad how distorted they have become. I hope it is for real and not her obsession to be married. I doubt this will last but she will be rich and her Mother will continue to exploit all her children for money.

1123 days ago


All the negative comments are just from all of you jealous people. Jealous of her looks, money, fame, the list goes on. if you could care less like you claim, why the hell are you on tmz lookin at celebrities? yall are just a bunch of green faced hypocrites.

1123 days ago


I am happy for her, hope she has a wonderful life an family ahead for the future, best wishes Kim Elissa In CA<3

1123 days ago


i just feel like shes not really that in love with this guy and hes not in love with her either for one thing nobody even knows who this guy was until he started dating KIM and i feel like she is tired of dating and he came along at the right time he knows he wasnt relevant so he found somebody to make him relevant i didnt even know he played in the NBA and lot of plp have never seen this guy before this is all for publicity thats my take on things

1123 days ago


These chicks look beatttt.dead tired,melting plastic.

1123 days ago


With all the **** that's happening in the world.. this is the bull**** shotty media companies report about. If anybody gives a **** about this wedding or these people you're living in a fantasy world just as much as these self entitled losers that are trying to put on this media show.

1123 days ago


Sorry but this kind of pathetic and a strong symptom as to what is wrong with our society. If you wonder where the losers come from that worship Michael Jackson, all you have to do is watch TMZ enable and create hoopla for the lame and loser masses who have nothing better to do than worship a no talent dwarf who in addition to making sex tapes, has ....ahem no talent whats so ever.

When the rest of loser America watchers Kim and her family become rich and famous, they think "I could do that too". I have no talents, so I can be reach as well", next no one tries very hard to do anything in life.....hence our current loser nation

1123 days ago
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