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One Step Closer to the Pole

8/20/2011 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom was the featured attraction at Playhouse Gentlemen's Club in Hollywood, FL last night -- but she wasn't there to take it off ... she was there to promote her celebrity boxing match.

Octo was in the house with Damon Feldman (seen above), the guy who puts on "Big Bang Celebrity Boxing" ... and Cassandra Anderson, her opponent for tonight's fight (seen below).

A girl's gotta earn a buck, right?


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Woo! You scare me there for a moment TMZ. LOL I thought as I was reading through that she was now swinging poles for a living. Not that I would care, the girl got to make a living, got to earn some resources for her family. A mom gotta do what she gotta do. It's either that or back to being a burden on taxpayers again and we can't have that, now can we?

Heck, I'm so proud of Nadya. She's doing something she likes and making big money in the process. Hey, by this time next year Kate Gosselin will be doing whatever she has to, too to make ends meat since her show has been cancel and to hear her tell it on twitter. She's never going back to work again, she wants a job on TV or in the media to make fast quick bucks and with that big oversize mansion, private school the 8 are in, not to mention the large amount of bills she has to pay every month. Trust me, Nadya won't be alone. :)

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1124 days ago


She's generating income, what's wrong with that? You people always complaining about this woman. All she doing is play boxing and earning money for her family and you all are making a big deal out of it like it's a bad thing. You don't want her on food stamps, you don't want her on disability and you don't want her exploiting her kids. We'll she's not doing any of that, she's out earning a living on her own and not taking handouts.

How is Nadya going to pay her bills and feed her kids if she just stay home all day doing nothing bu*****ching her kids and not making money? The way some of you all act, you think she was out there selling her body for sex or knocking over a bank. Gees, I can see if she was putting the money up her nose, or out there partying, drinking and getting high on drugs and neglecting her kids. But that's totaly not the case. SHE'S MAKING MONEY FOR HER FAMILY!

1124 days ago


bu*****ching her kids. UGH! TMZ watch censor the word "bu*****ching"?

1124 days ago

don juan    

the chick on the left looks pretty hot

1124 days ago

Snow White    

Smart move by the promoter to put this match in a strip club. At least the room will look more crowded than the last disappointing turn out.

Octo will be spinning on a pole soon enough.

Can you imagine the teasing her kids are going to get from their school mates about that top picture? Back to school isn't going to be pretty for them.

1124 days ago


Ha, if octomom gets smacked in the lips and they swell up, no one will even notice! I'd call her a pig but I really don't want to insult pigs.

1124 days ago



You're Right, why doesn't Nadya go out and apply for (in your words) "a normal regular paying job"? It's about time she gets a real job.

1124 days ago


Fugly Octoho is right at home in a strip club. It was, after all, one of her previous jobs. I wouldn't put it past her to offer to take on some of those "full friction" lap dances the club offers it's customers.

She fits right in with Gina's porn stable. A sequel to the hanky spanky video is only a matter of time.

1124 days ago


Word just in: OCTOMOM lost the match! Don't know what the turnout was but probably not enough to pay for the venue! so much for her national tour!

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1124 days ago


well, TeamNadya, when Suleman appeared on Oprah to discuss her money problems, she forgot to mention the little video that was coming out the following week. So, it's ok for a mother to try and generate money by whipping a grown man in a diaper, in her own home, using the kids toys as props? According to Octomom she was cheated out the money for that video...kind of like she cheated the good people of CA stamps. SSI checks, a massive hospital bill. Octomom is close to living on the streets, but she had the money for lips, breasts, nails, fake eyelashes, cheeks, tattoos,yeah right, everything is for the kids.What a joke. So, Team Nayda, just what have you done to help the kids??? Sending money????

1124 days ago


bitch u are a mother cut tht **** out u should o did tht b4 u opened yo legs

1124 days ago


Just wondering...has anyone seen pictures of Jonah and his fixed cleft lip yet? I haven't seen any yet.

1124 days ago


My thing is the opposing gal looks like a scrapper. The way Octonotamama is holding her fist. she will break her own hand before hurting someone else. The gal does not know how to fight it is as plain as the lips on her face. the other gal has proper stance and fist closure. I hope she knocks the **** out of Octonotamama

1124 days ago
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