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"Real Housewives"?

8/20/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death of Russell Armstrong has put the spotlight on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and reality TV. Is it just plain ol' entertainment or has it crossed the line into the danger zone? We want to know ...


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Cancel it.

1104 days ago


Still no proof he hit her or she would have gone to the cops. She was beaten that badly and she was only gone for 3 weeks it would take months to heal. I still think this was a Bravo PR stunt gone wrong. Now Bravo has to cover up.

1104 days ago

janis pasiecnik    

these women on real housewivies use to be more fun to watch but, lately these grown women seem like its more like new jersey shores. in the beginning things like jill playing tennis with simon against ramona and mario was funny. innocent fun. now its like a on going cat fight. just back stabing each other. what happened to the light hearted fun of the show? the fashion shows they would go to, the events that they would go to and , just the way they lived their lives? all different . bring us awareness about new york and things they raised money for. they need to get back to reality .

1104 days ago


At least one of these is supposed to be the injury Taylor received? Injured, healed within 2 weeks with no physical evidence on camera?

1. the smashed eye socket
2. the dislocated jaw
3. the broken cheekbone

No matter how good the Dr is, they CANNOT make the body heal faster than it is physiologically possible.

1104 days ago


HEY TMZ .. you missed a question. "Are people who watch this crap mindless idiots without a life?' yes/no.

Of course, 100% the answer is yes.

1104 days ago


It's stupid that everyone is blaming "reality tv" for this guys death. They said there is a book coming out that says Russell had gay affairs and he was terrified of the book coming out. BOOK, *not* TELEVISION. Not to mention the fact that Russell could have refused to come back for the second season, or refused to the do the show in the very beginning, he already knew his finances were a mess then, he filed bankruptcy a couple years ago and listed his assets at only $50,000 dollars. This man had many demons that could have led to his death. Not to mention, the more people there are in reality tv, the more it's likely one of those people WILL commit suicide, law of averages and such...
It's sad that so many jumped on the "it's reality TV's fault!" and just proves that you can influence many dumb people by a couple of well-placed opinion reports.

1104 days ago


Taylor recently filed divorce. Not a single mention of abuse in those papers. Camille gets only threatening e-mail same time as Kelsey's e-mail was hacked and the Camille smells like beef jerky e-mail was made public. Sounds like Camille needs to be investigated maybe? Seems like she's the common thread in these 2 closely related e-mail incidents.

Harvey's been duped (or at least tried to dupe us)in the past with so-called genuine photos. Do more investigation, Harvey. Russell is dead. He can't speak for himself.

1104 days ago

Nina Girl    

There are a lot of unanswered questions. Who was writing the famous "tell all book on Russell"? Why would Bravo order the cast to stay quiet? Why Bravo did not report the abuse? Why a doctor would not report the abuse either if he had to perform surgery? Camille receiving a e-mail from Russell? We will not get answers but I hope that they investigate it, because at the end 3 children are without a father.

1104 days ago


Scrap ALL "Wives" reality shows, include Housewives of, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, Wrestling Wives, Sister Wives and any other show with the name "Wives" in it.

1104 days ago


suicide is a cowardly, selfish action and no one is to blame except the person who killed themselves!

1104 days ago


Taylor and Russell are at fault for trying to present themselves as someone they are not.
They both lost all creditability going into the show. Edit the fraudsters out.

1104 days ago


everyone is responsible for their own actions

1104 days ago


This guy was a pauzzze who had his own issues and why do you keep calling something "Reality" when it's fake and scripted? Until they start shooting, stabbing and decapitating many of these worthless people on TV, again all this is fake and not reality.

1104 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It's a "Reality show" and that is what they got. It's not pretty but why shouldn't they ever mention the guy again? Some times in "real life" people do terrible things.

1104 days ago


Prediction: The show will go on. Taylor will continue playing the victim as she always has. I have to blame myself for watching this sh*t.

1104 days ago
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