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What Would You Do With

"Real Housewives"?

8/20/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death of Russell Armstrong has put the spotlight on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and reality TV. Is it just plain ol' entertainment or has it crossed the line into the danger zone? We want to know ...


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Harvey/TMZ, you all are SOOO full of it.

A poll? Really? People talk about how tacky the housewives shows are but you guys are conducting a poll? And what's with the "should they have allowed an abuser on the cast" question? Are you referring to that waste of space Camille and her shallow emotional verbal abuse inflicted by herself and her friends? Are you referring to the constant abuse Nene's ex-hubby Greg suffered the entire last season? Oh no, you must be referring to the majority of the cast from the Jersey housewives and their terror rein against the one they didn't like to the point where her extensions were pulled out on TV and they called her a "prostitution whore". Yeah, i'm sure thats what you meant.

Period point blank, no one knows what went on between them except her and Russell. I find it suspect that all these press leaks are about how "dangerous" Russell was and how he was oh so mean to Taylor and how cast mates were comforting her (which most of them honestly sound like leaks from the one whose name rhymes with fire marshall bill). The fact that HE was staying in a friends house and wasn't found for 24 hours, and when he was found was by his ex, a camera crew and her "assistant" (for what? she does not work!!) says a lot. His entire life was ruined because he made the fatal error of indulging his wife and allowing this show and crew to exploit him and even in death portray him as a villain. If his character is getting all this slander in death where he can't defend himself nor is there anything concrete to prove the claims, I can only imagine how things would be if he were still living among us. Your a part of the problem TMZ, not the solution. Hey, why not do some digging on Taylor's background and motives for a change?

1159 days ago

Renegade Talk    

Listen to what we have to say about this. Richie Marla and Mark

1159 days ago

Renegade Talk    

Since it is REALITY TV why not show the REALITY of what HAPPENED --The Funeral of Russell, why not, if a BABY was Born wouldn't they show that. You Tell Us. Renegade Talk dot fm

1159 days ago


Yeah, lets just continue to do what has been done...hide abuse! Show it, make people more aware that it does go on and it doesn't discriminate. They signed up for this show, they are both or were both adults that could have made a decision anytime to one not sign up or two back out. Stop making excuses and blaming the show.

1159 days ago


they all look like trans sexuals to me

1159 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

The (bottle) blonde women (?) in that picture scare the hell out of me! Yikes!

1159 days ago

lost grrl    

#1 TV producers DO NOT have a responsibility to adults, especially when they know very clearly (because there were several other casts before) what they are getting into

#2 This is how scientific the poll was...more people said they would do the show for $50K than for $1M

1159 days ago


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1158 days ago


I think Ashleigh should be removed from the Real Housewives of New Jersey before something happens to her. The negative comments (which she deserves) can have a devastateing effect on such a young girl. Bravo and her mother should know better!

1158 days ago


How did the Maloof’s get involved in this dysfunctional trash fest?

1158 days ago


Wouldn't it be more irresponsible of a "Reality" show to not show the abuse that clearly affects all types of people, we show poor people being abused and abusing each other on shows all the time, but when its an affluant couple its not okay to show and teach the public about "Reality", there is ABUSE EVERYWHERE, get to know it, acknowledge it, talk about it, is the only way we get to fix it!!!

1158 days ago


**** all that ****.

1158 days ago

lil stick figure    

If the rest of the cast would follow his lead it would be a good thing and we will be rid of these bitches who married well. And I mean all to from Orange county to where ever the hell else this show has been..I don'*****ch and any one who does has an IQ of 5. Stop making these ******* famous

1158 days ago

nick T    


1158 days ago

Marla B    

Since it is REALITY TV why not show the REALITY of what HAPPEN --The Funeral of Russell, why not, if a BABY was Born wouldn't they show that. You Tell Us.
Renegade Talk Listen

1158 days ago
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