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Kim Kardashian

The Wedding Dress Photo

8/21/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a big moment of any wedding -- the bride being walked down the aisle -- and here's the first photo of that moment from the big Kim Kardashian wedding ... shot from thousands of feet in the air and through a tent.

It doesn't get more romantic than that.


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1094 days ago

mary jo     

She could serve whatever she wanted she nor the groom were picking up the tab for this wedding. Plus you can tell this is another set up wedding for the Kardashians.
Anybody that is in Love does not want this much attention, they are not royalty they are trash
The mother is a celebrity whore chaser along with her daughters I really do not think these people know what love is. Have you ever watched there show and the way they talk to the mother. They would have gotten a back hand from me. This is a pure scam for publicity.

1094 days ago


Just wait for the babies - she is barely 5 ft. and he is almost 7 ft. - yikes - she looks like a midget standing beside him and literally fits in the palm of his hand. He has huge creepy hands.

1094 days ago


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1094 days ago


with everything going on in the world,this is what was to make everybodies day. I wanted to pull out my nails one by one, but i could not find any pliers.

1094 days ago

Rosa G.    

can Kim get any more tan just for everyone to see her through that tent, cuz TMZ done a better job getting the photo, and smart too lmao!
I'd give their marriage 5 months to last before they divorce

1094 days ago

Paula Suasa    

Baffled as to why the dress hasn't been shown yet....oh well guess it's not as big of deal as they make it out to be. My favorite celebrity dress is Ivanka it.

1094 days ago


I am so over it.....who cares

1094 days ago


obviously you people are interested if you are viewing this photo and took time out of your day to post....if you dont like her and/or dont care then why bother searching this photo, looking at this photo and then commenting on this photo?? and who cares how they got rich, they're rich and thats probably all that matters, if you could get rich easily im pretty sure anyone would. She also has a shoe line with Shoedazzle, clothing lines with various companies like Sears and Bebe, multiple perfumes, a song, a book with another on the way, various clothing stores called Dash, and a reality show (a few actually) that people must be watching or it wouldn't be on air. even though she has assistants, juggling all those jobs would be tiring and they are real jobs. and the problem with the world isnt people like this, its people who continue to cut down others and think it is alright.

1093 days ago


Wow, there are over 2,000 people who couldn't care less posted on here already, hahaha. For all of you ppl that DON'T care, I have a msg-First of all, I know ppl are starving, homeless, etc., but they aren't memebers of my family, so if I have a ton of money that I don't know what to do with I'll figure something out, we can use it for something, I'm sure. Second of all, It's absolutely none of your business what color some girl you don't even know wears for her wedding dress. For the 100 or so ppl who couldn't care less, you really shouldn't care less if she wears a bright red and purple striped dress with green flip-flops and a pink baseball cap. I mean, you don't CARE, right? Or do you care? I mean, you say you don't...and then bitch about it. Get a life, HYPOCRITES. I actually do care, and I'll admit it. I love to see how the rich truly ARE different! Some of you may know that was a title of a book-but then again you would have had to have READ a book to remember it.

1093 days ago


When you can't give them what they want give them a piece of s**t. C'mon TMZ is that the best you guys can do?

1092 days ago


did you know that in the august issue of Cosmo Kim Kardashian says a dumb and obvious lie. In the cosmo quiz it has a question that states "youd be surprised I never..." her answer was, NEVER gone #2 or passed gas! Now I know this isnt wow info,but come on was that staetment actually necessary,its obviously a COMPLETE LIE,every one even celebritys and reality show celebritys gotta do it KIM,its only natural! WHAT A DUMMY!

1092 days ago


I am so sick of these Kardashians making so much money. For what? just because daddy was a bigtime lawyer on the O.J Simpson case? big deal. We would never have even heard of them or their father if not for that Simpson trial. And yes, I do get angered because of the greed of money,and how they flaunt all the pleasures of life and then some in front of almost the entire U.S.A that struggle everyday, just to smile and go on. Yep, we all make are own choices in life, but not everyone has/had a rich daddy or an olympic gold medalist to help them out and get them everything and everywhere they desire, it is disgusting!!!!Why the hell do these people get so much money? WHY?

1092 days ago


Nice wedding but how can you compare to the Royal wedding Kim did not become a princess. It was just a very expensive commoner wedding.

1091 days ago


The Southern belle-style Kim Kardashian Sleeveless Dress was the centrepiece for when Kim and Kroy exchanged nuptials. Kim bought the hand-made Baracci Beverly Hills creation from website after falling in love with the used frock online.The over-the-top number was covered in Swarovski crystals, pearls, beads and embroidered lace, while the fabric was 100 percent Duchess Satin.

859 days ago
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