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Kim Kardashian

The Wedding Dress Photo

8/21/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a big moment of any wedding -- the bride being walked down the aisle -- and here's the first photo of that moment from the big Kim Kardashian wedding ... shot from thousands of feet in the air and through a tent.

It doesn't get more romantic than that.


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No more than 2 years!!

1098 days ago


When are we ever going to hear about the Kardashian's doing charity projects or is it always just going to always be about them? I've never ever heard about any of them doing anything for anyone but themselves. That's just bad karma in the end. All that money and they just hoard it to themselves.

1098 days ago


All that money for security, and at the end, their pictures are revealed because of a transparent tent, hilarious.

1098 days ago


Soooooo glad its over

1098 days ago


TMZ how much did you pay ffor this photo???

1098 days ago


If he thinks he found his special one and his soul-mate then he's an idiot.

She just needs to get that white (HA!) dress off before her ex's show up and start peeing on her again.

1098 days ago


Even through the tent you can see the fumes rising from under the dress.

1098 days ago


Wow. All that money when most of the world is scraping by and cutting back. Can't wait to see what she does for her third wedding since this is number 2.

1098 days ago


Well, TMZ is now just all about getting hits. It used to be edgy, with many reports on TMZ- STARS..not shmucks like this broad. When Harvey talked about the 8mil hits that Jersey Shore gets, i guess, in simple terms, Kim brings the 'hits', and his advertising rates go up, meaning more money his pocket.
I think i'll start an "FMZ" FivethousandMileZone..and just put up Kim's name and some photos, some ads..and make some money. lol
I guess, where Harvey gets it done, we just sit and bitch about how poor we all are. :)

1098 days ago


Wow, photo taken from 'thousands of feet in the air and through a very thick tent' no less, to come up with this? Maybe, it's the Old Navy model. How's that 20 million lawsuite going, if going?

1098 days ago


sad and pathetic that she cant even be low key on her wedding day and has to turn it into some big over the top event. i hope the divorce has as much fanfare!

1098 days ago


LOL: ought to piss off mama that someone was able to get this shot and it's out there for the world to see. Guess there is no need to tune into the two part series of the wedding this fall, now that we know wht the dress looks like. What a 'tule!'

1098 days ago


Divorce in less than a year. Bank on it. Can we go back to our lives now? Stop with this crap! NOT America's royal wedding...Revolution time!

1098 days ago


. . are we going to have all this Kim K wedding crap crammed down our throats for days on end? I can't believe the world has become so stupid as to fall for all these reality tv, fame seeking people. You people realize she is making MILLIONS from all this BS? For what reason? She is making close to 20 million dollars from the wedding alone! All because people follow these 'reality' idiots.

1098 days ago


All you people are just so jealous! the envy you express is unbelievable and very childish. like it or not... they are our celebrities... they are rich.. they work for everything they have and get. promoters give them things... that is what promoters do. it gets the product out there.... get over it. everyone has the opportunity in their lives to become something ... its up to you to do it... if you choose not to... than you have no one but yourselves to blame for not succeeding. just wish them well and be done with it.

1098 days ago
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