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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries


8/21/2011 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian emerged from their Montecito hotel this afternoon, their first time being spotted as husband and wife.

And certainly not the last.


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fortune cookie    

Aww, they hired The Situation for security. Gotta keep the reality stars workin'.


1121 days ago


WOW they are still together? The way I see it he is now intiltled to half of the 18 Mil made on the wedding. 9 mil not a bad days work for Kris, if they divorce tomorrow thats what he will get. 50% of what was made during the marraige. I will take that payday.

1121 days ago


Yeah, and he's already got that 'oh ****, what did I just do' look.

1121 days ago


Bet they didn't even have sex last night as she was probably getting ready for her next publicity stunt with her Mom on hand and the husband was probably playing poker I mean checkers with his buds in another hotel room on another floor.

1121 days ago


Why so far apart? I give it 18 months...tops.

1121 days ago

bobby stoney    

who cares about kim they wont last cause she a hoe n cant wait ayear or more to get married its all bs and just to promote there stuiped show BOYCOT THERE SHOW DON*****CH

1121 days ago


Paige: 4 minutes ago

Bet they didn't even have sex last night as she was probably getting ready for her next publicity stunt with her Mom on hand......
LOL....that's the same thing I was thinking. I believe this was an arranged marriage set up by her mom anyway. All Kim wanted was that fairy tale wedding not the marriage part. LMAO.

Anyone can look at these two and see they aren't a match for each other. Kris(hubby) won't have any say so in this marriage....trust me.

1121 days ago


is that their divorce lawyer in the bottom of the picture?

1121 days ago


Where is the new SEX TAPE?

1121 days ago

george fudge!    

He is already walking 5 steps behind her, just like the whipped NBA player that he is now. The Slam Dunk sex tape will have to wait.

1121 days ago


Most people that live in Santa Barbara or Montecito, do see very often, people who have "celeberties" status who live here/ or visit.. They are left alone and life goes on.

Now, this may sound like a very small detail to most but to others, it was not. The CHP shut down the roadway that the estate was on. That road itself is about 2-3 blocks long. This road does not have public sidewalks but is a very well traveled " public " street/highway.

Also, standing out on the roadway, next to the CHP officers were men in black suits,( private security) who were directing traffic. What a joke!

I realize that the CHP can shut down the street, as a safety measure per the vehicle code but when the Prince/kate vistied last month, the main street in front of their event was not even shut down.

I don't know much about this Kardashian family or the wedding couple. I am simply a "normal, tax paying " citizen and I wish them the best but when my daughter gets married, I'll make sure to get her married in the same city this family lives in, re-direct traffic, close a street(s) and inconvience people!....What has this family done???,,,unless they have found the cure for cancer, they are no different than anyone else !!!!!!

1121 days ago


Okay !! so I jus*****ched "keeping up with the Kardasians" and I think kim totally rushed and pushed this guy to the Altar ..This wedding is all about what kim wants at the moment..This guy really does not know her or her family , and he couldn't catch his breath to know them well ..If this thing survives , am going to be very surprised..

1121 days ago

jersey girl    

please go to boycott the kardashians on FB and join the people that are sick of the Kardashians!!!

1121 days ago


Am just starting to notice , she's really weird and a brat ..awful combo ..

1121 days ago


Heh heh heh Neither one of them look very happy. Wassup?? Honeymoon over already!?

1121 days ago
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