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The Kim Kardashian Wedding Menu

What Would You Rather?

8/21/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judging from the menu above, the guests at Kim Kardashian's wedding dined on a fine meal last night -- but the question is ...


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I went to a BEAUTIFUL wedding and Ummmm their menu was a lot better than this!!! LMAOooo Brussel Sprouts hahahahahaha Good Gravey.... We had Lobster and Steak and all
the fixing....makes Kim K Superstar menu look pretty boring!! Lmaooooo

1157 days ago

angie has a whole bunch of pictures from Kim's wedding

1157 days ago




1157 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

I'm sorry but she married one fugly man. He is seriously the inspiration behind HELLBOY the comic book, right?

1157 days ago


Tomato this, tomato that, basil blah. Count me out.

1157 days ago


I don't see any smoked meat on that menu

Oh wait all the smoked meat is on her side of the guest list with all her many ex's

1157 days ago


Wow, that is really hard to read.

1157 days ago


The E channel, producers, paid for all of this. Nothing out of her wallet. Hopes of after all the hype, E will get big ratings. Money.

With all the hype and all the money spent, trying to buy sophistication, bottom line it is still fake.

1157 days ago


Believe it or not Kim K. is a fashion icon. I don'*****ch the show but for those of you who complain about every detail being printed and the big to do over getting those details wake up! Why are you reading entertainment news??? To complain?? Really? Get over it. Don't like it - move on or stop reading and wasting your time posting comments. For those of you who would rather eat McD's gross!!! I would be willing to bet that if you wanted some detail of what they served changed they would do it in a heartbeat.

1157 days ago


Ummmmm "Artgirl67" old are you...what planet do you come from...and what is YOUR definition of a "fashion icon"?????

AND...just in case you didn't get the memo....these "comment areas" are for just THAT....COMMENTS!!!
Soooo....if YOU don't like it, then..."get over it"...."move on"...and don't "complain"!!

1157 days ago


I gotta say...I'm pretty underwhelmed by this menu...I've been to "normal" weddings and you at least had a "choice"....this was catered by Wolfgang Puck....I think he's REALLY "past his prime" over rated.
I guess this is what ya get when you invite a bazillion people....all of it was lardazz "look at me and my 20 million dollar wedding"....a typical self centered classless piece of trash who only thinks of herself, and then feed your celebrity guests food that's prepped like in a embarrassing for her!!! Sure, the wedding day is for the bride, BUT, it's also about sharing the best with those you love....whooopsie!!! She doesn't even KNOW half the people she invited, let alone "love" them....yet she supposedly had to cut 50 people from Bruce's family.

1157 days ago


What's wrong with the dinner menu? Looks pretty good to me. Just because it's written fancy doesn't mean it's somehow "rich people food" or something. Heck, I have a pretty much that exact tomato and mozzarella salad (minus the tomato chips) all the time. It's delicious! The rest of menu sounds pretty good too.

I get that many things about this wedding are over the top and ridiculous, but I personally don't think this is one of them.

1157 days ago


its hard for me to read the menu..I gave up reading it after the 3rd line.I'll just go with the big mac and fries plus a coke..yay

1157 days ago


To Baby K(1st commenter):
Its amazing how much interest is being shown on someone you dislike so much. Baby K, you need to find something better to do with your time!!!

If Kim is a "bad person" the universe will handle that, not you. You do bad, you get bad. Something you should have thought about before writing your hate-filled comment. This makes you no better than her.

1157 days ago


All this money, and they can't even hire someone who can spell Brussels sprouts correctly?

1157 days ago
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