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Lindsay Lohan


8/21/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan looked exhausted as she left the Kim Kardashian wedding in Montecito, CA last night -- while her 48-year-old mother Dina still had plenty of energy, yukking it up in the back seat with a friend (Mel B, is that you?).

Where has the old Lindsay gone?


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Red Cloud    

No photoshopping, good lighting, correct camera angle, no distortions, not much make-up, accurate. Dang, the truth hurts.

1127 days ago


Dina told party goers that she was building a successful family herself... later that night she kidnapped kylie and kendall jenner.. tried to leave Lindsay there..
and poor Ali is still walking on PCH... since Ali was home schooled, she barely knows her own name and has no directional skills.. but she has the ability of making clicking noises...
next Dina is trying to marry bieber to raise her kids

1127 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Yea, WHERE is Ali? All the sites report she was there? Maybe someone should do a welfare check.

1127 days ago


Red Cloud: 13 hours ago

drunk post

I'm bounciing in SUv. andyconda, take a lookk n. Are you blind??? Are you Arapahoe??? An Imdian should have good eye sight. I don't know one guyt who thinks Lindsay is a skkank.

gone, gonme, gone, gone........

every one point at him and laugh.
this is the same fool that says dont drink and drive...
of course it is a lindsay fan..
piggy use to say DUI should not be a crime

1127 days ago


OMG Seeker, what a joke:

the Seeker: 24 minutes ago

Sorry to disappoint the h8rs but I'm a fan for life,and not a fair weather friend like all you trolls are to your peeps.
the Seeker 101 days ago
You can bet ali Lohan will get busted for drinking or drugging anyday now if she keeps partying with her coke head sister Lindsay
the Seeker 105 days ago
this tramp has been giving lip service about taking responsibility for 7 years
Her mommy is the laughing stock of long island...
Her father could not punch his way out of a wet paper bag
the Seeker .. 105 days ago
so what.. if you kill yourself
anybody with even a little bit of an education and common sense knows your obviously NOT sober and obviously NOT doing well..

1127 days ago


Looks the driver is overcome with the odor of fish.

1127 days ago


@ Red Cloud

Thank you for posting the link to the Lindsay pics. I have to agree with your comment and she looks lovely.

Sorry haters, although Lindsay is allowed to drink there are no reports of her drinking let alone being wasted, well done Lindsay.

1127 days ago


while lindsay is at the wedding.. who is pulling lindsays shift at the mens room. at the marmont?...please do not say Ali..
right now as we speak Bruce is doing inventory on their belongings.
Kim is looking for her wedding ring..
Kris is cleaning up pee stains. and cussing at the wrongfully accused dog..
and the other guess are talking about how out of place lindsay looked...Like barry manilo would look like in a biker bar

1127 days ago


Dina looks stinking drunk
Lindsay looks embarrassed

1127 days ago

mario donaldson    

I just hope that its not to late for her, we all see these kind of stories all the F#&*ing time.Maybe she's a little sad because kims ass is no longer on the market; if thats true well um... she's got to suck it up just like the rest of us.We don't know what the hell is going on with this girl,it could be the same thing that's giong on with you. Grow some sense f@!k'os.

1127 days ago


I have to say I think she looks really good with bangs. The overly bleached straw hair has to go though. Yikes.

1127 days ago


They're laughing at the suckers they just picked off at their jewel heist.

1127 days ago


Lindsay better call her lawyer cause she has at least three law suits coming her way now....
1. from Briget Bardot for coping her style and looks so badly that it is damaging to her reputation as a glamour Icon...

2. From the designer of that dress for wearing it so badly that no one will ever buy anything he designs again....thus ruining his career...

3..The limo driver for mental stress and permanent damage to his nerves and hearing from driving that party home..

Looked at them pictures and that dress is real awful, she ain't wearing it well at all, and her makeup is troweled on..and sorry but she does look about the same age as mommy and they both look like hell..if that is high fashion , I'll stick to J C Penny's thank you very much....thats about as trashy as you can get....

1127 days ago


The look on the driver's face is classic ! ! ! ! ! !

1127 days ago

help this young woman    

AA Ali was NOT there. She was busy returning all the gifts Linds and DUIna got for Casey Anthony. Casey sent all that crap back, along with some dead flowers and a small piece of rotting human flesh (Linds thought that was a nice touch). Casey was pretty insulted at the caliber of the gifts... she doesn't like used seafood, and she has little use for a shrunken head... she's only interested in cash and maybe a little Ecstasy. I have no idea why Linds even likes her.... they have nothing in common.

1127 days ago
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