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Denise Richards

Turns Down "Two and a Half Men"

She Has "Charlie" Issues

8/22/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards has turned down an offer to appear on the premiere episode of "Two and a Half Men," because she thinks Charlie Sheen would make her life miserable.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... producers offered Denise a guest starring role for the debut with Ashton Kutcher, but they say she told them she wouldn't do it because "She would never hear the end of it from Charlie."

No doubt -- Chuck Lorre is trying to stick the knife in as far as he possibly can because ... well, he hates Charlie's guts.  But we're told Denise just wouldn't play along.



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Charlie Sheen is a very little man. I guess Lorre was right about him. Who knew?

1125 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Not sure what allure Denise Richards would have .. she is so so pretty, can't act and is so yester year... no loss as far a I'm concerned.

1125 days ago

The Evil Puppy    

Charlie is the father of her children so of course she wouldn't do it. I'm so happy someone in Hollywood has some morals!

1125 days ago


Well she is smart, but doubt she said that charlie would not let her forget it. Ive always know what an oddball and cocaine freak that lorre is and dont blame denise for turning him down. Thats a lady with some class.I think that lorre is so pissed at charlie for getting off the drugs that lorre himself got charlie on. Lorre is a weird drughead and glad charlie got away from him!!

1125 days ago


The Sheen PR spin machine is posting in full force here right now! All one of them over and over under different names, paid by Charlie Sheen!
But, it has never worked, and will never work.
We all see for ourselves how fake and vicious Charlie is, and how over his career is.

1125 days ago


She has a valid concern. Plus if there's too many celebritis in the first episode, that would be completely tacky.

1125 days ago

Sally Sue    

Way to go Denise! Class act in an immature, repugnant world. Disgusted that Lorre would even go there...

1125 days ago


Listen up, you idiots who already responded. Don't blame Chuck. Give Denise credit and beware of the self-indulgent, crazy Warlock.

1125 days ago


It seems like the show is all about Chuck Lorre's vendetta against Charlie now instead of entertaining the audience, Lots of people liked Charlie in that role, a fact that will become clear when the show is cancelled.

1125 days ago


I don't get the references to morals or being a class act. She flat out said she turned it down out of fear of a backlash from Charlie, not out of concern for his well being.

1125 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

SERIOUS NOW: I believe the correct word is ethics, not morals. Good for Denise not allowing Chuck Lorre to use
her to stick it to Charlie. Chuck needs to get over it and
move on. Charlie has.

1125 days ago


Its only TMZ's opinion that Lorre approached Denise out of spite. That's the spin TMZ is putting on recent Lorre/Sheen stories.

The episode in question involves Charlie Harper's funeral and Charlie Harper's ex's in attendance - of which Denise's character was one. Look it up if you don't recall seeing Denise in 2.5 Men.

And, you can bet your bottom dollar that Denise never WOULD hear the end of it if she agreed to appear in this episode. That's not Denise having "Charlie Issues" - as stated in the title of this article - so much as its Charlie having Lorre/2.5 Men issues.

Last time I checked the score board, Sheen was losing this game.

1125 days ago


You can see a funny animated first episode called TWO AND A HALF MEN CELEBRITOONS on Youtube. See Charlie's funeral and Ashton Kutcher's first appearance.

1125 days ago

Trevis Miho    

GOOD!! That's pretty dam low on Chuck's part, pretty dam low.

1125 days ago


She shows class by not doing this. She and Charlie have two children together so to do something that negative toward him would be just tacky.

1125 days ago
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