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Hilary Duff

Pregnant and Dumped

from "Bonnie and Clyde"

8/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff
just learned a cold, hard lesson -- Hollywood's not hiring a lot of pregnant women to play legendary bank robbers ... which is why she just got dropped from "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde."

Duff was supposed to play Bonnie Parker in the upcoming film ... but sources involved in the production tell us they're moving forward sans Hilary -- a decision that was made right after Hil broke her baby news last week.

We're told the director is already shopping for a new Bonnie, and the split was amicable. As one source put it, "Hilary won’t be available until next June. If we could wait we would.” Shooting is scheduled for this Fall.

If prego Duff isn't cool with the switch this could be another HunterTylo situation -- the actress who won a $4.8 million judgment when pregnancy cost her a "Melrose Place" role.

Hilary's rep has not returned calls.

Side note: producers are also looking for a new Clyde due to scheduling conflicts with Kevin Zegers. We're assuming he's not pregnant.


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nice PR spin by Haley's people but Haley had been dumped from the movie months before she got pregnant. She doesn't have the acting chops for it. Faye Dunaway was right saying Hillary wasn't good for the role.

1096 days ago


I think someone like Elizabeth Banks should do it...she is a great actress!

1096 days ago


This is really messed up, I think that Hillary would of done PERFECT as bonnie, they cast her because her resemblance to faye dunnaway who originally played Bonnie, wow sorry Hillary, you would of done great as the role, shame on the production company for just not waiting, well Hillary, you have a beautiful wee baby coming and that is more important, Good luck and God Bless!

1096 days ago


I heard Hilary was removed from this movie over 2 months ago? This is already old news!!

1096 days ago


good because she would have ruined that movie! maybe now they can cast two actors who are actually decent and not a disney star!

1096 days ago


Somewhere Faye Dunaway is laughing really loudly. She was very open about how she hated the idea of Hil taking over her iconic role. By the way, this happened about more than five years ago. I can't believe they still haven't finished making the movie.

1096 days ago


I really can't picture her in any type of serious role. She should just stick to Disney movies.

1096 days ago

Dee Dee    

This woman is an idiot. She's pregnant and expects to shoot a Bonnie and Clyde film which will probably require slim fitting costumes and lots of physical action...It's so important to put your baby at risk to film a movie? Actresses can be rather dumb!

1096 days ago

PRO US    

Just what America needs so badly: another remake of a classic film, as though the original was not good enough for us. Where can we go to donate money to the producers of this remake? God forbid anyone make an original film with an original idea and an original script. We just want to see remakes, sequels and prequels? We just like regurgitated sludge? Let's watch the 10th remake of Bonnie and Clyde so we can compare it to the other 9 versions of the same stupid, idiotic, moronic, silly little film! Ya, that will be lots of fun. Ridiculous Hollywood losers who have no concept of what 80% of Americans are living through. As long as there's heroin, cocaine, exstacy and other mind-altering drugs, there will be a Hollywood pumping out remakes, sequels and prequels of drivel.

1096 days ago


Why do another Bonnie and Clyde? You just can't top Warren and Faye.

1096 days ago


Someone from the production office has now posted on the movie's facebook that this story is NOT true. They're still hoping to have both Hilary and Kevin in the movie, but Hilary is not available until next June, Kevin this December. Apparently they are in the process of trying to get things worked out. While I've never been crazy about Hilary playing Bonnie, I see no problem with making another movie about Bonnie & Clyde. They were real people, not just characters portrayed by Beatty & Dunaway. While that movie was fantastic for a lot of reasons, it was far from historically accurate, so there is still a lot that can be done as far as another movie goes. This is not a remake of the 1967 classic at all.

1096 days ago


Well it's her own damn fault for getting knocked up even she agreed to do this movie.

1096 days ago


samaire armstrong is perfect for the role!!!!!!

1096 days ago


I always thought that Hunter Tylo case was bogus. She had a house full of kids and was due to start a new role in a tv show. She had a responsibility to use birth control and not screw everything up, no pun intended. She won though. I never really liked her, this was a woman who had small children in the house but kept boa constrictors who had 50 babies. Now I ask you, is this a kid friendly environment?

1096 days ago


Uh , why are they remaking B.and C. ? SO a waste of money when the classic is right there , you cannot improve on perfection so why try ?

Need a new crop of wanna be B. and C. to pimp out Hollowood ? that's what i thot.

1096 days ago
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