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Kim Kardashian

Hoity-Toity Neighbors

Complain over Wedding Noise

8/22/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_KIMS_WEDDING_SPLASH_EXDKim Kardashian and her wedding posse of 460 were too loud for the neighbors ... law enforcement tells us the residents were so pissed off over the noise, they called the cops.

We're told several neighbors reached their limit at 11:30 PM and called the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.  Deputies paid a visit to the ritzy estate where Kim's bash was in full gear, and asked them to turn the music down, which they promptly did.

A Sheriff's official tells TMZ ... none of the neighbors wanted to sign an official complaint so no one was cited.

What's unclear is if the music was live or canned -- a bunch of singers and groups performed live, including Earth, Wind & Fire and Robin Thicke, and DJ's like DJ Cassidy were spinning.


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At first I thought the way most do. But on second thought, KK's wedding was good for the economy. Work for caterers, wedding planner, dressmakers, shoe stores, hairdressers, tent rentals, limo drivers, florists, etc. etc.

1127 days ago

Montecito Real Person    

I live 700 yards from the house where the wedding took place, which featured blaring outdoor concert style sound broadcasting (we could plainly hear everything from the wedding like it was in our living room). There were helicopters hovering until 2 in the morning, traffic was stopped dead. This is a quiet neighborhood dominated by a small elementary school next door to the estate (and the fact is, well over half of the families that live in the area have been there for several generations and are NOT in fact hoighty-toity snobs - those would be the weekend Hollywood snobs who drive up for the weekend and act obnoxious as they park their cars all over the street, ignore pedestrians as they race down narrow country roads.

The celebs come up here and completely disrespect that there are many more families who in fact do not want to live with helicopters buzzing overhead, reporters actually climbing on rooftops of homes to try and get a better vantage point (without permission), and partying like this is the Las Vegas Strip.

A little kindness? Tell mw where you live so I can mount a 160...0-watt speaker to your bedroom window and blast the music til the sun comes up and while I run a lawnmower in place of your ceiling fan. Despite it all, and a complete lack of an apology (Celebs dont do that) you didnt see a story of police raids shutting them down, they were asked to turn the bullhorns down.

So think before you make dumb statements. And a nightly occurence? No, it isn't nightly. Just monthly. This certainly was the noisiest party considering it was for a 'personality' that did nothing other than hard core porn.

1127 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

It was probably just Dina holding Lindsay's hair back as she vomited in the neighbors yard.

1127 days ago


Wow I think that comment made by Reyna38 is way out of line. People may not like her I am not a fan but to say those things going way too far.

1127 days ago


Kim and the barnacles she calls family would be shocked to know that there are a whole lot of people who couldn't give a sh*t less about them or their bullsh*t. Good for the neighbors. Pardon them for having their own lives and not worshipping these money worshipping attention hoes, especially since the wedding will probably last longer than the marriage. (Psst, Kim, your husband looks way younger than you!)

1127 days ago


I think it may have been a nice gesture to have invited the neighbors ? Just sayin.

1127 days ago


they were pissed because Kim Didn't invite them Oh Gee i didn't get an Invite either do you see me Complaining Seriously People, it's not like they do this on a Daily basis and party 24/7 GAWD

1127 days ago


So you won't mind if everyone in your neighborhood takes a dump on your front porch, as long as they don't do it on a daily basis. Got it.

1127 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

you don't have to be hoity toity to be sickened by the Krapdashians

1127 days ago


Why do we even care about this wedding or any other celebrity wedding. With all the things happening in this world we are so infatuated with the Kardashians. Every magazine I look at it has them on it...Enough is enough already, I would call about the noise if I were the neighbors. I would have called because of the has been acts they had performing. Give me a break Earth, Wind and Fire and Robin Thicke. Who really cares about anything these people do. I certainly don't.

1126 days ago


Jealous they weren't invited. If you weren't going to sign a complaint; why complain.

1125 days ago


Montecito is a quiet wealthy community where a number of celebrities live among classy neighbors. The community prides itself on keeping it that way. It's a beautiful setting and the citizens live there for a reason...not to have reality TV invade with a wedding of someone who lavishes attention. Chris Jenner likes to think she is a up and coming Kennedy and is raising her daughters to be all about greed and self-absorbtion. Montecito citizens had a right to complain about streets being blocked off for a couple of weeks while Kim was no where to be seen having the wedding set up for the circus event. Go have it in Callabasas...Beverly Hills or where ever it is that they reside. She should have had the reception at the Biltmore instead in the backyard of a neighborhood mansion. The Kardashian women (including Chris Jenner) need to show a little more class in the way they act toward others. Get over yourselves.

1124 days ago

Jim C.    

Noisy neighbors are no small thing, and this probably wasn't a first for that house.

Noise is a huge quality of life issue, especially with the advent of subwoofers and bass that travels much farther than other frequencies. Those who claim it's no big deal tend to be perpetrators themselves.

1121 days ago


The really funny thing is the Sheriff, Bill Brown, attended the party. And our county also paid mucho bucks for him to pay overtime to 20 deputies. Think getting an invitation was a bribe?

1115 days ago
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