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La Toya Jackson

Forgiving the MJ Haters

8/22/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson thinks a lot of Michael Jackson haters have had a change of heart since her brother died -- but it's unclear whether she's including Gene Simmons in that group.

You'll recall KISS got dropped from the upcoming MJ tribute concert in part because Gene has said he believes Michael was a child molester.

This weekend in Bev Hills we asked La Toya if she thought the concert should be off limits to artists who disrespected Michael. Her answer is all about forgiveness ... but are you buying it?


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34 MJ associations have expressed their concern and boycott against this Cardiff tribute through a letter to Global Events on August 20, 2011.

1160 days ago


I was not even sure about LaToya until I saw her on Celebrity Apprentice. IF her real persona is like what we saw on C.A., then I think she's a very lovely woman and I would completely believe that she has forgiveness in her heart.

1160 days ago

yvonne from uk    

After reading Latoya's book i must admit i did slightly feel sorry for her, but not for too long, i cannot believe that she was telling the truth about the accusations she made about Michael, sorry but she says she was forced to do it but there was no remorse on her face at all, she was just after publicity plain and simple and did she get it. The fact that Michael forgave her is proof that he was an amazing human being who truly loved his sister though god knows why. That said her saying the haters should be forgiven, what crap, what Michael must have gone through having to be bashed in public for a crime he never commited, hardly suprising he had trouble sleeping, wonder sometimes how he just got through a day. Haters haved no clue, as i've said before the evidence is all there if you can just be arsed to look instead of taking the easy way out and trusting the tabloid rubbish. The haters on here need to go away, get a life.

1160 days ago

PRO US    

She has the mental capacity of a 10 year old.

1160 days ago


Some of things said about Michael LITERALLY killed him.
I don't care how much we forgive of whether Michael forgave certain people; they were part of his slow death.....THAT IS WHY SLANDER IS CALLED..... character ASSASSINATION!

1160 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Yvonne from UK: ....she says she was forced to do it but there was no remorse on her face at all, she was just after publicity plain and simple and did she get it....
In her book, La Toya claims that Gordon 'forced' he to betray MJ.
But when she discovered that Gordon was arranging for her to do a porn film, she decided to finally leave him.

So, she COULD leave when her own reputation was at stake - but felt compelled to stay when her brothers' life was being destroyed!

She is just plain selfish. If she really loved Michael, she would have done anything to protect him. Problem is, her craving for 'publicity' seems take priority over anything else.

Also, what do we really know about Jack Gordon? How can we be sure that he was the monster that she portrayed him to be?
Again, we only have her word for it.

Like Michael, Gordon is no longer here to defend himself.
Mighty convienient for La Toya!

1160 days ago


What do Latoya cares that Gene Simmons called me a pedo, SHE HERSELF DID THE SAME!!!!! If Latoya can get the hell outta my shadown and let me rest in peace, it would be super ~With LOVE, MJJ

1160 days ago


I am sorry,but I do not consider La Toya a trustworthy,honest person.She is unstable,prone to lying.And, she was not as close to her brother as she likes to portray.Michael's voice was captured on tape saying that the Jacksons were not a tight-knit family as the media claimed.He and La Toya were not particularly close as they did not have the same interests.La Toya was not animal-crazy like Michael and Janet were,never helping take care of the family pets.
La Toya can be described as a hater herself.She infamously accused her brother of molestation---something that she would not know about because the two had not spoken to each other for YEARS.La Toya had no idea about what she was talking about then,and I don't think that she has any ideas of what she is talking about now.She NEVER can PROVE anything she says.
There was a lot of competition in that family and La Toya never really made a success of herself in the US,her jobs being mostly overseas.She made poor choices for management,music and life.This last tribute venture is yet another poor choice.

1160 days ago

yvonne from uk    

Brigha from uk
Good point, maybe it wasn't all Jack Gordon, i can well imagine Latoya being a bit of a fruitcake, she seems mentally unbalanced at times. The sad thing is she is wallowing in the publicity she is getting now because of the tragic death of Michael, she is milking it for all it's worth, she needs to realise none of us care about her constant need to feel special. Michaels talent brought him a lot of heartache along the way and she only added to that, i don't know how she sleeps at night.

1160 days ago


Hey Latoya, what about when YOU were a hater, remember the book YOU wrote?

1160 days ago


More like its all about the money for all of them. They almost disgust me as much as the dead "King of Pedophiles"

1160 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Yvonne from uk
.... i don't know how she sleeps at night....
Me neither.
It's not as though Jack Gordon had a gun to her head is it?

Maybe I could tolerate La Toya if she would only shut up. But she insists on exploiting MJs death with her tribute song, endless interviews, overly graphic book and now a tribute concert.

Someone posted a youtube link recently to an interview Latoya did on 'The View'. She spoke about the process when the coroners assistant collected handprints from MJs body a few weeks after he died.

La Toya called the process 'interesting'.
Not heartbreaking, or upsetting - but interesting!

Her whole demeanor was totally devoid of emotion. I found her lack of sensitivity very odd.

1160 days ago

Anna V for Vendetta    

We Forgive you, La Toya. It's not your fault; it's just the way you were brought up. This Tribute concert is visibly a ripoff under the guise of charity. The Estate might shut it down after all, as they should do! It's open season on Michael Jackson and that's gotta stop!! The Estate has already squashed another Jackson Tribute Ripoff like a bug last month... The Jackson Tribute Fragrances by Frenchman Julian Rouas and Joe Jackson...

Copy/paste into your browser if link isn't activated.

1160 days ago

Beatriz Girón    

OOhh,Dios no salgo de mi asombro de ver,tanta infamia!!! es volver sobre lo mismo.Pero,dígame quien traidora mayor!!No digo más.Michael Jackson los fans somos tu verdadera y leal familia.Te amamos por siempre!!<3<3

1160 days ago
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