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La Toya Jackson

Forgiving the MJ Haters

8/22/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson thinks a lot of Michael Jackson haters have had a change of heart since her brother died -- but it's unclear whether she's including Gene Simmons in that group.

You'll recall KISS got dropped from the upcoming MJ tribute concert in part because Gene has said he believes Michael was a child molester.

This weekend in Bev Hills we asked La Toya if she thought the concert should be off limits to artists who disrespected Michael. Her answer is all about forgiveness ... but are you buying it?


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I'm not buying it. Can't trust anything Latoya says.

1128 days ago


la toya told mj about how she was jealous of him in their 1983 interview. the siblings worshipped their parents so much. they couldn't see that their lies and denials led to incredibly poisonous relationships with fake friends and doctors. you can hate the fact that mj died because he couldn't let anyone end his bad relationships. you can scoff at this, but it doesn't change what happened to him.
these 2 used to look naturally good, but their denials made them casualties in the 1990s. la toya smiled after jack gordon beat on his face. both she and mj grinned away as if plastic surgeons didn't destroy their noses and made them old and ugly looking between age 35 and 40 years old.
she blamed her religion and isolated lifestyle after she cried to the media about mj. she wanted fame and was so angry and bitter about him that she tore him down.
he made the mistake of trying to do what his family wanted but they said he never did enough for them.
katherine complained that he wasn't very religious.
when joe hurt the kids, she ignored everything bad.

mj tried to make children happy, because he believed every kid needed so much attention. he thought each kid was smart, unthreatening and thinking and behaving the same.
he was neglected when he needed katherine, so he kept
doing everything he could to tell the world that kids needed him so much to be 'functional'. to this day, she refused to accept that she deluded him with her fame hunger and cowardly actions.

1128 days ago


she and gene simmons are cut from the same cloth..using a dead man for attn/cash..very diasppointed

1128 days ago

Jill Conway    

Toyota, instead of forgiving those who are astute enough to recognize a drugged-up pedophile, I would work more on forgiving the 3rd rate plastic surgeon(s) that created your own little freakshow.

1128 days ago

yvonne from uk    

brigha from uk
To any normal person that would have been gut wrenchingly upsetting, your right her behavior is very odd, as i said she's a very unbalanced person.

1128 days ago


Latoya and her Ex-hubby Jack Gordon knew all about the "badger game" that was played on Mr. Jackson in 1993 using the Chandler's "Lolita Boy" as bait.....this game only works when the "mark" is attracted the the bait......My blog has some info. on this....[nothing for sale]....and the Jackson Family knows most but not all of the basic facts.....BNE

1128 days ago


I really wish she would just shut up Why is this such a big deal about gene it really not a big deal if he thinks mike was a pedophile so what is his opinion is suppose affect me? ,am I suppose to stop listening to michael music b/c of gene and whoever thinks he was a pedophile? why does this even matter what that he thinks I love michael and always will. To me gene is a coward if he is such a outspoken person then why he waited until mike died to say those things? why he didn't say it when mike was living so mike could hear it too late now his dead that why it doesn't even matter if gene was trying to make amends or not he doesn't have to be sorry b/c why cares so much about it when you got millions of people around the world who supports Michael that's why la toya needs to shut her mouth she's really making herself look stupid. I say **** the haters and their opinions.

1127 days ago


Add may I add la toya didn't make it any better either by telling the world he was a pedophile which is certainly not true all due to jealousy which makes it ten times worse b/c she is his sister bump what other people say about him I hoped she made amends with her bother before he died

1127 days ago


Keep going Latoya....

btw: paris is really starting to look more like you.....

1127 days ago


good one TMZ. Can't hear anything LaToya said.

J Family bashers, shut-up.
Don't you have anything better to do ?
And anyway Joe J is in Vietnam with apparently nothing to do with this supposed tribute.

The real tribute is the Cirque show anyway.

1127 days ago


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1127 days ago


Ryan Gosling Says George Clooney Is Like...Michael Jackson?!Today 5:15 PM PDT by Marc Malkin

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; AP Photo / Tammie Arroyo; Kevin Mazur/AEG via Getty Images
It's certainly not a comparison we ever thought we'd ever hear, but Ryan Gosling thinks George Clooney is like...Michael Jackson!

Why? Read on to find out. It's not as kooky as you might think...

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First you need to know that Gosling's upcoming flick, The Ides of March, costars and was directed by Mr. Clooney.

"It was amazing, like watching somebody try to explain a song in their head," the Crazy Stupid Love body star says in the new issue of New York magazine. "I can only compare it to seeing Michael Jackson in This Is It, where he's trying to explain to a keyboard player how to play a certain part—even in the sea of parts being played, he can pick that out. That's kind of what George is like. He's like Michael Jackson, basically."

When asked by writer Jada Yuan how Clooney does switching between directing and acting, Gosling said, "He's like Bugs Bunny. He's good at everything, and nothing really fazes him. He's Bugs Bunny, and I'm Daffy Duck."


Gosling also describes his latest movie, Drive, as "Pretty in Pink with a head-smashing."


"I wanted to make a violent John Hughes movie," he said. "Because John Hughes movies are perfect. They just need a little violence. You need blood and cotton candy. So that's what we tried to make."

Read more:

1127 days ago


I kinda feel sad for LaToya, because she definitely has issues, which are not really her fault. It's her parents and her family's fault all these years.

1127 days ago


Saw this information about the Tribute posted on another website and thought that I would share it with all of you.

MJ Tribute Concert Rolls Toward Cancellation; Oh, And His Kids Are More Or Less Contractually Required To Attend
By Ben Westhoff Mon., Aug. 22 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments (6)

​The pressure is mounting for organizers to call off the Michael Jackson tribute concert -- scheduled for October 8 in Wales.
From the beginning, this looked like a wretched, sketchy affair, a money grab posing as a charity event. Little known fact: Did you know that his kids are more or less obligated to attend? Reads the promoter Global Live Events' terms and conditions for the sale of tickets: "Michael's mother Mrs. Katherine Jackson has agreed to attend the concert with as many of Michael's children as are available."

In any case, Jermaine and Randy Jackson opposed this gig from the start, and opposition began to mount when the lackluster line-up was rolled out. The biggest names included Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Cee-Lo, and KISS, whose bassist Gene Simmons told Classic Rock magazine last year: "There's no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt."

Last week MJ's estate publicly decried the affair, complaining about the inclusion of KISS -- who were promptly removed -- and speculating that the concert may be unlawful in its use of MJ "intellectual property," which the estate controls. And now, a group of 35 MJ fan forums have joined together to issue a statement advising Global Live Events to cancel the show.

"From the timing of this tribute in the middle of Dr. Murray's trial," reads the letter, which was posted Saturday and references the upcoming manslaughter case of Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, "to the ticketing prices, to the obscurity over what charities will be receiving the donation, to the no-guarantee policy of performers, the addition of Gene Simmons and dishonoring, thus tarnishing Michael Jackson's legacy was simply the last straw."

A Fans Against the Michael Forever Tribute Facebook page has 900 members, while the official Michael Forever Tribute page is overrun with negative comments. The complaints get into the whole smorgasbord of controversies associated with the event, including the complicated ticketing process (in which fans donating the most to charity were initially offered better opportunities to receive tickets), and the involvement of MJ's children.

Here are sampling of fan comments from the official tribute page:

*Celebration time, KiSS is outta here and now we work on getting this Tribute concert canceled, we'll will start by going to the acts!

*Without a futher announcement of better artists taking part I will not complete my purchase, announce some better acts or my £400 will be staying in my account!!

*What I find particularly DISGUSTING, is that Michael's precious children are part of the Terms and Conditions of this non-tribute

1127 days ago
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