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Ray J

How I Celebrated Kim K's Wedding ...

8/22/2011 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian was trading "I Do's" in Montecito ... the guy who helped thrust her into superstardom was still taking credit for his conquest during a performance in Vegas ... TMZ has learned.

Ray J hit the stage at the Chateau nightclub in the Paris Hotel ... when people began asking him how he felt about his former sex tape partner's wedding. 

A TMZ staffer who was in the crowd says Ray J simply smiled ... and quipped, "I did that."

Fans continued to plead with Ray J to share his thoughts on the wedding, but he wouldn't open up ... mostly laughing every time someone brought up her name.

Apparently, Ray J has moved on ... after his performance, he was getting up close and personal with a mystery lady.

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LOSER! He wishes he had her money.

1136 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Why do people think this cheap media chasing wh0re is so innocent about that tape she performed in? In the tape she introduces her self to the camera "hi its Kim" so did rayj no know who he was going to be screwing for the night? If she was so concerned about the "released" tape why did she cut a deal with the video company for them to sell it and got paid 5 million, oh but that was after they cut the peeing scene, and its still for sale. This ho wanted the fame and didn't care how she obtained it and wants tho play the poor me game when this subject comes up, she has no shame, and certainly no class

1136 days ago


i understand that he pointed his firehose upward and unleashed a hot stream in his own face when he found out he'd be missing out on all that kardashian kash! it's the same thing as banging your head against the wall for rappers. i guess the ability to piss in your own face gives you street cred.

1136 days ago


Ray J's plan backfired. He released that sex tape and made Kim K. one of the most famous women in the world. I'm not a fan, but I'm only 1 person. The whole planet is talking about this girl. Even me. He made her entire family famous! They already had money because their father was OJ's lawyer, but they weren't famous. This girl is not Robert Kardashian's daughter. She's Kim Kardashian. This lame is still Brandy's little brother. Good for him. How can you do that to another human being! Dr. Dre introduced us to Eminem, Dre got paid. Em introduced us to 50cent. Em got paid. This dude introduced us to Kim and......................... LOL It even worked out for Nick Canon. He broke up with Kim when the tape leaked. Look who he's married to now.

1136 days ago

tmz posters dont know sh1t    

It cracks me up all the time how a b1tch who got pissed on is a such a role model for little girls,mostly white, everywhere. Pissed on!!!
Dont get me wrong I would be the first stiff **** in line to f#ck Kimmy K. (Rubber on most definitely)...but ultimately i would treat her just like so many others did before & dump her. SHE IS NOT WIFE MATERIAL! I dont even blame Kris Humphries for making that mistake,he looks like a square,a simp, a chump...if he didnt have his height & basketball know how...he's Samuel Screech Powers at the end of the day. F#ckin clown! (She will cheat on him with many a men)

1136 days ago


Really talking about luck - you pissed on that garbage barge and got off it fast. What the hell is that husband going to say to his kids when they tell him they googled Mom and what came up is a video of a man doing something NASTY to her then why didn't he use the bathroom?? Answer anyone?

1136 days ago


I Totally Agree Where has his washed up ass career gone

1136 days ago


What ashame he was suppose to love her be in a relationship with her look how he just disrespected her to make a video and then put it all out there for EVERYONE to see that tells me what he thinks of FEMALES

1136 days ago


Anybody who is pretending that our little miss gypsy urinal and compulsive ***dumpster for black dudes isn't blatant and super-obvious trash is surely pretending far, far harder than anyone with an IQ over 50 ought to be pretendin'. Time for some braindead bumpkins to wise up.

1136 days ago


He isn't over it.

1136 days ago

some guy    

I Lol'd

1136 days ago


I am not a Ray J fan, but Kim Kartrashian is pure trash. He dodged a bullet.

1136 days ago

Trooper Tom    

If Kardashian had and shame or remorse for doing that tape she wouldn't have settled for 5 million so the video company could sell (still do) the tape

1136 days ago


Any man and I use that term loosely here that would videotape his sex act and then release it to the public for money is about as low as low can get. He is a skank and a low-life thug! Use some of the money you made and learn some etiquette.

1136 days ago




1136 days ago
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