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Warrant Singer Jani Lane


8/23/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811_janie_lane_EX_01Ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane was carrying a note in his pocket on the day he died which read, "I am Jani Lane" ... but TMZ has learned Jani wasn't the person who wrote the note.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jani had no official ID on him when his body was discovered at a Los Angeles motel on August 11 -- and we're told he hadn't been in possession of an ID for a while.

We're told the note contained a phone number for a person close to Jani -- and police contacted that person after Jani's body was discovered.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... investigators have confirmed the note was written by one of Jani's friends -- and that person had placed a similar note on Jani in the past. Cops have been in contact with that person.

However, the note has infuriated members of Jani's family -- who tell us whoever had written the note was CLEARLY aware that Jani had a substance abuse problem ... and should have helped Jani seek treatment instead of simply tucking a piece of paper into his pants.

It's unclear if the same person who wrote the note also checked Jani into the Comfort Inn -- but sources tell us it appears the room where Jani was discovered was not purchased by Jani himself.

Law enforcement sources tell us there is no criminal investigation into the death -- and so far, investigators believe Jani's death was either accidental or due to natural causes.

An autopsy has been completed -- and results from the toxicology tests are expected soon.



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Im sorry but his family didnt to anything to help him but they are mad at someone else for doing what they did ...nothing......everyone and their brother knew he was spiraling ...

1167 days ago


Sorry, but I suggest the family look within themselves to see where Jani went wrong. The friend that put the note in his pocket probably TRIED to help him. But its impossible to help someone that doesn't want the help yet. The problems started within the family, and they need to stop striking out at everyone else. My aunt says, you point the finger at someone, there are nine pointing back at you. Think about it, get some grief therapy.

1167 days ago


Sounds like the number was put in his pocket to call if he needed someone. Don't blame somebody else for your problems, he had a family that had to know he was sick - this has been on going. If they were so worried, they should of put a 24 hr watch on him or hired a detective to follow him. He was out to kill himself one way or another, it was just a matter of time with ongoing addicts.

1166 days ago


Listen....really.... the family thinks SOMEONE ELSE should be responsible for this ADULT who apparently DOES NOT WANT help? WHERE was the FAMILY? and why didn't they put him in rehab?

1166 days ago


The family is grieving, and are looking for the answers themselves. The fact is, there is no one to blame but Jani. He was not a bad person, he just could not shake his demons, either/or was not willing to get help. Whoever wrote the note, was trying to help him. This is just a tragic case of addiction and someone gone too soon.

1166 days ago


sounds like his family is upset that their money making machine is gone. it's not up to his friends to get was up to Jani to get help and if his family knew, then they should blame themselves. but they probably didn't want to say anything because they wanted the money. i hope they realize how stupid they look for blaming someone who actually cared enough to write his name down. his own family couldn't be bothered to do it.

1166 days ago


You can lead an addict to the door of rehab, but you can't make 'em go in and want to get better. Jani's family is lucky that the person was able to help that much. Where was the family? If they were so close why didn't they help? I call BS on the family. They are in denial.

1166 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Hey Family, you should be grateful someone wrote a note. WTH would have known WTF he was if someone didn't write the note?

1166 days ago


I am sorry for his family. However, I do not understand how they can believe some other addict who obviously cannot help him/herself was going to help Jani who obviously could not help himself either. If you exercise such poor judgement to abuse drugs all of your standards are blurred. These are the type of people addicts hang with. Jani was one himself.The only person who could help Jani was himself. Not another addict or his family. We know. We have been there.

1166 days ago


I have to totally agree with Loudmouth and Raine. Both said everything I was thinking.

1166 days ago


Please hit the report button on all of these people trying to hauk their fake crap on here. We don't want to buy your knock off crap!! Go somewhere ebay you idiots.

1166 days ago


I don't believe a word of this. If he didn't have an ID how was he able to secure all of the other hotel rooms that he trashed? Whoever he was partying with probably took his stuff as little momentos after they realized he was dead. I bet they have his phone too.
It doesn't sound like his family has figured out he was a closet homosexual yet. Unless they're just sniffing around for a lawsuit.

1166 days ago


Whoever wrote the not should have gotten him help? Why didn't the family get him help? Why are they pushing responsibility to someone else rather than doing it themselves?

1166 days ago


So his family are blaming his friends for not forcing him to get clean? Why didn't the familyu force him into clean living? Maybe kidnap him and take him to an Amish community for rehab? Why, because you can't force people to stop doing what they want to do. Blaming others will never ease the guilt you feel, but hey, why not make them feel like **** too? Douchebags.

1166 days ago


This person was there when he died? Were they digging through his pockets and realized he didn't have a wallet? He doesn't have money to steal and no I.d so I'll leave a note for the cops?

1166 days ago
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