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BET Star's Hubby

I Hope I Get My Gun Back!

8/24/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy married to Toya Carter -- star of BET's "Toya: A Family Affair" -- has finally been released from custody after bringing a gun to an airport on Sunday ... and he hopes to be reunited with his firearm as soon as possible. 

TMZ spoke with Mickey "Memphitz" Wright ... who went in front of a judge in Clayton County, GA this afternoon ... after TSA agents at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport discovered the Desert Eagle pistol in his carry-on bag Monday.

Wright tells us the judge was "very understanding" of his explanation -- that he had placed the gun in a backpack weeks ago and simply forgot about it -- and released him on bail.

Wright says he was "completely shocked" when TSA agents discovered the gun in his bag -- but tells us, "I had my license and [the judge] did me right and let me out."

He adds, "The TSA did their job ... I just hate that it was me because I'm about positivity and motivation."

When asked if he will ask the court to return the gun, Wright tells us, "Yes, i want my gun back" ... but insists the next time he travels, he'll leave the piece at home.


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And now that I have gone back and read the comments, I think that Black ppl should absolutely oblige the TMZ white readers and NOT return to this site. i will be sure to spread the word. To the racists on this site, know that TMZ SOLICITS BLACK viewers. They post their sneaky links on Black sites to get them to come here so they can be ridiculed and disrespected by the ppl who come here on purpose. F*ck yall.

1157 days ago


Um.. GUNS ARE LEGAL in Georgia. He wasn't doing anything wrong, hence the possibility that he could forget. It is a REGISTERED, LEGAL gun that he purchased.

1157 days ago


Honestly you jerks with your racist comments so what if hes black and so what if he wants his gun back he paid for it and he has his license so wtf is it to you losers who have no life but to comment on his life and be negative about it whoever wantst to bring racial comments think about it white people rape their own children so stfu with you dumb low life comments W people are the worssssssst when it comes to weapons their life in general is just wrong!!! why do they make em? **** they are a waste of area and space im not white or black but you know what you guys need to keep your stupid ass negativity to yourselves this is why NOONE LIKES YOU GUYS not even latins or middle easterns or anyone noone likes you guys so stop being so damn dumb and brave to come on the computer and write racial comments get a guys r the ones who do stuff with ur own fam YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! and who cares if he wanted to carry his gun he has a valid license and guess what he is out NOW! they let him go he can carry his gun wherever he wants white people r the ones who do drugs on the plane do it infront of their own kids smmmmmmmh!!!!!! FFFFFFFF******** U GUYS!

1157 days ago


@JG I tell you what - I won't look it up. you send me the website proof that more caucasions own more gun. keep in mind we aren’t just talking about legally, i am talking about the illegally too. whites probably register their guns, so on paper it seems like they own more guns than blacks, but when a violent crime is committed by blacks, the gun in use is not registered. please send me the website proof that shows the number of guns (legally registered and not registered) owned by whites compared to blacks.

As for baby mama / ex wife. This is from wikipedia:
Lil Wayne has four children. His first child, daughter Reginae, was born when he was 15,[5] to his high school sweetheart Antonia "Toya" Carter (née Johnson). Wayne and Johnson married on Valentine's Day of 2004 and divorced in 2006.[90] Internet rumours started circulating in August 2008 that Wayne's daughter had died in a car crash, which however he quickly cleared up as false saying "Please allow me to dispel any rumors or speculations and report that my daughter is alive, healthy and surrounded by family who care and love her dearly. The rumors are completely false and unfounded; neither Reginae nor any other member of my family has been involved in any car accident."[91] His second child, Dwayne III, was then born on October 22, 2008 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.[92] His third child, Lennox Samuel Ari, was born to actress Lauren London on September 9, 2009.[93] He had his fourth child, Neal, on November 30, 2009 with singer Nivea.[94]

So he has 4 kids. 3 different baby mamas. 1 who was a baby mama for 7 years, then a mom for 2 years.

Hey JG, I mean this with respect – I think I am just frustrated with everything I hear on tv, and especially what I see first hand for over 20 years what I have worked in NYC. Of all the black people I know, only 1 guy’s parents are married, and he is a decent respectful guy. Plus he is the only one that doesn’t have a kid out of marriage. All the others just have moms and have no contact with their dads. They don’t think twice about stealing whatever they can from a desk or something small from a store. Plus a lot of them when they tell stories, they think with their fists rather then words. do you think there will be less violent acts by ALL (blacks and whites) if there was a father figure in the kids lives ? It frustrates me to see when people, especially blacks, just having kids and don’t support the whole family bond. It frustrates me because I see where they are going to be in 20 years. And it is sad.

1156 days ago


I trust that he forgot. Its no way he would do that. Just leave it home for sure next time Memp...

1156 days ago


thats crazy

1156 days ago


Damn he's handsome. Seems like a really nice guy. Tonya really upgraded, and seems happy.

1156 days ago


“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

1156 days ago


Why do people keep bringing guns into airports? I was just wondering....

1156 days ago

James Thomas    

If any of you Google Mickey Wright Sr. you will understand why this man carries a gun. I know him perosnally he is from the Memphis 10....very nice person and comes from a good family...Type in his father's name, read the story and then you will understand.

1156 days ago


Desert Eagle is one BIG and expensive handgun!

1156 days ago


first of all, it's a LICENSED firearm, so spare the gangster comments. Gangsters do not register their guns dumbasses. Why do that if you intend to commit crimes with it? You don't know which celebs carry arms, and u probably wont unless a story like this comes up about it. Their lives are threatened all the time by weirdos with nothing better to do, and if i were a celeb i would carry one for the protection of my family and self for sure.

1156 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

Geez, I have no clue who this guy is but doesn't he look like a sweet bar of smooth choco-lat-eee! Yum!

1155 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

Hey "marylo7in: 1 day ago" ----- F U and your F 'n sermon. Now, forgive me bytch!!! ha, ha! LOSER!!!!

1155 days ago
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