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Xtina's Lawyer Attacks Website

She's NO Child Abuser!

8/24/2011 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera is furious over an Internet report implying that she beat her son Max and gave him a black eye ... and now TMZ has learned she's threatening to sue.

Aguilera's attorney, Eric Greenspan, fired off a letter to ... after the site published a story under the headline, "CHILD ABUSE???? CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S SON IS PHOTO'D WITH A BLACK EYE!!!"

Greenspan writes, "Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself."

He adds, "To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable."

After threatening to pursue legal action against the site, Greenspan concludes, "HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!!"

MTO has since removed the child abuse reference from the headline.


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Media Take Out is by far one of the worst tabloid sites on the internet. You don't even have to read the stories. The headlines let you know that the writers are a bunch of illiterate, classless mud ducks.

1134 days ago

how lame    

Team Xtina!

1134 days ago


Glad you took it down I said before I didn't believe she abused her child. Little kids get bruised all the time from playing.

Why didn't people say this when Brad and Angie's kid, Shiloh, front tooth was knocked out.

1134 days ago


Sorry bad. I read it too was MTO who said that. That figures.

1134 days ago


There are lots of parents that leave their kids with nanny's while they GO TO WORK. Can't blame anyone for that. Secondly, accusing someone of child abuse with no proof is reckless. That's serious stuff. I have a three year old GIRL who get bumps and bruises DAILY. That's what kids do. Kids fall down, they trip... I'm not even a huge fan of her's, but these kinds of accusations are insane. Unfortunately, there are some sites/mags that will print ANYTHING to get attentions and there are always those brainless idiots out there that will believe it.

1134 days ago


When people aren't abusing their kids it's reported and when they actually are nobody seems to care. How many deceased children were victims of abuse and neighbors or family members failed to step in when they knew what was taking place?
It's highly unlikely Christina A is abusing her child. People shouldn't make allegations that can hurt an innocent person long term.

1134 days ago


REALLY justice4kelly?! you wrote the exact thing on another frame. Get a grip. I stand by my previous rebuttal.

1134 days ago


Anyone with kids/dog/cats/horses knows they will get bumped up in the course of normal life. It is a miracle they don't get screwed up more than they do. Right now I had a blood vessel in my eye bust, and I have a red spot on my eye. No big deal. GEEZ.

1134 days ago


Good for her its about time these websites that post untrue stories about people pay up to the victims, how dare they say something like that without knowing whats going on, I really doubt she would abuse her child as she was abused herself as a child by her father and knows how it feels and if she did dont you think the child's father would of filed for full custody by now? she is a good mother and doesnt deserve all the nasty comments and people judging her parent skills, just leave her alone.

1134 days ago


that is wrong to even go there,with no evidence at all. imagine how men feel, when women make stuff up,because they know that courts will respond to a married women, who cries abuse,even when there is none.

1134 days ago



1134 days ago

so u know    

Justice_4_Kelly, you are a close minded idiot if you judge a mother by their children's clothes or hairstyle

1134 days ago


She should be put away abusing that child like that, wait a min. never mind she'll get off, she's white, what was I thinking smh....

1134 days ago

Max Smart    

They should totally sue. I'm sick of these gossip websites defaming people for entertainment. It's so unfair to accuse someone of a crime with absolutely zero proof. Anyway, why not accuse the father or someone else? Why her? It's just so mean. If you don't like someone or their music, it doesn't make them a criminal, FFS. Kids get bruises all the time. My kid just broke his collarbone falling off his skateboard. Call child services. Lock me up. I'm so irresponsible cause I wasn't actually looking in his direction when it happened. I must be an unfit parent.

1134 days ago

There's a problem here    

FAIL. Sorry TMZ and everyone else. The kid apparently has a shiner on his right eye. Ms Aguilera is right handed, which means a strike of her child would cause a shiner on his left eye. Slow news day?

1134 days ago
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