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Xtina's Lawyer Attacks Website

She's NO Child Abuser!

8/24/2011 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera is furious over an Internet report implying that she beat her son Max and gave him a black eye ... and now TMZ has learned she's threatening to sue.

Aguilera's attorney, Eric Greenspan, fired off a letter to ... after the site published a story under the headline, "CHILD ABUSE???? CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S SON IS PHOTO'D WITH A BLACK EYE!!!"

Greenspan writes, "Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself."

He adds, "To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable."

After threatening to pursue legal action against the site, Greenspan concludes, "HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!!"

MTO has since removed the child abuse reference from the headline.


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Haha!!! I love the people who are telling personal stories about their own children's injuries. I have a secret to tell you...

1064 days ago


Please, my 1 year old was side stepping the fireplace bricks and thought he was being funny and I was not even 10 feet from him when I went to grab him, he fell and hit the side of our - thank God - oval side shaped TV and then walked to me to kiss it and I sat down on the sofa to comfort him and as he turned the wood crate coffee table, lost his balance from being dizzy and caught his eyebrow splitting it open. It happens and I was RIGHT within reach but didn't even expect it! He got 2 stitches and now he is 3 and thinks he is Batman and jumps from the top of the sofa to his big pillow, always jumps, never walks, fakes falls over all the sidewalk cracks in public, and that is just in one day with my son with me right by his side! Boys are superheros as far as they are concerned.

1064 days ago


People, please ~~ If you aren't famous, no one wants to hear about your kid falling down!

1064 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

STOP DRINKING...or whatever you are doing MS. AGUILERA...give the little boy to his father or his fathers people...clearly you have a problem...what is in the dark...(like his eyeball) will come to the light (like his eyeball)....clearly MS. A , needs help....nice voice but....This boy clearly should not be with support and let him have a life...before anything else happens...someone plz help this kid...this woman needs a break and so does this little kid....I am so done...

1064 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Clearly...he resembles his father and his family...maybe that is the issue...someone plz help him...just because she can sing and hide the truth...(MONEY)...what I really want to say ...will never be printed...but plz know how the story goes...I do not ever want to see this again...I can only imagine behind closed doors what she says and one will do a thing about it.....that is the sad part....JESUS.

1064 days ago


I am coining a new nickname for tabloids : "Stretchies"....they stretch the truth to gain readership.

1064 days ago


Ohhhh please sue Christina, I don't know if she is abusing her child but Mediatakeout posts truly bogus stories with misleading headlines all the time. No one should really believe any "sources" that they have because most of the time I think they just sit around and brainstorm about which celebrity to create a post on, true or false info... It really doesn't matter to them.

1064 days ago



1064 days ago


Stop hating on her and calling her fat because she isnt!

1064 days ago


Your fans are with u Xtina!!!

1064 days ago


LEAVE CHRISTINA AGUILERA ALONE! Every kid has gone through all kinds of hits and bruises by mistake! Leave the woman a break for god's sake!

1064 days ago


First of all, who ever believes media take out as a credible news source is completely insane, media take out is the worse of lies and made up storys to get the urban market to read its a complete waste of time and im completely appalled Christina Aguilera even sat down to believe the rubbish this website posts. its incredible you want real gossip read People Magazine, CNN or TMZ not these little rubbish website i hope the site gets closed down.

1064 days ago


Does she ever go anywhere without Matt and the nanny. That poor nanny works 24-7 for her she never gets a break to spend time with her own family. If she is such a great mother leave the boyfriend alone and spend sometime with Max by yourself with no help. Jordan does it all the time he is always photographed with him and Max thats it. He is the more stable parent. She is so selfish, I don't believe the abuse claims but everything else you can see thru photographs her idea of being a great parent is to let everyone else raise them. She looks even bigger now, she is a big Snookie. Kelly Osborne was right to defend herself, Christina ain't got a body no more.

1064 days ago


shes so busy getting horizontal shes no time for her son,,,boozing it up, pills acting like shes 20 shes a kid get a sitter & do that or curb that stuff,,, skank i lost all OF MY RESPECT WHEN SHE BLEW HER MARRIAGE, THE SONG ALL OF IT FOR "WHAT????????"

1064 days ago


Anyone with kids knows they jump and fall. No matter how many times you warn them no jumping on the bed/sofa or they will get hurt, you hear Waaaaaa and a terrible bruise shows up the next day. He's at an age he would tell someone anyway, if he was being intentionally hurt. She should not worry what the media says. They love drama.

1064 days ago
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