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Christina Aguilera

I Didn't Bruise Up My Baby!

8/24/2011 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_christina_ex_INFChristina Aguilera is firing back at rumors she's somehow responsible for a giant bruise on her son's face -- telling friends little Max simply had himself a little fall at the park ... chasing squirrels.

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon at LAX -- with rumors circulating that Christina's "erratic behavior and alleged booze-filled outings" somehow contributed to Max's accident.

But sources tells us, that's total nonsense -- 3-year-old Max was out with his nanny last week, chasing around squirrels ... and the kid tripped over a rock and bruised his face.

According to our sources, Max was taken to the doctor immediately and everything was fine. No broken nose, no stitches. Just your average boyhood bruise.

As one source put it, "Christina is a great mom ... Max is her #1 priority."



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That is one ugly kid.

1157 days ago


Great Mom and nanny should never be in same sentence.

There is no such animal as a great Mom with a nanny. If you have a nanny you clearly are NOT around enough to be a great Mom, and more likely than not, you shove the kid onto the nanny all day long...I know there are exceptions to the rule, but, the rule is....not so great of a Mother if you have a built in nanny.

And...a nanny with ONE kid? Hilarious. Don't give me any crap either, I rasied 3 without even a babysitter...24, 21, and 17 years old.

Besides, they tend to love the nanny more in this type of situation, and have zero respect for their Mothers once they are grwon ups.

1157 days ago


Obviously the people saying she doesn't take care of him don't have children. I have a two year old son and a 4 year old son. Boys play rough. My oldest got his first black eye when he was 3 because he tripped on a sidewalk. They always have some kind of bruise or scrape on them because they're always jumping, running, wrestling with each other, throwing toys, etc. When I take them outside, the first thing they want to do is play in dirt. Heck, even as a little girl, I remember having scraped knees and bruises from playing outside all the time. Also, kids that age are clumsy. It seems like every time I take my kids to their grandma's, my youngest trips on something and hits his head on her coffee table. People just need to lay off and stop making judgements. Boys will be boys, kids will be kids, and unless you dress them in bubble wrap, there going to have some kind of "boo-boo" for mommy to kiss and make better.

1157 days ago


seriously,,,when my son was around 2,,he was running and crashed right into the coffee table and got a black eye...We went to the mall the next day and the dirty looks that I got was unbelievable..I left the mall in tears because people looked at me like I hurt my baby...People just always assume the worst..

1157 days ago


People are so stupid!

1157 days ago


Ridiculous. Children get bruises all the time. My son had a black eye and a cut from falling on the pavement at daycare. If she really had something to hide she wouldn't take him out in public where he will get photographed so much.

1157 days ago


I don't believe the source as far as Christina puts Max as her number 1 priority, no one saw Jordan partying it up, drinking and driving doesn't matter if it was under the limit. Jordan is always with his kid he doesn't have the nanny around 24-7 he is the one who puts Max first. As far as the bruise yes accidents happen. She pays more attention to Matt Rutler rather than her own son pretty sad. For a woman who's song's are always about being an independent woman its pretty strange how weak and feeble Christina is she couldn't leave her husband without first cheating and then began dating the man she had an affair with. She is low and never buying her music again.

1157 days ago


holy overexaggeration batman

1157 days ago


My younger son actually ran into a door knob when he was 4 and had a massive black eye. I just knew CPS was going to be knocking on my door. Things like this really happen.

1157 days ago


Okay, so Max is her #1 priority, but he was, "With his nanny playing at the park"?? I'm a dad and I would never let ANYONE raise my kid. I will teach him to throw a ball, ride a bike, swim and chase squirrels.

1157 days ago


I'm sure it was an accident of some sort, but it's not innocous. I have three boys under four and we've been lucky enough to avoid something like THAT. That's ugly. Must have been some rock. Even celebrities are capable of abuse, but I concur with the people who asked why she would have him out and about like that if she was the one responsible.

1157 days ago


Kids fall. On another note...the poor kid looks like his dad...

1157 days ago

My two cents ;)    

She is John Heders mom? Isnt her kid Napoleon Dynomite?

1157 days ago


I believe it happen just the way Christina said it did. I don't believe for one moment she would hurt her child on purpose.

1157 days ago


I hope Christina Aguilera and her legal team start suing media outlets who started crap like this so they could make money off of it.Christina Aguilera love you and we know how much you love Max and would never do this. So stupid how people want to see you in such a bad light.

1157 days ago
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