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Floyd Mayweather

My Obnoxious Partying

Is Just An Act

8/25/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather
claims the only reason he parties his face off at nightclubs ... and passes out booze ... and flashes money ... and otherwise acts like a complete a-hole ... is JUST to promote his fights.

It's all in legal docs filed by Pretty Boy Floyd as part of his ongoing war with Manny Pacquiao -- this time, Mayweather responded to allegations that he was irresponsibly partying around the country instead of attending a deposition.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Mayweather claims the nightclubbing is "not random acts of partying, but calculated promotional events designed to appeal to his fan base and maintain his public presence."

Mayweather acknowledges that "many people hate him" because of his "Money" Mayweather alter ego -- but explains, "If even those who dislike him are willing to pay for the privilege of watching the fight, he is more profitable."

Mayweather also declares that he "does not drink, smoke or take drugs."

The fighter insists he MUST participate in these "promotional activities" -- and that's one of the reasons why he did not appear to be deposed on any of the dates requested by Pacquiao's camp.

So, we gotta ask ...

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noel nunez    

the judge is not an idiot to believe mayweather is not partying instead is in "promotional activities" as he claimed...he cannot fool everyone....

1133 days ago

John Ridel    

I don't think the judge will by that excuse. I think the Judge will simple ask for the dated business plan that details this type of marketing rather than a trying to call hap-hazard irresponsible attention garbing trip to strip clubs as promotional marketing.

1133 days ago

Robert Paulson    

I know a good way to maintain his public presence.... by boxing more than once every 2 years

1133 days ago


I partied with Mayweather a few years ago and he didn't consume one ounce of alcohol, but continued to buy bottles for his friends, and essentially me and my girlfriends, to drink. He is actually a pretty nice guy, took us all to his house and showed us pictures of his children and gushed over them, made no passes then went to bed and we all went home. Nothing like what he acts or is even portrayed to be.

1133 days ago


an ACT? how bout all the accusations to Pacman? an act too?well.. TELL THAT TO THE JUDGE.... GOOD LUCK!

1133 days ago


Yes, It's an act. And anyone who REALLY follows boxing knows better. For a lot of his early fights as "Pretty Boy Floyd" He was actually the "good guy". Against Zab Judah he was the "good guy" Carlos Baldomir and I could go on. The "Money Mayweather" Moniker came with the De la Hoya fight. That's when he started playing up the brash A-Hole card. In his early fights the only crazy thing he would do was talk stuff to old senile ass Larry Merchant or carry on conversations with the other announcers during a fight. He always claimed to be the best, but what fighter doesn't. Trust me if you know the history of Floyd, some of it is him but for the most part it's an act.

1133 days ago


many excuses, many alibis. Your one of the most idiot boxer int he world history, your a criminal and uneducated monkey gayweather!...your a coward!..duck duck quack quack!...the greatest chicken of all time!...

1133 days ago


Floyd is promoting a fight he's constantly running away from? What a p _ ssy!

1133 days ago


This guy will never fight Pacquiao. He wants to retain his undefeated status prompting his entrance into the Boxing Hall of Fame. He wants to preserve his clean record intact and leave the boxing game as flawless as he came in...and still is afraid to fight Pac Man!

1133 days ago


I know Floyd over 10 years personally, Its all about the hype. Floyd alone is just a regular guy. I know I have $$$ too and have rolled with him many nights. I'm just not famous. We talked about promoting many years ago. He it true to his family, friends. FWIW I'm a white boy and he treats me with respect like I treat him.

Its just business

that's how we roll

1133 days ago


all his doings is just an act, even his fight was an act!!! sounds like WWE.

1133 days ago

fausto tan    

Whatever that Money May intends to show by now, he could not escape being considered irresponsible and arrogant by the good people in the courts of America!

1132 days ago

fausto tan    

Whatever that Mayweather intends to show, he cannot escape being considered irresponsible and arrogant by the good people in America!

1132 days ago

joey garcia    

Wow! That was some joyride, huh? Well maybe we are all pretenders. Floyd himself said that he was just pretending when he had those "promotional activities"'. Is it possible that Qhadaffi is just pretending too? And the people he massacred are also pretending to be dead? Whew... we are all in the MATRIX.

1132 days ago


Dont worry Mayweather,Boxing Fans will Boycott your Fight,so you will see what kind of Respect you'll gonna get..

1132 days ago
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