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Jada Pinkett and Marc Anthony

"HawthoRNe" Crew Says They Didn't Hook Up

8/25/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_jaden_pinket_smith_x17_EXMultiple members of the crew that work on "HawthoRNe" tell TMZ ... it was clear to everyone that Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony were not intimate on the set.

The crew members we spoke with say ... they never saw anything inappropriate occur on the set.  They add ... it seemed as if Jada and Marc went out of their way to squelch rumors.  They would never run their lines together in their trailers but rather would do it out in the open, with an acting coach present.

And 3 crew members noted that Will Smith would sometimes come to the set while Jada was filming and, as one of them put it, "It looked like they were on their honeymoon."  No one we spoke with saw any conflict between the two.



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When you go "out of their way to squelch rumors," it's usually because there is something to hide.

1064 days ago


You know it is really sad that people have to use children to sell would any of you out there like it if a "news"paper or photographer constantly shadowed you or your family and EVERYTHING you did or said was fodder for gossip? IF they break up that is THEIR business and only they truly will know why so give it a rest. I personally think it's BS

1064 days ago


I am not saying that they cheated together, but my vast experience leads me to believe that having two attractive, healthy sexual people put together in a certain type of environment is never ever ever a good thing in terms of the two trying to remain monogamous. Once the flirting starts, it's pretty much game over. And with the consequences you have now created for yourselves which will include feelings of all consuming guilt, dismay, grief, depression, anxiety, and of course knowing full well that karma now has you in her cross hairs and no matter how you try to redeem yourself for your horrific cheating episode, there is no escaping the fact that your significant other will now be presented with a smoking hot, desirable, sexually proficient person for his/her lust perusal. Karmatic revenge, inescapable. Believe me I know from first hand experience from both sides of the coin. I have finally learned my lesson and pray for strength all the time.

1064 days ago


Are you kidding me??? between Marc Anthony & Will Smith there is MILES of distance, this is TMZ, BS makes me sick! Jada is too smart for that!

1064 days ago


will dump this ho for charlize theron! you could be with charlize and still be with an african american woman

1064 days ago


doesn't everyone know that she and Will have an OPEN relationship. So if she DID sleep with Marc, Will knows about it !!! But this is to be expected if you saw the love scene on her Series, "Hawthorne". It's actually giving her show a "boost".

1064 days ago


Be honest, would you actually come out and say ANYTHING negative about your boss who you are financially dependent upon and who has a very rich, high-profile husband? Hmmmmm, she was giving him (Anthony) a HOT lap dance during one episode, probably wasn't ALL acting lol.

1064 days ago


All I can say is all the money in the world can't make him look better! I know looks aren't everything but come on!

1064 days ago


Marc and Jada should release a sex video.

1064 days ago

Like anyone needs to confirm this. He's disgusting and she's a lesbo.

1064 days ago


Jada likes women, not men. I'd wonder about that woman coming out of the trailer before I'd wonder about Marc!

1064 days ago


I believe the Jada and Marc story, why do you think Jennifer left Marc? I knew there was more to that story .... not a coincidence this is happening just a little while after the Jennifer and Marc split.

1064 days ago


dont see the attraction, marc anthony looks like my friends chiwawa,

1064 days ago


@Jodi ~ I've been married 13 yrs to my handsome husband. Still in love & wouldn't trade him for ANYTHING! :)

1064 days ago


People are so stupid. Just because Jada and Marc's CHARACTERS hooked up on a TV show doesn't make it real. It's called "acting" for a reason. Damned reality TV has really messed people up -- now people think everything on TV is "reality". Get a life, people.

1064 days ago
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