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Jani Lane 911 Call

Nobody Wants to Touch the Body

8/24/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Jani Lane's body was discovered at an L.A. hotel earlier this month, no one at the scene wanted to go near him... even to check if he was still alive -- this according to the 911 call obtained by TMZ.

According to the caller -- a lady at the front desk -- housekeepers discovered the body ... but no one would touch it to check for a pulse.

The dispatcher replies, "It would be nice to know if we can help him" -- but the hotel staff at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, CA still refused.

As we previously reported, investigators found a half-empty bottle of vodka and prescription pills on the scene. Toxicology results are expected shortly. Calls to the hotel haven't been returned.


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Prince Von A-Hole    

TMZ sure can milk these death stories long after the cow has dried up.

1158 days ago

And another thing!    

The girl said his eyes and mouth were open and they thought he was dead. They got close enough to him to draw that conclusion. I'm sure they tried to wake him up by yelling and such. Don't be so quick to judge those people. You don't know what he looked like and he could have appeared very obviously dead. They didn't know how he died. That girl on the phone didn't see him either. She was just calling. Plus, how many people are quick to rush into a room and feel up on a strangers dead body? Not too many. You guys say you would in a minute are lying. You just say it because it's Jani Lane. Some poor chick making minimum wage is supposed to deal with this? Nah, dead body detail ain't in the job description.

1158 days ago


I would be uncomfortable touching a dead body, escepcially that of someone I didn't know.

1158 days ago


Yeah I have to admit it, I don't think I'd be running over to check him out either. I'd be too freaked out. They should have people at the hotel 24/7 who could deal with an emergency though.

1158 days ago


I would probably have done the same... I wouldn't want to touch a dead body either. Though I can't believe not one person couldn't it. Maybe they were too afraid it was a murder. Hotels are strange places.

1158 days ago


Also if there's blood at the scene you can catch all kinds of deadly diseases. When people go to clean up a crime scene they are covered from head to toe.

1158 days ago


Hopefully this will be a wake-up call to Comfort Inn headquarters that their franchises are in desperate need of some training. This is pathetic. Don't stay at a Comfort Inn if you have health problems. Apparently no one will help you if you have a medical emergency.

1158 days ago


Wow, that was so beyond ****ed up.

1158 days ago


That is the saddest thing i think i have ever heard...made me cry. R.I.P. Jani...i would have tried to help you.

1158 days ago


Nice people at that hotel - I'll make sure never to check in there, especially if I'm ill. What a dump!

1158 days ago

A viewer    

Cold-hearted losers. Dump hotel. I'm really sad.

1158 days ago


I was a Medical Examiner who investigated deaths at the scene and the body would be obviously dead after a day and you would not want to touch it for health reasons.

1158 days ago


OMG, she was going to call Maintenance to have them check on the body!? Insane. It is a person, not an appliance!

1158 days ago


This is sick. No one was willing to go in and check his pulse? Really? From reports - he was already dead, but still.. How would they know that without checking the pulse? And you're telling me the hotel did not have a defib/AED? Someone should have checked his pulse, start CPR and hook up a defib.. I am sure that hotel has an AED unit.

This is truly shameful. If he had been bloody and it was obvious he was dead, because of a bloody mess.. then I could see why they didn't want to help, but wow - he was just lying there dead and they did NOTHING?

1158 days ago

Billy Zoom    

Touching a collapsed junkie is not in the job description for minimum wage staff at a fleabag.

1158 days ago
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