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Jani Lane 911 Call

Nobody Wants to Touch the Body

8/24/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Jani Lane's body was discovered at an L.A. hotel earlier this month, no one at the scene wanted to go near him... even to check if he was still alive -- this according to the 911 call obtained by TMZ.

According to the caller -- a lady at the front desk -- housekeepers discovered the body ... but no one would touch it to check for a pulse.

The dispatcher replies, "It would be nice to know if we can help him" -- but the hotel staff at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, CA still refused.

As we previously reported, investigators found a half-empty bottle of vodka and prescription pills on the scene. Toxicology results are expected shortly. Calls to the hotel haven't been returned.


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I think this is disgusting and appalling! Okay, so maybe a dead body freaks people out...fine. And maybe the area is known for shady things which would really make staff want to stay out of the room...fine. And the person who said they work at a motel and staff is not trained for these things...fine. Although, someone there...and at any job for that matter...should be trained for this type of situation where someone may need CPR. I also know of hotels where if you request a wake-up call and don't answer after a couple tries, they will come check on you in the room. Of course, those hotels are not the Comfort Inn. Either matter what the situation is here...I agree with the person who commented, "Where is the sense of urgency in this call?" I agree, she sounds like a 3 year old. And it sounds like a casual call to order a pizza or something. Sad and disgusting! And finally...if you are going to be in the United States, learn the language!!! When I visit other countries, they don't cater to English just because I am there.

1123 days ago


Ask to see the security camera footage of who checked Jani in at the Comfort Inn. What friend left a note in his pocket? If they are not returning phone calls, TMZ staff camp out there, better yet, have a flash mob there!!!

1123 days ago


thats nice, seems the more dumb you are these days better chance for a job w.t.f.

1123 days ago


In the first place, this woman sounds scared just like anyone would be. I'm sure they don't find dead bodies in their rooms every day. In the second place, her English may be a bit rough but she is totally understandable. The lady can speak English. I'm also wondering how through a damn 911 call, people just know she's illegal and everyone else there is too. Foreign nationals can get the U.S. citizenship. Talk about assumptions. "Oh my, a foreign accent. Must be illegal." In the third place, she did say his mouth and eyes were open. The man was dead. And no I sure as hell won't touch a dead body. Sorry folks. Since they don't know how he died they decided to leave well enough alone. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble by tampering with a crime scene and at that point, it was a crime scene. Just because we all know who Jani Lane was doesn't mean they did and a lot of these reactions are emotion. He was a stranger to these people so get off it. These people were probably frightened by finding a dead body in that room and none of us have any idea how we or anyone else would react to that. People think they're so damn smart.

1123 days ago


Yeah, I totally agree with MetalGoddess, most of these comments are highly emotional. For many reasons, legal and safety-wise, you should never touch a dead body. How many crime scenes have been disrupted due to tampering before police and ambulance arrived? If Jani's eyes & mouth were open, the 911 operator should have assumed he was dead and never asked anyone to check further. I'm actually a bit shocked that he did this!

This was a Comfort Inn, guys, not the Ritz or a Four Seasons, or even a Holiday Inn. What do you expect? I'm sure they get their share of the criminal element trafficking through and have to remain cautious. My question is, who signed Jani into the hotel? He had no ID, so someone had to sign for him.

1123 days ago


If anyone has every seen a dead person even after 3 or hours .. you KNOW THE FRICKER is DEAD. There is no need to do CPR to a corpse.

1122 days ago


Seriously?? Maybe the Comfort Inn should teach their employees CPR and English! All I can say is that I hope Karma is a bitch to all the employees there!

1122 days ago

aunt acid    

Don't act surprised people. Ya'll don't want to pay full price for a hotel room and go on the discount hotel sites, it's the staff that suffers. Hotel desk clerks rarely make over minimun wage. You want a staff that speaks English AND knows CPR?!? A hotel that does not pay decent wages for it's employess isn't going to spring for de-fib heart shocker. You want a cheap hotel room? Try not to die while you are there.

1121 days ago


******** wouldnt even check him. maybe hed been alive if they done cpr

1121 days ago


this story has inspired me to start a FB page.."Boycot Comfort In for Jani Lane.Please join.

1120 days ago

Teresa E.    

You know, besides all this, where was his WIFE?! Was she not perhaps in the know that he had a PROBLEM?! I could see that on the Metal Show, how skinny he was. Could she not pick up a phone that HE provided in the house SHE lived in that was his and get this guy some help?! I know the saying, you can't make and addict get help, all the BS, but come on, it sounds like this had been going on for some time since he had been kicked out of the Woodland Hill******on for trashing the room. I'm sure he had to have come home at some time between then, and sorry, I believe that there could have been something, at least an attempt to get this guy some help. He had been battling weight (over) issues in the past; now he was so skinny. DUH! Did she see that? Did whoever put that note in his pocket know that? Is this a case of him being worth more dead than alive? I hope not. If my husband was doing that, I would have done something more than was done in this situation so that the poor man does not DIE. This is ridiculous. She knew. Others knew. What was done? Nothing.

1120 days ago

That's right folks! We here at Comfort Inn offer the most comfortable places to stay where you could literally sleep in until you're dead. And yes, we actually honor your request when you have the 'do not disturb' notice on your door!! Too sad. Jani was one of my rock heroes. RIP.

1119 days ago

Big heat elf    

I could be wrong, but isnt it a law for all hosptality entities to have the their staff (or spacific members of their staff) trained to use an AED, and their establishment be outfitted with AED units now?

1119 days ago


Our Tribute to / Last Interview with the Late JANI LANE episode of the TV Show is NOW up on ~ Hope you enjoy it. R.I.P. JANI LANE 1964 – 2011. Denise Ames, News Anchor/Host, Los Angeles

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Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames.

1118 days ago


Good Grief! What has this world come to????

1118 days ago
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