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Kardashian Wedding


By TV Producers

8/25/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


While Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were busy getting married ... TV producers were hard at work behind the scenes SCRIPTING a special moment between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick ... and it was all caught on tape.

Listen to the walkie-talkie chatter between producers behind the scenes, choreographing the moment Scott and Kourtney decide to bring up the possibility of getting married themselves.

Sounds like K and S are going to go along with the plan to get hitched too ... because when production was wrapping on Kim's big day, one of the lead producers tells the crew, "See you at Kourtney's wedding."



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My question is, why do people even care? Kim and her family have no relevance in my life. Its entertainment. Kris is a business women. Who in her own mind feels obligated to set up her children for life, she has made this very known through her reality show and interviews. Who can blame her because we are going through some tough economical times and if she feels that she is morally good for doing so then why should we judge.

1120 days ago


Jesus GOD! Do these people not know how much animosity they are creating toward themselves. In this time of high unemployment and a tanking economy they want to shove their "charmed" lives down everyone's throats. When the people rise up the Kardasian's will be one of the first to fall....I'm just saying......

1120 days ago


I realized this show was fake when Scott came on the scene. His acting in the beginning was so horrible it gave everything away (though he's improved a lot). Once the gears started turning in my head, everything seemed to fall into place. I found it telling that Khloe mentioned Kris H asked her if her marriage was fake. What would make him think that if his was real? And when Kim lost her diamond earring in Bora Bora and started crying, Kris H asked her sister if she was faking. Why would he assume Kim was fake crying over losing $75,000 unless he was used to her faking everything?

1120 days ago


So it's a shock that reality TV is scripted ? I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale,cheap, anyone interested ?

1120 days ago


IS it just me or is Kourtney the most attractive of the Kardashians? She is really pretty in a natural way and doesn't have the huge fake butt. And overblown boobs.

1120 days ago


DUH. Their family used to be so cool, loving towards each other and really interesting to watch their dynamic but now they are just studio robots, doing everything for CA$H's all fake fake fake. Kim and her fake husband disgust me...eff them on to the next

1120 days ago


What a bunch of PATHETIC JERKS. I cannot even imagine FOR MONEY living my life like this. People watching these morons are making them milliionaires. I would love to know WHO LEAKED THIS? LOL. I believe now it's all for show that K and K were married for 30 MILLION.

1120 days ago


I have a new concept for a show that will make a lot of money and make everyone happy.

The Show would be a new story each week written by up and coming writers. It would run about 1 hour 20 minutes for the story and ten minutes for judging and voting. There could be a couple shows a week, one pertaining to westerns, one for Scifi, one for Drama etc. That way we get the best of the best and we don't have to watch reality TV anymore. For once they get back into the swing of writing stories along the lines o*****ood book then there wouldn't be any more reality TV. Writers have just gotten lazy and have forgotten how to write. Give them something good to write about and they will. Give them reality TV and there is no reason to write good material. What have we got to lose but reality TV.

1120 days ago


guess TMZ didn't like my first post. Let's try this one. I don't think these two are meant to be permanent. The guy still wants to play immature games instead of growing up. I think once the show finally wraps, he will move on to greener pastures, which don't include her or the kid or kids. nothing seems to last in this toxic world of celebrities.

1120 days ago


I just can't fathom why Kim and Kris got married. His body language in all the photos I've seen them together says he is just not that into her. I think he was told when to do it and how. He had the look of a deer in the headlights. How do I get myself out of this mess....but as we all saw it wasn't meant to be, he couldn't get away and now he is stuck with the leftovers of all those guys before him. I hope they are paying him a lot of money for this farce.

1120 days ago


They are all a bunch of fakes! and they are making millions of dollars?? they don't even have any talent, and this is all Kris's fault she is the one who set this all up! why do you think Kourtney told her mom she's is always controlling.

1120 days ago


Didn't something like this happen when Khloe got married, too? Producers were overheard on walkie talkies talking about the next thing Khloe was going to do.. Not a shocker at all.

1120 days ago


All of the Kardashians have a greasy complexion. They really should use some other brand of skin cleaner.

1120 days ago


Stop being hater

1120 days ago


So I guess we have to suffer through the next scripted wedding and then a couple scripted births and like the energizer bunny this just keeps going and tired of seeing this family.

1120 days ago
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