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Will and Jada All Smiles

In PR Overdrive

8/24/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett put on a full court press to show their marriage is solid -- but truth is there's trouble in paradise ... and Marc Anthony may be involved.

Plus, HUGE surprise -- JUSTIN BIEBER dropped by to show off his new "moustache" (his word, not ours), and revealed why he wants to go back to his native Canada ... when he grows up!

Plus, Jerry Buell -- the teacher who was suspended for bashing gay marriage on Facebook calls in -- but, now, REFUSES to reveal his opinion of homosexuality.


(3:00) Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's perfect marriage may be on the rocks -- and Marc Anthony is supposedly in the middle.
(5:15) Will addressed the whole ordeal during a super smiley shopping trip with Jada today.
(10:30) Did Jada split up Marc and J.Lo?
(18:03) Jerry Buell -- the teacher who was suspended for bashing gay marriage on Facebook -- is on the phone!
(26:10) Jerry refuses to state his opinion on homosexuality.
(31:00) Justin Bieber is in the house! How did he get here?
(33:00) Bieber's growing a stash?
(34:00) Bieber is cutting a Christmas album -- Harvey wants ONE Jewish song on it.
(36:15) Where does Bieber wanna live in the future?
(41:00) Sports talk with Deb Carson.

No Avatar

some guy    

It's true. He's already expressed his opinion. I've cast my judgement.

1165 days ago

some guy    

I believe him. I just hope this guy thinks twice about posting some rant that can be traced to him. Anonymity's a wonderful thing.

1164 days ago


Charles, a little sensitive huh? I am amazed that Harvey gets so much sh*t from employees in the morning meetings (show) and how mean some of the comments targeted toward him are. And your show's comments concerning hayden panitiere and any sexual innuendos, way uncalled for and just plain mean. - At what price a cheap laugh? - It takes a lot less talent and guile (trying) to be funny while being mean. Maybe Charles' reaction should be a wake-up call to strive for a higher level of entertainment without the outright mean intent. (now let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya)

1164 days ago

nee nee    

didn't the teacher use the word "cesspool" in his rant ?.. sounds like he's against more than just the marriage part

1164 days ago


Geeze Harvey, enough about this teacher and his views, WTF cares. What happened to TMZ, the celebrity site? What happened to answering our questions?

1164 days ago

some guy    

Blah blah blah First Amendment blah blah blah

Can we move on? Lindsay run over any cones lately?

1164 days ago


Gay Teen suicide is an epidemic, especially in Florida. There is also a new law in Florida barring Teachers from 'friending' students on Facebook, likely stemming from cases like this one.

A teacher has a higher responsibility to the kids, I believe.

The teacher DOES have a right to speak his mind, but not where his students will find it, especially on a subject as radioactive as this one.

Florida is NOWHERE near a gay friendly state, whatsoever. We got more bigoted people here, and they vote.

No marriage rights, no legal protections. You can be fired for just being gay. Is why what he said is so potentially damaging to the kids, especially the gay students who still live in closeted fear....

1164 days ago

Alberta Guy    


1164 days ago


Come onnnn! no way would Jada be interested in Skeletor.

1164 days ago


Are you really trying to make this guy lose his job???

1164 days ago


Is the surprise Shaq????

1164 days ago

some guy    

LMAO... fo realz, playa?

1164 days ago

some guy    

How cute... how long ago did teh Bieb***** puberty?

1164 days ago

Flying Blind    

that's one dorky looking kid, rich, but dorky looking.

1164 days ago

some guy    

What about the one where teh Biebs gets eaten by lions? I love that song.

1164 days ago
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