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Will Smith and Jada

Marriage Trouble

8/24/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are having significant problems in their marriage, but they have NOT made a decision to separate ... at least not yet -- this according to sources connected with the couple.

Reports have been swirling that the couple has separated.  We're told it's "definitely a possibility" but they haven't pulled the trigger.  In fact, we've learned Will, Jada and their kids are going away together soon -- as a family.  Our sources would neither confirm nor deny if the trip is a last ditch effort to save the relationship.

We also asked our sources about the somewhat curious statement from Will and Jada, that their marriage is "intact."  Specifically, why didn't they go the more traditional PR route and say they're still in love and committed to each other?  Our sources privately said, the language was carefully constructed.

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maybe there's a silver lining here... maybe they'll stop pushing their too young and no talent kids on us.

1165 days ago

Sonja James    

I think it is pretty sorry, that magazines have to spread stuff in order to sell them. If this couple is having problems in their marriag, as all couples at some point and time, they need to be left alone. These are people who do their jobs, that's what they get paid to do. When they are done with their jobs, they are plain people, with same sort of problems John Q. Public has and who cares what their personal live are. It is THEIR lives, leave them alone.

1165 days ago


Jada is one angry, pissed off looking black woman. She is unattractive and I'm very sick of this family. Tmz really features all the blacks with their problems and behavior issues with the law on a daily basis. It's endless!
One story after the next!

1165 days ago


I suspect Jada is tired of the wacky world of Scientology.

1165 days ago


I thought they had an open marriage? So what's the big deal?

1165 days ago


This all goes back to Scientology and their take on divorce.
The Smith's for all intents and purposes are separated and will list a date a month or so prior when the papers are taken out. There's no going back...

1165 days ago


@Tomcruiseisnuts. What the heck are you babbling about? Jada Pinkett Smith HAS GIVEN BIRTH to 2 children. Moreover she is a feminine, beautiful, petite, mere 5 ft. tall! She's no "drag queen," you blind idiot! And Will Smith is 6 ft. tall and muscle-packed -- as evident to anyone with EYES -- especially the millions of people who saw him in I ROBOT, ALI, and Han****!!! So he's no "wife." Stop trying to project your OWN weirdness onto others. Who are you racist dimbulbs?

1165 days ago


Is it just me, or does Jada look high in a some of those pictures??

1165 days ago


Wow, there are some truly jealous people posting on TMZ! LOL As they say, don't hate the player, hate the game. Some of you sound pissed because Will & Jada have more money and fame than you will ever have if you live 10 lifetimes. I'm sorry if you have a job you hate that pays little, are married to an ugly man or woman, are raising underachiever kids, and your life sucks. Maybe if you did more with YOUR pathetic life, you wouldn't have time to worry about what is or isn't going on with Will & Jada.

1165 days ago


Not surprised, a picture does not lie. Jada seem to be unhappy years ago. Dance around the issue of leaving all you want, from experience all the rich surroundings in the world cannot keep you in a unhappy marraige, those things are going to turn to salt, you are going to get up one day and walk away. Hope Jada knows trying to save face for the kids or press is not going to help her, those two feet of hers with her spirit is going to take her right through that door.

1165 days ago


who cares

1165 days ago

JUstin .. For some strange Reason , there are no positive things happening to African-Americans in TMZ lala-land..Always negative stories , never's so funny !!!but pathetic and sad at the same time..This is practicing diversity to

1165 days ago


Oh say it isn't so.... they seem so good together. Don't give in and be a statistic! Marriage always has rough spots...but this too shall pass!

1165 days ago


the episode between Jada and Marc is what you call realacting. J-lo should take some pointers from Jada. i can'rt believe you people take a love scene and turn everything into a divorce. and where in the He!! would somebody come up with the smiths are Gay.Get real people this blak couple is staying together. and bout the kids being exploited does that goes for the cameron family the douglas family the sheen family the Gyllenhal family the dane family all of these families started out young acting..scarlet johannsen and brother. nobody gives a rats azz about those families so why berate the Smith family. just stop the maddness and leave them alone to deal with what ever they need to. Dumb Azz People.

1165 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I didn't know they had an open relationship. This is a non-story that's getting blown out of proportion. Even Julia Roberts, in Notting Hill had to constantly face these types of "rumors".....

1165 days ago
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