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Casey Anthony


8/26/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony ain't wasting her time while she serves her probation in Florida -- TMZ has learned, she's going back to college ... on the Internet.

Sources close to Casey tell TMZ, she hasn't decided what field to pursue just yet -- but she's adamant about bettering herself while confined to the Sunshine State ... and wants to start taking online courses ASAP.

We're told Casey will hit the books from the comfort of her own home -- which is doubly convenient ... because after numerous death threats, she doesn't plan to spend much time outside.

And to make sure she stays safe -- we're told Casey has the entire place on lockdown ...with a 24-hour security team.


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Cleveland Gal    

It must be nice! A child murderer can afford (I don't know how) to attend college but people who obey the laws and don't take children's lives can't afford to go.

1065 days ago

John T.    

Now that we all know that she is sitting at a computer in some house, we know that the baby killer is bored out of her mind and reading all the posts about her. So this go's out to you Casey, we are all praying some nut job out there puts one between your ugly eyes . The world hates you and you will never have a life or peace. Your a lier, thief, murder, slut,and we all hate you to no end.Take all the schooling you want till your 80, no one will ever hire your skanky ass.

1065 days ago

Hey Now    

One tiny little problem: She didn't finish high school! So unless she's getting a GED first or is actually going to Clown College I'm not buying it.

1065 days ago


And the money for this (rent, security, computer access, the computer itself) come from where?

1065 days ago


How do you go back to college when you never finished high school? Who is paying for those classes?

1065 days ago


What do you mean "Back to college"? She never finished high school... how is she starting college?

1065 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

What online college offers courses in Duct-Tape Anesthesiology?

1065 days ago

D. Moon    

Tmz as comedians gets an F

1065 days ago


My question is....who is paying for all of her security? The State of Florida? I'd be PISSED!

1065 days ago


My nephew has been living with me since Feb. when he lost his job and his apartment. He is working again (part time), but it is not enough to pay for rent anywhere. But I have to say, (no mean-ness intended) but I wish to God that he would LEAVE!

Now, as most of you here know what it is like to have a relative from out of town stay with you. Just think of how this Dorothy Sims or whoever it is that is providing Casey's shelter, utilities, food, etc. must be going through. And, Casey is not even family!! I am sure that whoever it is, will not tolerate seeing or dealing with someone like Casey sitting around all day long and eating and having fun - day in and day out. Also, in time - whoever it is - is going to get sick and tired of her (for numereous reasons) and want her out. Then where and what will Casey go and do?

Most people do not like being taken advantage of in any manner, shape or form. And, Casey being Casey - will no doubt do to these helpers of hers - what she has done to everyone else - past & present. She is going to use them for All they have to give - then turn her back on them!

So this Dorothy Sims or whoever it is that is sheltering and protecting, feeding, caring for, etc. Casey Anthony - you will find (in the end) that it wasn't worth any of it and all you have been through for her sake was a waste and you got Scrrewed! And it will serve you right!

1065 days ago


So she's been in jail for three years, is unemployed .. how is she affording a place to live, college (even online costs money) and a freakin' 24hour Security 'Team'?? Have to wonder who is footing this bill.

1065 days ago


She never graduated from highschool and quit her senior year so how can she go to college? She's a dumbass and even lied to police saying she was about to graduate from college when she never even attended college much less graduate from even highschool. This is all bs coming from her attorney Bozo.

1065 days ago


When did she become independently rich?

1065 days ago


I seriously think she should be studying one of the few
fields that she might actually have a talent for, which is
that of a sex worker. This would also pay off for her
detractors in that the opportunity for her to be degraded,
stricken by a nasty, uncureable STD, or even killed on
the job is so very possible. This is after she is released
from probation, of course. David Jong has volunteered
to grade her video cam samples, any graded A+ of
course are to immediately forwarded to me.

1065 days ago


When I took some of my college courses online I couldn't even be treated with respect. Casey thinks studying online will be better? She's mistaken. Unless she perhaps changes her name completely. Even then, the stuck up students are still rude prudes.

1065 days ago
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