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Chris Brown, Rihanna Case

Chris' Neighbors Want

Probation Revoked

8/25/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Brown domestic battery case (over Rihanna) just took a bizarre turn, when the prosecutor revealed in court today that Chris' neighbors are trying to get him in trouble with his probation officer over what has become an epic, Hatfield and McCoy feud.

The brouhaha centers around Chris' West Hollywood condo, where residents have complained Chris is the neighbor from hell.  As we first reported, Chris' neighbors claim he incessantly parks in handicapped spaces, blares music at all hours, and even vandalizes the property.

In court, the prosecutor told the judge ... the homeowners association will send a letter to Chris' probation officer, claiming he's violated various laws by his conduct in the building and has therefore violated one of the terms of his probation -- to obey all laws.

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, called the biggest complainer "a nut," adding that Chris is the victim of the management in the building, who misled him over the parking spots.  Geragos also said he's met with the West Hollywood City Attorney, and believes the numerous citations Chris received for parking in a handicapped spot will be dismissed.

The judge is noodling over the conflict.



No Avatar


So what if he blasts music when you sleep or when he park in the handicapped spaces **** you and leave him the **** ALONE YOU WACK ASS MARK ASS BITCHESSSSSSSS. And thats on the mother****in set cuzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1124 days ago

sammie lammie     

u guys can call him bad all u want he may have done some bad things in the past but God has forgiven him and so should we. tha***** true fans do. we don't know if that is true. i mean how can he be havin parties if he is working most of the day and nite. there r probably a bunch of ppl living in same complex who be doing vandalism. and if those ppl don't have proof that they saw he do it then they need to chill out

1124 days ago


HA ha i see the Haters in Full Form Lmao!!..i love Breezy he's only Guy that can get the haters lickin on his ********!!

1124 days ago


chris who? who is this chump??

1124 days ago


Chris brown can afford all those cars but he can't afford to buy a house? If he really felt like his neighbors are out to get him then why stay? Also if he is receiving citations for parking then why is he continuously parking in the same spot? this kid is such an idiot, he thinks that he can do whatever he wants, and when he gets mad he throws temper tantrums like a child. Send him to a real man so he can get his a** whooped, because that is what he needs. He needs to grow up and move. maybe then he will have less problems.

1124 days ago


I feel bad for Chris Brown. Can't he just live his life without people constantly on his sac? But whatever you all shall continue to talk ONLINE but I bet money if you ever saw Chris in person, you wont have sh-t to say. BET MONEY. I'm so disgusted by most of these comments.

1124 days ago


please go swimming with sharks chris

1123 days ago


Who is he?

1122 days ago


People are ALWAYS going to bag on him for little mess! All I'm hearing in this article is the facts AGAINST Chris Brown. Let me here the other side, then THE TRUTH and then I'll give my opinion on the situation. It's getting ridiculous people...let it go and move on.

1122 days ago


wow he is crazy

1122 days ago


my opinion is nobody really knows what is going on where he is living. For all we know the neighbors could be still mad cause he did get off easy. Or he really could be a bad neighbor. Another thing. For the people saying he has no talent and this other nonsense. He is obviously richer than all of you. Also the last time I checked he is not the first person to hit a woman. So people please stop acting like you are all perfect.

1122 days ago


He's been workin and not at home most the time sounds like lies to me. Unless others live at his house and are doing these things....

1122 days ago


Those are all punishable by fines. When he hits one of you and you get it recorded on your cell then talk about revoking probation.

1122 days ago


Ok, I'm not a huge Chris Brown fan (although I was before the Rhianna incident) but can everyone just chill a little. Yes, I agree that he should be able to buy a house with the money we assume he makes but maybe because of all this bad press he's not as rich as everyone thinks. I think everyone deserves a second chance. Especially when Rhianna is recording songs about S&M while all of this is going on. Talk about a mixed message.

1122 days ago


The HOA freaks are just looking to evoke some kind of non-existing power. I mean really?!?!?!

1122 days ago
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