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Xtina's Lawyer Attacks Website

She's NO Child Abuser!

8/25/2011 1:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera is furious over an Internet report implying that she beat her son Max and gave him a black eye ... and now TMZ has learned she's threatening to sue.

Aguilera's attorney, Eric Greenspan, fired off a letter to ... after the site published a story under the headline, "CHILD ABUSE???? CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S SON IS PHOTO'D WITH A BLACK EYE!!!"

Greenspan writes, "Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself."

He adds, "To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable."

After threatening to pursue legal action against the site, Greenspan concludes, "HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!!"

MTO has since removed the child abuse reference from the headline.

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No Avatar

Shannon Gold    

I highly doubt that Christina Aguilera had anything to do with her son's black eye, although it is inexcusible that she screwed up "The Star-Spangled Banner". There is this video where she is rehearsing and she was fantastic. Being the diva that she is stopped near the end of the song. And that cost her.

1163 days ago


Looks to me like both eyes are bruised-she wasn't present when he got the bruises-was he with a nanny? The first time I saw the photo I thought he looked like the kid from the the movie The Shining-Danny I think was his name(redrum-redrum-if you have seen the movie you know what I'm talking about)Oh Christina-you and Britney can't a break with the kids I guess.Probably the accusations have no merit.But will you please get another stylist for the next season of The Voice-it was painful to see the overdone bleached out hair-too much makeup-boobs always hanging out-shorts so short that everything visible. Sort of like a trashier version of Dolly Parton-only thing is Dolly seems to make it work for her.

1163 days ago


There should be laws against these tabloids making false accusations . Sue the hell out of them .

1163 days ago


I am not a fan of Christina's but, I have a son that is 4years old and he get bruises, scrapes, and scratches every day. Boys are tough and wil get into anything. I don't think that she abused the kid and feel that she should sue if they have no proof that she did it.

1163 days ago


Not a real good looking kid.

1163 days ago


My daughter is quite the tomboy. She has had more injuries than I can possibly count, and she is only just now 5 years old. She plays rough, period. Several months ago, I warned her not to run so fast on a sidewalk. She didn't listen, and proceeded to trip face first. It took an entire month for her bruised FACE to subside. Recently, her two year old brother head-butted her in the cheek. Big bruise from that one also. People need to understand that young children will have injuries. They can't comprehend every single possible consequence as adults often do. I myself was often bruised as a child; I was a much rougher tomboy than my daughter. I had fun! I was never overweight, like the children, and even babies that you see currently. While I believe that many of today's lawsuits are ridiculous, I do feel that Christinia is within her full rights to file suit on this one. To accuse someone of child abuse without any type of evidence or provocation is unforgivable, being that CPS oversteps their boundaries on a daily basis. I applaud Christina on this one. People should not be allowed to 'report' of even hint at child abuse unless they are truly concerned.

1163 days ago


damn -too bad it's not Halloween yet he wouldn't need any make up ...he looks like the type of kid who would ram his head into something like a tree or bench.. if she abused him she would not walk around with him all bruised and stuff I don't think she is that dumb

1163 days ago


God bless her...kid looks like a handful and i don't think it will be the last bump on his head. Man, it must have been a wallop he took in the park...jeepers. Get well kid.

1163 days ago


Is that a black eye or does he play football and is trying to keep the sun out, LOL?

1163 days ago


gotta be kidding son had 2 concussions, a broken finger, and a broken nose (which possibly another concussion with)...all of which were done by his own doing...being a kid, playing hard...did I get looks taking him to the emergency room? You bet your ass I did..and that is warranted...but does suck sitting in the ER knowing your kid has had an accident, and being looked at like a child abuser until they find out the facts.

1163 days ago


I realize child abuse certainly occurs in our country way too often. However, things are out of control. Between inept Child Protective Service Agencies who take children at homes with good parents, while leaving them quite often with real abusers, parents are afraid to discipline their kids anymore (obviously giving a kid a black eye isn't discipline and I am not saying Aguilera did). False allegations have also become a way that in custodial battles of children, one parent often claims the other hurt their children. Newsflash, sometimes kids get hurt because they had some kind of accident and it does not mean that the parent is abusing his or her children.

1163 days ago


Christina Aguilera's son looks like a little brat!

1163 days ago


Ken...she's divorced. It's called joint custody, that means you get your child 50 percent of the time.

1163 days ago


I would sue too! When people have to much time on their hands this kind of thing is what they do. Stupid idiots! Kids fall and one day whoever made this statement this will happen to you and you will have to answer for your behavior. Karma always comes around and bites you in the ass so just shut up and try and be a nice person.

1163 days ago


First off, NONE of you know anything about Christina Agularia, only what you read in tabloids, magazines, and what you see on TV. Have ANY of you people that are putting her down actually met her? Her son? Do you seriously know what life is like to have a camera in your face on a regular basis and NOT agreeing to it? If you cant say that you do, then shut up. My daughter had a black eye one time from when her and her daddy were just horse playing. Nothing anyone did on purpose. It happens. If EVERY parent got called a child abuser for EVERY bump, bruise or broken bone or cut, no one would have children! Social Services, which damages children, would be raising the children! So until you have walked a mile in someones elses shoes, shut up. Would YOU like to be told that you mismanaged your life, or abused your child, knowing good and well you didnt? I dont think so! Seriously, think before you type!

1163 days ago
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