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I'm Going to SUE

Over AZ Speeding Arrest

8/26/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

claims Arizona police had NO RIGHT hauling him into jail yesterday -- insisting there is NO POSSIBLE WAY he was driving more than 100 miles per hour ... and now he's ready to sue the cops!

X -- who was allegedly going 102 mph in a 65 zone -- tells TMZ, "I was going 85 miles per hour ... I know for a fact I didn't go more than 90."

X adds, "I'm used to driving fast, I'm a New Yorker ... but I constantly look at the speedometer when I'm driving ... I need to make sure I don't drive too fast."

The rapper says he knows he was technically speeding, but he feels the cops abused their authority by putting him behind bars ... even though his rap sheet takes longer to read than "War and Peace."

"I plan on suing ... and I plan on suing for harassment," DMX says ... adding, "I'm in discussions with multiple lawyers who are not afraid to go against the system in helping me clear my name because I have been harassed."



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When whites get arrested, they get arrested. When blacks get arrested they get harassed. Sorry mr. DMX but you are nothing special and you deserve no special treatment. Act like a man, not a brother!

1157 days ago


The powers that be, won't let this guy just be will they.

1157 days ago


Ha!!! Suing doesn't mean that he will WIN! The copes will COUNTER SUE. What a fool, he ADMITS to AT LEAST 85 MPH. The way to wealth these days is not hard work it seems, it's looking for that opportunity to sue someone. Considering his lengthy rap sheet he is definitely an OPPORTUNIST who will do something based on his chances of getting away with it. Unless he had a camera going, he doesn't stand a chance. (I hope)

1157 days ago



1157 days ago


youre a criminal AND were breaking the law, good luck on sueing!

1157 days ago


Man AZ police are bull, I wish i woulda got this one officer badge number for harrassing me. I mean I was criminally speeding but he had no right to pull me over he was a off duty officer in his own car not a government issue patrol car, he called on duty cops and they could do anything they were inspecting **** like a mug.. couldnt do nothing i didnt know though, lost out in some cash lol good luck DMX im rooting for you

1157 days ago


So basically you've been quoted as making the officers case for them in public; you have no expectation of privacy on TMZ or any other media outlet, you idiot. And as far as suing and finding a lawyer "who's not afraid to take on the system" for you ... if you pay them enough you can get most lawyers to do anything "for you." Including taking your money for a lawsuit which will probably be dismissed before the ink has time to dry on the toilet paper it will be typed up on. Yeah, go do that ... clog up the courts with more meaningless and superfluous legal actions; that's what we all need.

1157 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

He says he was going 85, but then says he knows he wasn't going more than 90. 85 is not the same thing as 90, therefore, he actually doesn't know how fast he was going. He WAS speeding at any rate, he was pulled over. He had no right to be driving because HIS LICENSE WAS SUSPENDED. We should save the "it's because he's black" drama for times when it would actually fit the situation and, you know, make sense.

1157 days ago


There are a couple of posters who clearly don't understand the english language. He didn't go to jail for speeding....he went to jail for driving on a suspended licence. And I guessing with all the lockdowns he's had in the last 10 years or so he's probably on some kind of probation or court order to stay out of trouble. Always so quick to pull out the race card, how about pulling out the stupidty card once in a while.

1157 days ago

Jomica Man    

This poor excuse of a human, or for that matter an entertainer, is right about one thing. He'll find a lawyer as unscrupulous as he is that would even defend the devil when the price is right. This s*** lawyer will get paid win or lose, but the collecting part from this thug will come with months of legal threats. They'll deserve each other. A real lawyer with common sense knows full well this suit is a waste of anyone's time in court. Just another punk rapper making more idiotic noise.

1157 days ago

i hope he isn't breeding.

1157 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Honey, I was born and raised in NY and NO ONE can do 90 there! You were NOT harassed, you were pulled over for speeding and jailed because your license was SUSPENDED. Ooooh, meanie cops................IDIOT !!

1157 days ago


Dumb turd hoodrat.

1157 days ago


Only reason idiots like this are alive is because it's illegal to shoot them.

1157 days ago


Oh shut up the fine and move on. Don't act like a douchebag. With you're rap sheet you'll never clear your name..idiot. Good luck on this one - and don't a lame ass and play the over-abused race card garbage..It's so old.

1157 days ago
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